Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quick bits : Crobot, Owen Sartori, Alchimy, The Shadow Principle

Crobot - Welcome to fat city (2016) Let there be riffs
As a rock band you don´t always have to be in search for that revolutionary sound that will change the music industry forever or that other thing, I mean the big hitsingles that will put the band on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine or 5 minutes on the stage at the Grammy Awards.
Sometimes it´s just enough to make a bloody great album, like in this case with Pennsylvania based Crobot´s 2nd album "Welcome to fat city". I dig it so much.
Their first album "Something supernatural" from 2014 managed to slip through my radar but this time around, I´m keeping an eye on this kick ass rock band.
The new album features the single "Not for sale" and it´s a perfect ambassador for the entire album, we´re talking a nice blend of stoner metal, grunge and smoking hard rock here for fans of Wolfmother, Soundgarden and Alter Bridge.
Catch this power rock band on tour with Volbeat. I bet they will make the Danes work really hard every night not to be blown away by their support.
(+) It´s just what the rock doctor ordered.
(-) Can´t think of anything really.

Owen Sartori - Nobody gives a damn (2015) Power pop greatness
Owen Sartori? No, it´s not the guy that works in the local grocery store. He´s the best kept secret on the other side of the Atlantic.
Owen is the kind of person I want to have as a neighbour, well how do I know this? I just have the feeling he´s a wonderful person to have amongst your friends.
It feels like I know him when I´m listening to his heartfelt songs, his lyrics are so smart and cool and the music has so much finesse.
"Dublin sky" is so beautiful I wanna cry and the Jellyfish-like "Cool" just makes me wanna dance naked in the moonlight at night.
Owen´s first album "Another beautiful day in the cube" came out in 2008 and "Nobody gives a damn" was released last year, it´s about time you check it out if you haven´t already.
(+) If you like Bleu, this record will make your day in no time.
(-) I get worried that it will take another 7 years for him to make another record.

AlchiMy - Chercheur d´Or (2015) The Mamas and The Papas meets Mireille Mathieu
One of the privileges of reviewing music is that you get to hear artists you normally wouldn´t listen to because they´re in another genre that might not be your homefield.
Although Palace of Rock is mainly a place for rock music, I decided from the start to be open minded and think outside the box, that´s why artists like the Swiss band AlchiMy comes up on my blog.
They´re hailing from the French speaking region of Switzerland but caught attention from the other side of the Atlantic ocean with their debut album "Chercheur d´Or".
So this summer they are recording a new album of English songs with producers Owen Sartori and Davide Raso in the USA, you never know what to expect of that outcome.
What about the music then? Well, AlchiMy blends contemporary blues and folk stylings with an unmistakable French flair.
The music is sort of timeless and I do prefer them singing in French than the English songs at the end of the album, but that´s just my opinion. You might feel different.
(+) The very happy "Un brin de Passion" takes the listener back to the classic 70´s Eurovision sound.
(-) The bass is a bit low in the mix.

The Shadow Principle - Oblivion (2016) Rock´n´roll ain´t noise pollution, it´s the solution
Progressive hard rock that stands out, the American band The Shadow Principle aren´t interested in a short cut to success on the mainstream highway of rock, They´re like the good ol´ 70´s rock bands that did album music and aim for longevity rather than a 3 minute hit on the airwaves.
I am very fond of their debut "Golden state" from 2012 that is a great album of 70´s prog, 80´s hard rock and 90´s alternative metal.
Dave Tomkins awesome bass work is still an important part of this band´s unique sound but the new album "Oblivion" puts the band on a new location on the map of rocknroll. They have evolved soundwise and instead deliver a blend of NWOBHM, punk and progressive rock.
The new single "When the sun appears" shows the band in their new direction and it´s also one of my favorite songs on "Oblivion" along with the marvelous "Byzantium".
The punk-ish "Dead walking" could´ve been an unreleased song from Iron Maiden´s "Killers".
The sound of their new album bring thoughts to Shiva meets Coheed and Cambria with a touch of Iron Maiden. I la la love it.
(+) Great instrumentation and artistic songstructures.
(-) They could´ve chosen a better opening track, "Minutiae" isn´t strong enough.

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