Saturday, June 25, 2016

Review : Danielle French presents Miss Scarlett and The Madmen - Dark love songs

Danielle French presents Miss Scarlett and The Madmen - Dark love songs (2016) Independent
Produced by Danielle French / Tim Gordon
Tracks : 1.Last goodbye 2.Take my love 3.Did you want me 4.It must be roses 5.Black sunday 6.Splinters 7.My shadow and me 8.This is why we drink 9.Last goodbye (instrumental)
3 out of 5

Calgary, Canada based singer / songwriter Danielle French debuted with "Me, myself and I" in 1995 and 2 decades later she releases the 5th album "Dark love songs" together with the musical collective Miss Scarlett and The Madmen.
Listening to the new album feels like going down in the dungeons of London and hearing the horrific tales of Jack The Ripper and other dark historic events.
It´s easy to believe that Danielle is heavily influenced by artists like Kate Bush, Dalbello and Nick Drake. The sound is built on Irish folk music and gothic romantic pop. A lovely mix.
Perhaps not the best suitable music for the children´s party but just perfect for halloween, it´s a short album but a beautiful short album.
Highlights : Did you want me, This is why we drink
Recommended if you like Marianne Faithful, PJ Harvey, A Camp

Friday, June 24, 2016

Review : Sawtooth Brothers - One more flight

Sawtooth Brothers - One more flight (2016) Independent
Produced by Dan Deurloo
Tracks : 1.Another cliché 2.Country road X 3.What´s her name? 4.On top of the world 5.Summer all the time 6.Blame it 7.Don´t go it alone 8.The river and you 9.I should be going 10.One more flight 11.Take me away
2,5 out of 5

Are there pirates nearby? Did anyone say Captain Sawtooth and his brothers? Nah, instead we´re gonna bake a cake, a musical cake where the ingredients are country, americana and power pop.
Let´s take 50% of Willie Nelson-like country and mix it with 30% of Mumford & Sons and top it with 20% of The Rembrandts-ish power pop.
"One more flight" is the first original album from The Sawtooth Brothers that features two sets of brothers : Clint - Lead vocals/acoustic guitar and Luke Birtzer - Violin, Jesse - Lead vocals/mandolin and Ethan Moravec - Bass.
The´re definitely going somewhere with this unique sound but it´s just too much country in the cake for my taste.
A decent album anyhow.
Highlights : What´s her name?, Blame it, Don´t go it alone
Recommended if you like American roots music

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review : Acolyte - Shades of black

Acolyte - Shades of black (2016) Independent
Produced by Ben Ehrenberg
Tracks : 1.Monolith 2.Perceptions 3.The message 4.Chakra 5.In this life 6.Space and time
3 out of 5

Melbourne based 5 piece Acolyte build their soundscape on different moods rather than technical pieces which is common in progressive music, their debut "Shades of black" takes a few spins to get into but it´s worth the wait.
This 6 track EP is a promising start for this band where the star is the lead singer Morgan-Leigh Brown, she has such depth in her voice and truly knows how to express the melodies with the lyrics in the best possible way.
I find it difficult to understand why they picked the laid back  "Space and time" as the lead track and single of the EP, there are far more and better candidates to choose than this space rock song.
The chorus of "Perceptions" is a direct smash even though the song leans more towards 90´s alternative metal than prog, I wouldn´t be too surprised if they have Tool as a source of inspiration.
My favorite is the following "The message", now talk about progressive metal extravaganza.
Highlights : The message, Perceptions
Recommended if you like Voyager, Alpha Galates, Human Cometh

Monday, June 20, 2016

Review : We Are Scientists - Helter Seltzer

We Are Scientists - Helter Seltzer (2016) 100% Records
Produced by Max Hart
Tracks : 1.Buckle 2.In my head 3.Too late 4.Hold on 5.We need a word 6.Want for nothing 7.Classic love 8.Waiting for you 9.Headlights 10.Forgiveness
3,5 out of 5

I never really cared about checking out California based We Are Scientists before but when a friend told me to listen to their 5th album "Helter Seltzer", I did and I´m glad I did too.
It´s a very charming record that feels like a perfect combo of 80´s new romantic sounds and new millenium electro pop, the track "Hold on" even bring thoughts to A Flock of Seagulls.
The band is now a duo featuring Keith Murray - lead vocals/guitar and Chris Cain - bass but synthesizers has an equally important part of their sound as guitars.
This is music that will put a big smile on your face.
Highlights : In my head, Too late
Recommended if you like Paper Route, Young The Giant, Phoenix

