Friday, May 13, 2016

Where The Light Shines Through, new album coming from Switchfoot

Switchfoot´s 10th studio album Where The Light Shines Through drops July 8th on Atlantic Records.

  • Holy Water(3:47)
  • Float(4:12)
  • Where the Light Shines Through(4:24)
  • I Won’t Let You Go(4:47)
  • If the House Burns Down Tonight (4:31)
  • The Day That I Found God(4:18)
  • Shake This Feeling (3:37)
  • Bull in a China Shop(3:58)
  • Live It Well(3:56)
  • Looking for America featuring Lecrae(3:55)
  • Healer of Souls (3:47)
  • Hope is the Anthem (4:21)

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