Thursday, June 16, 2016

Review : Manwomanchild - Awkward island

Manwomanchild - Awkward island (2016) Independent
Produced by David Child
Tracks : 1.I know a man 2.The retreat 3.State of exception 4.Change the channel 5.Plan B 6.The difficult years 7.The telepath returns 8.Recent history 9.One of each 10.Return to Ithaca
3,5 out of 5

Let me present a quirky record from Philadelphia based Manwomanchild, their new LP "Awkward island" is the follow-up to the self titled debut from 2010 and it´s a really cool album too.
David Child, the frontman of Manwomanchild sounds like he´s been listening a lot to artists like Thomas Dolby, Roxy Music and Devo.
I might be wrong about this because an artsy singer/songwriter like David Child could in fact just as easily has found inspiration from Bob Dylan, Marc Bolan and Gary Numan.
"Awkward island" is filled with a blend of 70´s glam rock, 80´s new wave and 90´s Britrock, a mix that feels like a winning formula on paper and it is.
There ain´t many releases today sounding like "Awkward island" so that pleases me a lot, what a charming record.
Highlights : Change the channel, Return to Ithaca, The telepath returns
Recommended if you like Sparks, Pulp, David Bowie

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