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Review : Sweet - Strung Up Expanded edition

Sweet - Strung Up Expanded edition (2016) Sony Music
Produced by Sweet / Phil Wainman / Mike Chapman / Nicky Chinn
Tracks CD 1 : 1.Hell raiser 2.Burning / Someone else will 3.Rock´n´roll disgrace 4.Need a lot of loving 5.The ballroom blitz 6.Done me wrong all right 7.You´re not wrong for loving me 8.The man with the golden arm 9.Teenage rampage 10.Blockbuster
CD 2 : 1.Action 2.Fox on the run 3.The lies in your eyes 4.Fever of love 5.Set me free 6.Miss Demeanour 7.The ballroom blitz 8.Teenage rampage 9.Burn on the flame 10.Solid gold brass 11.The sixteens 12.I wanna be commited 13.Blockbuster 14.Hellraiser
5 out of 5

Up to 1973, The Sweet was labeled as a bubblegum pop band completely in the hands of songwriting duo Chinn / Chapman. On stage, the band was everything else than pop. Much louder, more rocking and far from the teen-pop hits they had on the radio.
A selection of tracks from their live performance at the Rainbow theatre, London on December 21st, 1973 was captured and released on the first disc of the classic double album Strung Up in 1975.
The complete concert was later re-released in 1999 as Live at the Rainbow, including 13 songs. Ten of these songs are now available on the expanded edition of Strung Up, the only songs missing are "Little willy", "Wig wam bam" and "Rock´roll medley".
Sweet really had the same energy as The Who back in the 70´s, I can easily compare this live disc to The Who´s Live at Leeds.
And something that strikes me while listening to the studio disc with some of their biggest hits, they don´t sound dated at all even after 40 years. This is glam rock heaven.
Four bonus tracks have been added to the studio disc, "Fever of love", "Hell raiser", "The lies in your eyes" and "Teenage rampage".
Every home should have a copy!
Highlights : The entire double album
Recommended if you like Queen, Slade, Kiss

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review : Chris Murphy - Red mountain blues

Chris Murphy - Red mountain blues (2016) Teahouse Records
Produced by Chris Murphy / Joshua Cutsinger
Tracks : 1.Red mountain blues 2.Dirt time 3.High country 4.Black roller 5.Kitchen girl 6.Cast iron 7.Dry county 8.Walt Whitham 9.Dig for one day one day more 10.Buckwheat pancakes 11.Meet me tonight 12.Johnson county 13.Chickasaw Freedman 14.The lord will provide
2 out of 5

Violinist Chris Murphy is quite a creative record artist with several new releases the past year, including "Red mountain blues" featuring Grammy award winning bluegrass vocalist Tim O´Brien.
The music is a blend of bluegrass and Irish folk music where 7 tracks are instrumental, I must say that I prefer his other new album "Surface to air" over this one.
My wife keeps telling me we should go and take squaredance lessons but I´m a lousy dancer so if she will hear that I´m listening to this record, I bet she will never stop nagging me about it because "Red mountain blues" is a perfect soundtrack for practicing squaredance.
What about the music then? Well, it´s not my cup of tea.
Highlights : Dirt time, Kitchen girl
Recommended if you like The John Jorgenson Band, The Lowest Pair, Union Station

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review : Manwomanchild - Awkward island

Manwomanchild - Awkward island (2016) Independent
Produced by David Child
Tracks : 1.I know a man 2.The retreat 3.State of exception 4.Change the channel 5.Plan B 6.The difficult years 7.The telepath returns 8.Recent history 9.One of each 10.Return to Ithaca
3,5 out of 5

Let me present a quirky record from Philadelphia based Manwomanchild, their new LP "Awkward island" is the follow-up to the self titled debut from 2010 and it´s a really cool album too.
David Child, the frontman of Manwomanchild sounds like he´s been listening a lot to artists like Thomas Dolby, Roxy Music and Devo.
I might be wrong about this because an artsy singer/songwriter like David Child could in fact just as easily has found inspiration from Bob Dylan, Marc Bolan and Gary Numan.
"Awkward island" is filled with a blend of 70´s glam rock, 80´s new wave and 90´s Britrock, a mix that feels like a winning formula on paper and it is.
There ain´t many releases today sounding like "Awkward island" so that pleases me a lot, what a charming record.
Highlights : Change the channel, Return to Ithaca, The telepath returns
Recommended if you like Sparks, Pulp, David Bowie

