Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Album Spotlight : Halcyon Hope - Onward To Fracture Town

From the often overlooked Danish town of Odense, comes a band stubbornly creating music of a genre permanently overlooked in their home country. Yet one celebrated in the alternative scene across the rest of the world. With "Onward To Fracture Town", the four guys inHalcyon Hope have created an album in which they've poured all of their defiant love for emo akin to that of Brand New and Taking Back Sunday, for pop-punk classics like Blink 182 and Green Day and for timeless, solid, rock songwriting like that of the Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro.

The band has already shared the stage with the internationally renownedBayside, as well as the domestically famous Go Go Berlin and Tim Christensen (Dizzy Mizz Lizzy). And on their new album - out onOctober 7th - the group presents 12 melodious, energetic and emotive tracks, circling around themes of staying true to yourself, and growing as a person. - Even when the future is uncertain and the world around you does everything to make you weary and tie you down with unwanted obligations and problematic relationships.

The album is a result of a long and carefully laboured over process of creation, forged in collaboration with Alan Douches of West Side Musicin New York, who did mastering (and who's done work for Brand New, A Day To Remember, Mastodon, Every Time I Die, Fall Out Boy etc.), and with mixing engineer Peter Lehman, a man who's been behind celebrated Danish acts like Turboweekend, Rock Hard Power Spray and Baby In Vain to name a few.

Ahead of the release of the album in October, the band is already touring rampantly through Europe, which is also their all out focus following the release. Further shows are soon to be announced, as are the release celebrations, while the band is also hungrily looking to fit in further good show opportunities. Meanwhile, the next single and music video from the album, "Against The Wall", will be released this Friday, August 26th.

Onward to Fracture Town is released October 7th.

Tracklisting : 1.Against the wall 2.Wear me like a crown 3.Marsland 4.Once a sleepy backwater 5.Clandestine 6.Beggar´s belief 7.Fawn 8.Mono in stereo 9.Bitter rain 10.Burning effigy 11.A 1 12.Tomorrow

Album Spotlight : Remedy Drive - Hope´s Not Giving Up

From Remedy Drive :
Hope´s Not Giving Up is a collection of songs re-imagined in 2016.
These are 10 of our favorite songs from 2006-2013. These songs have been re-recorded by Philip Zach, founding member of the band, at The Grid Studio in Lincoln, NE. We wanted to give new life to some of the anthems of hope that have carried us through our whole career. Some of the songs have a similar sound to the original recordings and some are completely restructured. We hope you enjoy these songs in a new way if you already have the original versions from years past.

David and Philip Zach re-united for a second Remedy Drive album with Corey Horn, who's been with the band for six years now, on bass and backing vocals. Some friends of the band joined in the studio as well. Casey Moore of Leeland added some guitars and Tim Buell added his rhythms on the drums.

Hope´s Not Giving Up is released Sept 2nd.

Tracklisting : 1.Better than life 2.Daylight 3.All along 4.Resuscitate 5.Hope 6.Crystal sea 7.Statues 8.Coming up 9.Guide you home 10.Jack´s song

Listen to samples at this location:

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Past, present, future

Most often, I ask my friends the question -If you could pick one certain year to live in for the rest of your life, with the music released that year, watch that year´s films in theatres, wear the same clothes and go to the concerts at that time. Which year would you choose?
Let´s say there is a gate of time where you could step through and on the other side, was a complete different year. Would you go back in history, stay in the present or head right into the unknown future?
You can of course go as you are, in your present age and with your family.
It´s an interesting idea so I am working on the greatest albums, films and concerts (I´ve been to myself) of various years in the past, the first post will be online within a week or two.
About the year, I´d pick 1986 because it´s the year my favorite film Aliens was showing on the cinemas and I went to see some amazing concerts like Magnum on their Vigilante tour, Monsters of Rock featuring Def Leppard, Ozzy and Scorpions, not to mention Saga on their Behavior tour with Honeymoon Suite as the support act, plus Uriah Heep and Nazareth both as headline acts on the same bill.
I never got the chance to see Journey with Steve Perry so this would be a great opportunity to catch them on the Raised on Radio tour, the last tour with Perry.

