Friday, June 24, 2016

Review : Sawtooth Brothers - One more flight

Sawtooth Brothers - One more flight (2016) Independent
Produced by Dan Deurloo
Tracks : 1.Another cliché 2.Country road X 3.What´s her name? 4.On top of the world 5.Summer all the time 6.Blame it 7.Don´t go it alone 8.The river and you 9.I should be going 10.One more flight 11.Take me away
2,5 out of 5

Are there pirates nearby? Did anyone say Captain Sawtooth and his brothers? Nah, instead we´re gonna bake a cake, a musical cake where the ingredients are country, americana and power pop.
Let´s take 50% of Willie Nelson-like country and mix it with 30% of Mumford & Sons and top it with 20% of The Rembrandts-ish power pop.
"One more flight" is the first original album from The Sawtooth Brothers that features two sets of brothers : Clint - Lead vocals/acoustic guitar and Luke Birtzer - Violin, Jesse - Lead vocals/mandolin and Ethan Moravec - Bass.
The´re definitely going somewhere with this unique sound but it´s just too much country in the cake for my taste.
A decent album anyhow.
Highlights : What´s her name?, Blame it, Don´t go it alone
Recommended if you like American roots music

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