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Review : Whitford St.Holmes - Reunion

Whitford St.Holmes - Reunion (2016) Mailboat Records
Produced by Brad Whitford / Derek St.Holmes
Tracks : 1.Shapes 2.Tender is the night 3.Rock all day 4.Hot for you 5.Hell is on fire 6.Catch my fall 7.Shake it 8.Gotta keep on movin´ 9.Flood of lies
3 out of 5

These guys don´t need any further introduction, if you don´t know who Brad Whitford or Derek St.Holmes are, you´re probably not into rockmusic at all or have been lying under a stone the past 40 years.
Brad Whitford is the guitarist of Aerosmith and Derek St.Holmes is Ted Nugent´s lead singer on his classic 70´s albums, these two legendary rockers teamed up and released a really great album in the 80´s.
While Joe Perry is playing with Hollywood Vampires and Steven Tyler is about to release his first solo album, Brad Whitford and Derek St.Holmes didn´t hesitate to rock again.
So now they´re back and tried to re-create the sound of their first album from 1981, the new album has the logic title of "Reunion" and even if it´s not the same top quality of as the 1981 album, "Reunion" is still a good record.
They have borrowed a segment of Yardbirds 60´s hit "Shapes of things" on the opening track "Shapes", it´s cool to hear the outro with the violin that bring thoughts to Kansas.
I´m glad they´re back.
Highlights : Flood of lies, Catch my fall
Recommended if you like April Wine, Barry Goudreau, Bachman Turner Overdrive

Review : Josh Flagg - Tracing shapes

Josh Flagg - Tracing shapes (2016) Residential Records
Produced by Kieran Kelly
Tracks : 1.The floor it shakes 2.Take me on 3.One shot 4.Lights out 5.Setting suns 6.Transmitter park 7.How long 8.Black ink birds 9.Telepathy 10.Poison the well
4 out of 5

It´s time for some real rock and roll, you know the kind that sounds timeless and isn´t connected to any trends. I´m sure Josh Flagg is aiming for the big arenas with his energetic stadium rock.
All 3 tracks from the awesome "Lights out" EP are also included on the new LP "Tracing shapes" along with 7 brand new songs, featuring the strong "The floor it shakes" which is the new single.
Josh set the bar with this lovely rocker and continues with the Dave Grohl-like tracks "Take me on" and "One shot", these two songs would do just fine in any Foo Fighters setlist.
"Lights out" is still my favorite song, mostly because it bring thoughts to Matthew Good but the entire album is great.
Crank up the amps!
Highlights : Lights out, The floor it shakes, One shot, Black ink birds
Recommended if you like Foo Fighters, Deaf Havana, Matthew Good

Monday, June 13, 2016

Blue Cow Kent releases new single on Spotify

Blue Cow Kent´s new single Diplomatica is now available on Spotify.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Muse Live at the Globe Arena, Stockholm

On my way on the train to Stockholm yesterday I found out The New Regime would be opening for Muse so I felt truly happy for a moment.
But Ilan Rubin´s The New Regime must be the biggest disappointment as a support act so far, here I was hoping to listen to some wonderful artistic electronic rock. I love his both EP´s.
That wasn´t what Rubin´s band had in mind, they were more keen on playing a Jimi Hendrix cover plus an endless jam of 70´s rock, not to mention hard rock versions of his synthesizer based rock.
Total failure!
Now over to the main event of the evening.
Oh, I have had tickets to a Muse show before but they were cancelled twice, anyway, third time´s the charm and now a sold out Globe Arena in Stockholm was lucky to have Muse on their Drones tour.
The first non-cancelled concert in Stockholm since 2009, and what a concert it was.
It was expected that the setlist was built on their latest album Drones where the 10 minute long The Globalist turned the arena into a spaceship and we left the planet for a journey of musical exctasy.
The 2 hour show included a brilliant out-of-this-world lighting show and I´m not sure I have seen anything like it before, if someone told me Steven Spielberg produced it I would believe it.
The clinical 360 stage was just perfect and gave the audience a sense of futurism, especially when the band performed the main theme for World War Z, The 2nd law (isolated system). I had goosebumps all over.
How about the audience then? They were fantastic and sang along like a 12,000 vocal strong choir to classic songs like Starlight, Plug in baby, Hysteria, Uprising, Time is running out and Knights of Cydonia.
I slept like a baby after the show, oh yes, this is true happiness.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review : Anna Rose - Strays in the cut

