Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review : Acolyte - Shades of black

Acolyte - Shades of black (2016) Independent
Produced by Ben Ehrenberg
Tracks : 1.Monolith 2.Perceptions 3.The message 4.Chakra 5.In this life 6.Space and time
3 out of 5

Melbourne based 5 piece Acolyte build their soundscape on different moods rather than technical pieces which is common in progressive music, their debut "Shades of black" takes a few spins to get into but it´s worth the wait.
This 6 track EP is a promising start for this band where the star is the lead singer Morgan-Leigh Brown, she has such depth in her voice and truly knows how to express the melodies with the lyrics in the best possible way.
I find it difficult to understand why they picked the laid back  "Space and time" as the lead track and single of the EP, there are far more and better candidates to choose than this space rock song.
The chorus of "Perceptions" is a direct smash even though the song leans more towards 90´s alternative metal than prog, I wouldn´t be too surprised if they have Tool as a source of inspiration.
My favorite is the following "The message", now talk about progressive metal extravaganza.
Highlights : The message, Perceptions
Recommended if you like Voyager, Alpha Galates, Human Cometh

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