Soundwise, the Canadian rockers in Art of Dying feel comfy in 2016 with their brand new EP Nevermore, this is pure active rock living and breathing in the now. A genre that many thought would go the same destiny as emo and numetal but it turned out we were wrong.
Their new single Torn Down stand out but the other 5 new songs will also please all fans of modern hard rock/post-grunge that Nickelback invented 15 years back.
Another band that has a more timeless sound is Detroit based Citizen Zero with their debut album State of Mind available now, these guys play classic rock with one foot in 90´s rock.
On one side, you could say they´re highly influenced by Free and Bad Company but also related to 90´s bands like Live and Black Crowes.
Their frontman Josh LeMay is the star here, a lot of rocknroll singers would die to have his voice.
However, overall I would say Citizen Zero are more 1991 than 1975.
The sound of the future belongs to the Japanese metalcore act coldrain, anything can happen here where the band ain´t afraid to blend electronica and pop with the modern metal.
Anyone who loved their latest album Vena is in for a treat with their new EP Vena II Chapter One that contains two new songs and two acoustic versions of songs from Vena.
And I guess with the title, that there is a chapter two coming too.

The American band Nine Shrines still think it´s 2002 when numetal had it´s peak, this is a new band with members from Attack Attack, Downplay and Life on Repeat. Their debut EP Misery is in fact a solid affair of Breaking Benjamin meets SOiL-like alternative metal.
If you miss those days of numetal taking over the airwaves, then Nine Shrines is the answer to your prayers. Even though there´s nothing new to it, they´re pretty good.
Once in a while, I love to go back and get all nostalgic over classic albums that takes you back to a certain moment or place in time.
And so I did, the other day I bought the digital version of Scottish punk band The Skids first album Scared to dance from 1979. I listened a lot to this record on cassette back in the late 70´s when punk rock revolutionised the music industry. This album features their biggest hit Into the valley, the best song The Clash never wrote.
The late guitarist Stuart Adamson continued to be successful with Big Country in the 80´s, he passed away in 2001 but the music lives on. In 2006, U2 and Green Day covered The saints are coming by The Skids as a charity single.
Last record out today is the new awesome compilation Death Resonance from Swedish melodic death metallers Soilwork, a perfect album where you will get all the Japanese bonus tracks from the albums Stabbing The Drama (2005) and forward.
Death Resonance also includes 2 new tracks and the Japan only EP Beyond The Infinite, a must have for Soilwork fans.
A question, is there any better frontman than Björn Strid that can handle both growls and clean vocals like a king?! I don´t think so.
2016 signing out.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Interview with Truckfighters

The mighty TRUCKFIGHTERS’ own label, Fuzzorama Records, and Century Media Records team up to floor the gas and fuzz pedal.
“Signing to Century Media Records is like kicking in the fuzz pedal with all knobs turned to 11 - maximum energy, maximum output and totally out of control!”, comments the band.
The new album “V” will be released worldwide through Fuzzorama in cooperation with Century Media Records on September 30th, 2016.
Shortly after the album release, the TRUCKFIGHTERS will hit the road again to play an extensive European tour. Exact tour dates and further plans to play the rest of the world will be announced soon. Expect something big. Super fuzz big!
Palace of Rock needed to sort things out with the band´s 4 stringer and lead singer Oskar Cedermalm, here´s what he had to say about Michael Jackson, Phil Lynott and why he loves the 80´s.

Good evening, let´s start with a normal question. Who is the greatest bassplayer in the world in your opinion?
Oskar-Ohh, I really don’t have any opinion on that and I don’t listen that much to the technical skills in a musician, sure I prefer to listen to people who can play their instruments very well, BUT I hate people who are too good, you know these kind of bass players that can play fast and know a lot of theory haha… I usually prefer bassplayers or who ever it might be, guitar players, bass players etc that can put the right note at the right place instead and do it with love and feeling. Also I do listen more to the song structure than the individuals, I mean a very basic song by Black Keys can be so much better than some jazzfusion shit when everybody just play until their fingers bleed.