Anna Rose - Strays in the cut (2016) Noble Steed Music
Produced by Anna Rose
Tracks : 1.Force of nature 2.Bury me deep 3.Start a war 4.Under your skin 5.Natural disaster 6.Flame
3 out of 5

N.Y.C based singer/songwriter Anna Rose´s new EP "Strays in the cut" feels more electrical than her previous album "Behold a pale horse" from 2013.
I wasn´t a fan of Anna´s vocal performance on that album but I think her singing has improved quite a lot on the new EP, she sounds more relaxed but still have some power if you listen to "Natural disaster" for example.
We´re talking bluesy rock´n´roll here but we also get a taste of 90´s rock a la 4 Non Blondes in "Under your skin", however the opening track "Force of nature" is a better ambassador for "Strays in the cut" with it´s Marc Bolan riff and blues groove.
I love the Adrian Belew-like guitarplaying in the laid back and beautiful "Bury me deep", one of the best tracks on this EP.
A step in the right direction for Anna Rose.
Highlights : Bury me deep, Flame
Recommended if you like Beth Hart, Alannah Myles, Rebecca Downes

Friday, June 10, 2016

Review : Noise - Echoes

Noise - Echoes (2016) Hljodverk Records
Produced by Einar Vilberg / Stefán Vilberg
Tracks : 1.Dark days 2.Quiet 3.Paranoid parasite 4.Out of line 5.Sleepless 6.Sea of hurt 7.Fathead 8.So long
3 out of 5

"Echoes" is the 4th album from Icelandic band Noise, they have been around for 15 years and released their previous album "Divided" in 2010 that was mastered by renowned producer Beau Hill.
This is not the kind of music you include on your playlist whenever there´s a party coming up, but instead it works just perfect when you want to be alone for a while and go all philosophical.
Noise build their songs on melancholic themes where you almost can sense the cold waves from the northern sea in your face, the music is acoustic driven featuring a very nice string quartet on a few songs.
It´s not entirely wrong to call it Led Zep-inspired grunge-prog, however Kurt Cobain´s spirit lies all over "Echoes" too so by now you should have the full picture of how the new album from Noise sounds like.
It´s a good album anyhow.
Highlights : Fathead, Quiet
Recommended if you like Nirvana, Kent, Red Wanting Blue

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review : Sonic Boom Six - The F-Bomb

Sonic Boom Six - The F-Bomb (2016) Cherry Red Records
Produced by Dan Weller
Tracks : 1.No man no right 2.From the fire to the frying pan 3.Do what you wanna do 4.Drop the bass 5.Train leaves tomorrow 6.Love 7.Worship yourself 8.Joanna 9.All the same to me 10.Echoes in the dark
2,5 out of 5

It was easy to become a fan of Sonic Boom Six´s self titled album from 2012, a package of an irresistable mix of dubstep and electro rock.
That album truly got me hooked from the first track so I was kinda excited when the Brit´s recently released their 5th studio album "The F-Bomb", but it´s completely different compared to previous album.
The new LP is a mishmash of reggae, dance and ska with plenty of tropico pop vibes. I can´t say that I was too thrilled about these songs but I gave the music a chance and it gets better.
Listening to "The F-Bomb" can be described as hearing Gwen Stefani collaborating with Shaggy and The Police giving some advice about songstructures.
The deluxe version comes with a 2nd disc featuring the band´s live performance at Norwich Owl Sanctuary, lots of music for a small amount of money.
Highlights : Do what you wanna do, Echoes in the dark
Recommended if you like No Doubt, The Cleopatra Complex, Dig The Kid

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Review : Withem - The unforgiving road

Withem - The unforgiving road (2016) Frontiers Records
Produced by Withem
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.Exit 3.In the hands of a god 4.The pain I collected 5.Riven 6.C´est la vie 7.The eye in the sky 8.Arrhythmia 9.In my will 10.Unaffected love 11.Outro
2,5 out of 5

The Norwegian progmetal scene has always been interesting with bands like Ark, Conception, Circus Maximus, Pagan´s Mind, Divided Multitude and Withem.
Withem´s debut album "Point of you" came out in 2013 and is now followed by "The unforgiving road", an album that probably will be welcomed by many progmetal fans but I expected more.
They are great musicians and the production is faultless but the lack of memorable melodies makes this album a so-so affair.
There are moments that bring thoughts to A.C.T which is cool, but like I said, only moments.
The intro is beautiful, I really like the arrangement on this one. I know this band have it inside of them, they just need to bring it out.
Highlights : Arrhythmia, Riven
Recommended if you like DGM, Circus Maximus, Dream Theater

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Videos, videos, videos........

