Sunday, July 31, 2016

Some nice things I´ve missed

Ok, so we´re headed right towards the gate of late summer in the airport of seasons and so far, summer has treated us really well. You think I´m talking about the weather? Nah, I only have music in my head and I can´t help it. I´m starting to think if my coffin should be installed with a speaker system when I die. Hahaha.
The other day I had this idiotic idea of putting all my CD´s in genres instead of alphabetic order with everything collected from A to Z, it´s quite frustrating to have to look through thousands of CD´s to see what you might wanna listen to.
Well, it took me 2 whole days to get them into the right genre, but it was worth it even though I felt it was overkill to actually do it. Now I can look at the selection of synth pop/electronica when I want to hear an album of synth oriented music.
The same with the other genres where the biggest part (quite logical) is hard rock/heavy metal, at the end of the day I ended up with 10 different genres where the remaining 8 are punk rock/pop punk, classic rock, folk/singer songwriter, AOR/west coast, jazz/fusion, progressive rock, alternative rock/indie and pop/new wave.
Let´s head out on the road, raise the sails and see where the wind will take us......(cars do not have sails you say). Don´t be so narrow-minded, I´ve seen buses go into the water so let´s bring the ships up on the ground.

First stop - Madden´s Coffee House.
There will always be certain albums that you will have a hard time categorizing like the ones that stand in between genres, I´m thinking about the new Good Charlotte album Youth Authority.
I won´t argue with the music being pop punk but it feels like it´s more pop now than punk if you know what I mean, their little pop adventure as The Madden Brothers truly have had some impact on the way how they write songs in the year of 2016.
Pop punk has survived and so has Good Charlotte while other genres like grunge, emo and numetal are merely close to extinction. This album works very well if you´re more into Latte than a strong espresso.
Christian bands have always gone their own way, trends might come and go but Christian artists really don´t care what´s popular on the charts. House of Heroes are enjoying themselves with an experimental side of alternative rock on their latest album Colors, radio ready choruses is not what´s important here but being noisy is.
Hats off for this band and their will of blending new wave and post-rock with plenty of distorted bass. How can you not love it?
If you on the other hand only care about radio friendly choruses and wish they could take you back to the 80´s, then the self titled debut album from Kaato should do the trick.
It´s produced and co-written by Mitch Malloy and has he put his trademark all over this album, the perfect marriage between Bryan Adams and Pat Benatar. Well, soundwise that is.
Back to that pop punk lane now with the brand new album California from Blink 182, this band feels reborn with Matt Skida from Alkaline Trio stepping in for Tom DeLonge.
No matter how much I love and am a big fan of DeLonge and his Angels and Airwaves, it felt like he took Blink 182 into the same direction as AVA while Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker wanted to bring the band back to where they belong. Namely the sound of their anthemic albums Enema of the state and Take off your pants and jacket.
Did I mention that Los Angeles is one of the best songs of this year? No? Well, it is.

Let´s continue and follow the route of modern rock, a genre that refuses to die, it exploded into the music industry in the late 90´s but has been kicked at and still fight some tough battles against electro pop and R&B. The record labels have their own idea of what should be popular on the air while bands like Trapt stand proud and won´t give up without a fight.
Their upcoming LP DNA is a typical Trapt album that will make their fans happy, sure it´s less numetal now but they´re still heavy at times.
If you don´t care about hits, money or fame. You have everything you need and live a comfy life, then you can do just what Extreme bassist Pat Badger did. Bring in some friends and make a record and have lots of fun on the way.
Pat brought in Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, Gary Cherone from Extreme and super producer Bleu to make a new EP as Nasty Ass Honey Badgers.
The EP Take what we want drops in September and it contains lots of shredding and ultra melodic power pop-ish hard rock. Oh la la.
A band that take their hard rocking lifestyle real serious is Italian band Fake Idols, they´re everything but fake. Their 2nd album Witness also comes out in September and is a wetdream for fans of Hardcore Superstar.
Oh yeah, it´s all about killer riffs here don´t take ´em too lightly, you might piss ´em off.
A band that releases miracle after miracle is Simon Neil and Co in Biffy Clyro, 7 albums in and still at their peak. The new album Ellipsis goes by the motto "if it ain´t Scottish, it´s crap".
This summer I decided to quit drinking alchol, not that I ever was an alcholic, sure I was a heavy drinker in my youth but at my age it comes down to every day being valuable.
I hate to throw it away with a bad headache or a hangover that will last for days, and there are some tasty non-alcholic beer out there. It´s all for the taking.
Music makes me feel good and what could be better to get high, than getting high on rock and roll and Biffy Clyro´s songs. Nothing beats it.

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