Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Album Spotlight : One Less Reason - The Memories Uninvited

One Less Reason, the Jackson, Tennessee rock band will release its sixth studio album “The Memories Uninvited” this summer via Tattooed Millionaire Records. Recorded in Memphis, TN at legendary Kiva House Of Blues Studios, the album was produced by the band’s frontman and studio owner Cris Brown and mixed by Randy Staub (Metallica, Nickelback, Motley Crue). The album consists of 11 tracks, ranging from songs about survival and balance  (“Where Were You?”, “The Lie”, “Sometimes”) to emotionally charged anthems (“Break Me”, “The Trade”).
One Less Reason has self-released 5 albums: Everydaylife (2005); Getting Back Your Self Esteem (2006), A Lifetime Burning (2008), Faces and Four Letter Words (2010) and A Blueprint For Writhing (2012).  The band has sold over 500,000 digital downloads to date.
Lead singer Cris Brown reveals that there’s a memory behind every riff, chorus, bass groove, and guitar solo. “One Less Reason songs are more lyrically heavy than musically heavy, and there’s always a message. It’s all based around those four letter words – love, hate, pain, hope. I want people to feel the record more so than just hear it.”

THE MEMORIES UNINVITED is released August 19th.

Tracklisting : 1.Break me 2.Something beautiful 3.Sometimes 4.Where were you? 5.Time 6.The trade 7.One day 8.On the way down 9.The lie 10.You didn´t know 11.Rainmaker

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