Broach - Fall to rise, title track from the German rockers new album.

Out Came The Wolves - Queen Mary, new single from the American modern rockers now signed to Roadrunner Records.

Coldfront - Molly Blooms, from the upcoming EP Is This Where They Found You, out July 8th.

Words That Burn - Unalive, from the new album Regret Is For The Dead, out now.

Breathe Me In - Hisses and bites, new single from the Italian post hardcore band.

The True Blue - Night kick, new single.

Review : First Signal - One step over the line

First Signal - One step over the line (2016) Frontiers Records
Produced by Daniel Flores
Tracks : 1.Love run free 2.Love gets through 3.Still pretending 4.Broken 5.Kharma 6.Minute of your time 7.She is getting away 8.December rain 9.Weigh me in 10.Pedestal 11.One step over the line
3 out of 5

The first First Signal album from 2010 was a collaboration between Harry Hess and producer Dennis Ward, on the 2nd album Hess teamed up with Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet).
Soundwise, nothing has changed so fans of the first album can relax. However, I can´t get rid of the feeling that many of these songs on "One step over the line" feels predictable and also goes in the same tempo. They´re kind of stuck in the midtempo lane of 100-110 bpm.
It´s still a solid album with some well performed AOR tunes that is hard to say no to where the credits go out to Harry Hess - Lead Vocals, Michael Palace - Guitars/Bass and Daniel Flores - Drums/Keyboards.
Highlights : Love gets through, She is getting away
Recommended if you like Harem Scarem, Vega, Tower City

Review : Jorn - Heavy rock radio

Jorn - Heavy rock radio (2016) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jorn Lande
Tracks : 1.I know there´s something going on 2.Running up that hill 3.Rev on the red line 4.You´re the voice 5.Live to win 6.Don´t stop believin´ 7.Killer queen 8.Hotel california 9.Rainbow in the dark 10.The final frontier 11.Stormbringer 12.Die young
2 out of 5

Norway´s biggest music export after A-ha releases a covers album, Jorn Lande decided to record hitsongs that are special to him but I think it´s a rather pointless album.
He released a Dio tribute in 2010 so why 2 more Dio covers on "Heavy rock radio"? Jorn´s fans are proud to be hard rockers at heart and I don´t see how they want to hear Jorn take on pop hits like "You´re the voice" or "I know there´s something going on".
Where is the point in making another version of "Don´t stop believin´" and "Hotel California", there must be thousands of different cover versions out there with other artists. And you can´t touch the original anyway.
The next Jorn album of original songs will be out in 2017 and since he´s such an extraordinary singer, I am waiting for that record instead and won´t listen to "Heavy rock radio" again.
Highlights : Killer queen
Recommended if you like Dio, Whitesnake, Masterplan

Monday, June 6, 2016

A great night for NEEDTOBREATHE

HARD LOVE, the new album from NEEDTOBREATHE, drops July 15th.
Check out their brand new single Great Night on Spotify.

The Kents deliver catchy indie pop tunes on their Waking EP

The Kents are four indie-pop obsessed boys from the town of Lindsay, Ontario.

Waking EP, produced by Derek Hoffman (The Elwins, DCF) at Fox Sounds in Toronto with mastering from Dan Weston (Shad, City And Colour), encapsulates lyrical explorations of family, loss and separation from the comfort of adolescence with a hook-hungry, pop filter that controls the chaos.
Stream the Waking EP on Spotify.

Trev Lukather knows how to deal with the demands of the music world

Trev Lukather, a Los Angeles native that has rock music entrenched in every aspect of him. Having been mentored by his father Steve Lukather, famed guitar player and front man of the Multi Platinum, Grammy-winning band TOTO, Trev has displayed his various talents in a myriad of ways. 
Trev´s new single Only Girl is now available on iTunes.

A reason to get home for Bonfires

Bonfires is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their new single Colorblind is taken from the band´s forthcoming EP A Reason To Get Home.

Celeb Car Crash working on 2nd full length album

Celeb Car Crash from Italy, blend alternative rock and grunge and the result could first be heard on their debut album Ambush from 2013. It was followed by the EP Mucha Lucha in 2015 and now the band releases new single Let Me In, from their forthcoming 2nd LP People Are The Best Show.

Lovex premiere Dust Into Diamonds music video

Finnish band Lovex premiere Dust Into Diamonds music video, the song is taken from the band´s upcoming studio album.

