Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ghost live at Metallsvenskan June 3rd

Ghost has slightly become a phenomenon with their costumes and masks, something that has put their name on the map of rock and roll throughout the world.
Most metal bands that sing about the devil and satan are being found in genres like black metal or thrash metal, but Ghost has another idea of making their music fit like a glove to their occult lyrics.
Whether you call it death pop or progressive rock hymns, you can´t take away that this band has created a beautiful concept that works even better on stage.
The light show is amazing and the band members are true pro´s live, the sound engineer is struggling to get the balance right between the instruments and Papa Emeritus III´s vocals on the opening track "Spirit" and manages to get everything sounding just perfect for the 2nd song "From the pinnacle to the pit".
It was an enchanting night, almost as hot as a tropical night and the crowd showed their love for the band from the magic entrance all the way to the grande finale of "Monstrance clock".
In between, the set was filled with "Ritual" from "Opus Eponymous", "Year zero" from "Infestissumam" and several tracks from their latest album "Meliora" such as "Cirice", "He is", "Spöksonat", "Absolution" and "Mummy dust".
It´s a shame that the concert only lasted for 65 minutes.

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