Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The liberation of female masturbation

Space in Space is the first single off Tiger Love’s debut album called “By Roy and Gigi“ set to be released later this year. 
Tiger Love moved to a Villa in Florence where they acquired drum machines and italian keyboards from the 1960's and recorded what seems to be dream/dance pop at its finest. Tiger Love are brothers Roy and Gigi Ben Artzi, currently residing in NYC.
This tantalizing and sensual video is following the self pleasuring journey a young woman takes in nature, getting lost in it, not caring for the world to see. The video is trying to expose one more aspect in modern female liberation, such as many did before; how feeling comfortable with your body, sensuality and sexuality is important for young women to be able to see more frequently as well as discuss more openly throughout the media and arts and by that assist and support women with self validating their sexual needs.

Aliyah Galyautdinova which has over 180k followers on instagram the model and actress in the video is very confident about exposing her body since she believes it’s something that all women do but not as often feel comfortable talking about. The video portrays and follows her own fantasies without holding anything back. It is unique in a way that it expresses our honest sexual needs as individuals without compromising it's artistic value. 

SPACE IN SPACE from Gigi Ben Artzi on Vimeo.

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