I See Stars ready to drop 5th album Treehouse

Treehouse, the new album from electronic metal band I See Stars, drops June 17th.
Watch the official video for the new single Break here.

Tigress releases Power Lines lyric video

British rock band Tigress releases new single Power Lines on iTunes, check out the lyric video here.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Spiritual Machines release new single The Man Is Me

Evan Frankfort and his Spiritual Machines returns with the new track The Man Is Me.


HELLYEAH - UNDEN!ABLE (2016) Eleven Seven Music
Produced by Kevin Churko
Tracks : 1.! 2.X 3.Scratch a lie 4.Be unden!able 5.Human 6.Leap of faith 7.Blood plague 8.Live or die 9.Love falls 10.10-34 11.Start a riot 12.Grave
4 out of 5

Do you want your coffee to be black, the vampires in horror films to be really evil and your metal to be 100% metal and not some trendy shit. Then HELLYEAH´s 5th album "UNDEN!BLE" will put a big smile on your face because this band doesn´t care about the mainstream, they´re the opposite of political correctness.
This is a superstrong mothafucka that will end up in the Top 10 metal albums of 2016 and it´s without doubt the best one so far from this supergroup.
The riffs will scrape the earth like a human being clawed by a werewolf and as a singer, Chad Gray has grown into Godzilla-size on this new record.
There´s only one way to go for this band, it´s loud, louder, loudest - HELLYEAH!
Highlights : X, Leap of faith, Be Unden!able, Grave, Human, Love falls
Recommended if you like Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon

Whitford St.Holmes Reunion album out in June

Whitford St. Holmes features veteran rockers Brad Whitford (Aerosmith) and Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent). The two originaly paired together in 1981 and have now reunited with an album aptly called Reunion, which hosts nine songs packed with 70s swagger and hooks. Reunion also includes a bonus disc of remastered Whitford/St. Holmes's 1981 debut self-titled album.
Whitford St. Holmes will be on tour with WHITESNAKE for the month of June and for July.
Reunion drops June 24th.

Summer has officially arrived and so has Cassadee Pope

Florida based country rock lady Cassadee Pope´s new EP Summer is available on iTunes and Spotify, check out her new video of the title track here.

Review : Royal Bliss - The truth

Royal Bliss - The Truth (2016) Air Castle Records
Produced by Royal Bliss
Tracks : 1.The truth 2.We´re all livin´ the dream 3.Racin´ 4.Drown with me 5.Goin´ to hell
3 out of 5

Salt Lake City based Royal Bliss has always built their modern rock sound on a foundation of southern rock but the new EP takes the band in a new direction, these 5 new tracks are more or less heartland country rock tunes.
The band recruited new guitarist Sean Hennesy (Candlebox) for their 9th studio release "The truth" and I´m pleased to hear that he is willing to crank up the amp in rockers like "Goin´ to hell" and "The truth".
The first single "Drown with me" is in fact a bit modern rock-ish but in a huge southern rock costume, it´s also one of the best songs on this solid EP.
The new single "We´re all livin´ the dream" is even more radio friendly but the songs has too much of that singalong-and-bring-the-world-to-peace anthem over it. You could say it´s drenched in syrup.
Highlights : Drown with me, Goin´ to hell
Recommended if you like Rascal Flatts, Big and Rich, Cold Creek County

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ghost live at Metallsvenskan June 3rd

Ghost has slightly become a phenomenon with their costumes and masks, something that has put their name on the map of rock and roll throughout the world.
Most metal bands that sing about the devil and satan are being found in genres like black metal or thrash metal, but Ghost has another idea of making their music fit like a glove to their occult lyrics.
Whether you call it death pop or progressive rock hymns, you can´t take away that this band has created a beautiful concept that works even better on stage.
The light show is amazing and the band members are true pro´s live, the sound engineer is struggling to get the balance right between the instruments and Papa Emeritus III´s vocals on the opening track "Spirit" and manages to get everything sounding just perfect for the 2nd song "From the pinnacle to the pit".
It was an enchanting night, almost as hot as a tropical night and the crowd showed their love for the band from the magic entrance all the way to the grande finale of "Monstrance clock".
In between, the set was filled with "Ritual" from "Opus Eponymous", "Year zero" from "Infestissumam" and several tracks from their latest album "Meliora" such as "Cirice", "He is", "Spöksonat", "Absolution" and "Mummy dust".
It´s a shame that the concert only lasted for 65 minutes.

Stitched Up Heart rocking hard on new single Event Horizon

Hollywood, California based rock/metal band Stitched Up Heart´s new album Never Alone drops June 17th, featuring the new single Event Horizon.

Witherscape announce new LP The Northern Sanctuary

Progressive metal band Witherscape are pleased to unveil the new song Wake of Infinity, from their upcoming album The Northern Sanctuary, out July 22.

Grunge-pop group Ramonda Hammer releases If Then music video

Ramonda Hammer is a grunge-pop project from Los Angeles, CA. To answer the question you’re inevitably going to ask, the band’s name is taken from a lady who was featured on the once-popular reality television show, Cheaters. The show, in and of itself, represents how front-woman and band founder Devin Davis often sees life - it’s a mix of sad and funny, some people learn and some people don’t, and we take what we can to do what we can. Plus “Ramonda Hammer” just sounds cool.
The band released their latest music video for If Then, taken from their new album Whatever That Means.

Space age pop time with Gileah Taylor

The first single from Gileah Taylor´s upcoming album Songs For Late At Night Vol.2 is the perfect sneak peak to what will be an excuisitely tender and brilliant record.
The album will be out in June and features the beautiful single Tears of a spirit.

Incorporating elements of 80´s pop and noir-rock, here´s Faithless Town

Faithless Town is an American rock band led by singer-songwriter Gene Owens. Formed in 2008 in Atlanta, GA, the band has consisted of several line-ups drawn from the Atlanta indie music scene. The current line-up consists of Owens (lead vocals, guitar), Matthew Smith (guitar, backing vocals), Geoff Goodwin (keyboards), Tyler Sant (bass guitar), and husband and wife Padrick (drums) and Kristine Handley (backing vocals, percussion).

Branching out from their Americana Rock roots, Faithless Town’s new record, Empires, is an eclectic album ranging in music styles as diverse as 80’s Pop and New Wave to Folk and Grunge. A vast theme of imperialism pervades the album in multiple senses. In one sense, the literal meaning of a relationship between a powerful state or society versus a less powerful one and, in other more, more personal sense, it refers to the "empires" within us and the psychological fragments and emotions that can rule our thoughts and the internal struggles we have with them. 
Listen to the album´s lead single Waste Away here.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Electro pop band The Pass drop title track off new LP Canyons

The Pass are an electro pop four-piece from Louisville, Kentucky. Weaving together psychedelic rock, mainstream pop, and '80s dance with unforgettable melodies and dance floor ready beats, The Pass have created a sound entirely of their own.
After four years of touring, writing, and releasing singles…The Pass are back with their brand new LP: CANYONS.  Excited to share this new collection of songs with their fans and the music world, the album features a wide variety influences ranging from 80s pop to uptempo rock and roll.  
CANYONS drops June 10th.

Dregg release hard hitting metal track Sorry Daddy

DREGG is a 4 piece, off-worldly metal band established and residing in Melbourne City, Australia. They are making their stand known on the struggle against crippling expectations of youth to be a part of an unrealistic economic system with their new single "Sorry Daddy". Today, they are releasing the video for the track, a damning attack on their forebears.

Young Guns premiere new single Bulletproof

British rock band Young Guns premiere first single Bulletproof from their upcoming album that will be out in August.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Blue Cow Kent with new single teaser

Blue Cow Kent presents future city Diplomatica on new single.
When the Swedish rock band Blue Cow Kent was formed in 2011, the members wanted to pay tribute to the Melodic rock heroes of the 80s and started playing their favorite AOR songs as a covers band. So it only felt natural that BCK's debut EP On our way to Budokent from 2013 was entirely an AOR affair of original music with the song Ready to bite being selected by Classic Rock Magazine for the compilation CD in Classic Rock presents AOR issue 10.
The band had other plans for their first full length album Phantom Cathedral, it is a concept album with a dark atmosphere and progressive influences but still with focus on melodic hard rock as a foundation in their music.
2 years has passed since the release of Phantom Cathedral and the former 5 piece band is now reduced to a trio where the core is intact featuring Ove Lundqvist - guitars, Kaj Roth - vocals/bass and Robert Persson - drums.
The first sign of BCK's forthcoming album is the new single Diplomatica, an upbeat AOR anthem that has more in common with the EP than Phantom Cathedral.
The song features a guest appearance from Thomas Lassar (Crystal Blue) on keyboards.
Diplomatica will be out in Mid-June.
Their 3rd release is expected in late 2016, entitled BCK III : Even Stars Die.
This time around, the band went back in time to find their roots. The upcoming album is a picnic in 70s rock with 80s choruses where the epic and 8 minute long title track Even stars die takes the band to new heights.

Check out a clip of the first single here.

Review : Dan Reed Network - Fight another day

Dan Reed Network - Fight another day (2016) Frontiers Records
Produced by Dan Reed Network
Tracks : 1.Divided 2.The brave 3.Infected 4.Champion 5.Ignition 6.Give it love 7.B there with U 8.Save the world 9.Eye of the storm 10.Reunite 11.Heaven 12.Sharp turn 13.Stand tall
4 out of 5

This must be the most surprising comeback album of 2016, who would´ve thought we´d ever the see the day of light of another Dan Reed Network album. How amazing isn´t that?!
The original line up is intact except keyboardist Blake Sakamoto who left the band in 2015 because of family reasons and he is replaced by Rob Daiker (Slowrush).
"Fight another day" is their 2nd best album after the smashing debut album from 1988, but there´s no doubt "Fight another day" is stronger than both "Slam" (1989) and "The Heat" (1991).
The new album has all the important ingredients a great Dan Reed Network album should have, if you don´t like this record - you´re not a fan.
Can anyone tell Red Hot Chili Peppers that funk rock is back alive and kicking, first the return of Electric Boys in 2011 and then Faith No More´s reunion album that came out 2015.
Not to mention, the groove machine Living Colour that will release the brand new album "Shade" this year.
Play that funky music white boy!
Highlights : The brave, Champion, B there with U
Recommended if you like Hot Action Cop, Roachford, Eric Gales

Songs in rotation at Palace of Rock

Sister Hazel - That kind of beautiful, from their latest album Ligher in the dark, out now.

Scarlet Canary - Bottles and anchors, from their latest EP Arise, out now.

No Nothings - I´m dead, from the upcoming debut EP, out this summer.

Modern rock band Save the World debuts killer single Bleed

Save The World is a modern radio rock band from Nashville,Tennessee. The trio share an almost telepathic artistic interplay that forgoes genre conventions in favor of a signature sound that’s timely, anthemic, and unitive. Save The World may seem like a lofty name for a band making socially charged music, but unlike other politic dabbling bands, Save The World doesn't align themselves with any particular points of view. Their message is an attitude, and that attitude is to live boldly. 

Save The World is- Chief songwriter Dan Tracey on guitar, vocals, keyboards; Robert Wright on bass, vocals, keyboards; Taurus pedals, percussion, producer, engineer; and Jon Wysocki (former drummer in Staind) on drums. 
Check out their new killer single Bleed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Victorian Halls for fans of Muse

“Scarlets” is the third single from Hyperalgesia, following the critical successes of “Tonight Only the Dead” and “Come In with the Storm.” Lenart continues, “This song has tremendous energy when we play it live, and we thought it only made sense to pair it with a montage-styled video that feature at least one band member in their underoos.” The music video was directed and edited by Steven Fadellin.
Watch Victorian Halls new video here.

Review : Karen Choi - Through our veins

Karen Choi - Through our veins (2016) Independent
Produced by Matt Patrick
Tracks : 1.Road to Tennessee 2.Anywhere you go 3.Nineteen 4.Older 5.100 year flood 6.Mississippi river heart 7.Pictures on the wall 8.Kentucky hills 9.In the morning 10.Can´t forget you 11.Through our veins
2,5 out of 5

"Through our veins" is the sophomore album from singer / songwriter Karen Choi, a nice and comfy album that lies between folk rock and country.
Lyric-wise, Karen takes the listener on a trip through the heartland in songs like "Road to Tennessee", "Kentucky hills" and "Mississippi river heart".
She has a tender and warm voice that bring thoughts to Sheryl Crow at times, I especially like her vocalperformance in the delta blues of "In the morning".
But mostly the music gets me in the mood where it feels like I´m sitting by the campfire on a hot summer night, I only wish there were more songs that would lift me up the same way "Older" and "Nineteen" does.
Highlights : Older, In the morning
Recommended if you like Anna Rose, Kim Hill, Pernilla Andersson

Survive This unleash dynamite single Save Me

Las Vegas post-hardcore superheroes, Survive This!, dropped a new full-length, titled Reality, on their fans today, as well as a video for the lead single, “Save Me.” Reality is a wicked compilation spanning an array of emotions from the past three years. The album tells the experiences, trials, and tribulations the group encountered as a signed touring act, covering everything from friendships, the music business, to the everyday struggles of keeping anyone’s dream alive.