I must confess that I only own one Truckfighters album on CD, it´s Gravity X so I must indeed do better. But how does it feel to stand right next to Thin Lizzy´s Life and Tygers of Pan Tang´s Crazy nights in my record collection?
Oskar-Haha, no worries, that’s a classic album nowadays, maybe not as classic as Thin Lizzy. The other band I never heard of so you can replace that one with the new Truckfighters album instead haha. Anyway, now you remind me of a good bassplayer, IF you insist getting a name, Phil Lynott was a very good bassplayer, but maybe not because of anything else rather than he knew how to write great songs, and he also knew how to make the bass blend in and play the exact right stuff to add what’s necessary to the song.

Your band has been a trio for a few years now but the first albums are recorded with two guitarists, how do you perform the songs from Gravity X and Phi live that are written for 2 guitars?
Oskar-Our guitarist plays with dual rigs and 4 cabinets hehe. That alone does not replace another guitarist, we know that… but with a Dango in the band we think it’s enough with one of those lunatics. Also we got used to it, the albums after with ”Mania”, ”Universe” and now ”V” have been recorded without an extra guitarist so I guess we now released more stuff in this format than the other.
I’m also one of those people who doesn’t bother if I go and see a band I like live if the live act is a bit different than in the studio, for me it’s two different things. I guess it’s probably awesome for hardcore fans of Dream Theater to go and see them and hear the exact same notes that are on the album, But imagine if that band would jam a bit more and loosen up, go outside the box with improvisations live? The sky is the limit. I would like to have more of that in today´s music where there’s so many bands playing after click track, backing track etc just to make a replica of the studio album… More of Grateful dead (and I’m not talking about the drugs, only the "jams"), and less of backtrack in live music I would say.

The band must have been through more line up changes with different drummers than Spinal Tap, are you guys impossible to work with or what´s the deal?
Oskar-Hmm, probably haha. I guess me and Dango been playing together for 15 years, we do have a very un-Swedish way of working, meaning we are brutally honest and direct to each other, we don’t have time to wrap things up in some phycological mumbojumbo… Not that we are cruel to each other, we are friendly but very professional, telling each other when we think something isn’t up to standard. I guess coming in as a new drummer and we demand them to play good can be tough, but this is what we do, it’s our living and we don’t want to stagnate and get stuck in the same place.. we want to evolve and also move forward for every album we do. With this said, all drummers so far actually quit for different reasons, the last three for an example, Poncho he quit because he got an offer to start playing with Blues Pills who are very close friends to him and also their music is more his style so I don’t blame him, you need to listen to what your heart says.

Enzo quit because he lost inspiration I think, the formal excuse was that he should have time to focus more in ”his” bands… I mean if you jump into a band, is hard I guess, to feel the same soul and the passion like we do. We’ve been sweating, struggling and working really hard with TF for 15 years. But the last drummer, Mr El Dano, we actually fired, yes correct, the drummer on the album is not playing with us anymore. But that was due to prioroties and he never had time to do it 100%, always had to run away to be somewhere else instead of rehearsing and spend the necessary time in studio etc etc.

I think the band´s sound has evolved through the years with the latest album V sounding more atmospheric, are you becoming more progressive with age?
Oskar-Yes definitely, but not on purpose… I guess as you get older you might lose interest in the songs that you easily can pull together on a coffee break, kind of, I’m not saying that is what happened in the past for us… but the older you get, the more you feel like you want to challenge yourself, and you’re not afraid of doing so either. You care less and less about what other people think which is good as well, even though we of course appreciate people digging our music. This doesn’t necessarily mean we will do more and more progressive stuff, it’s more about doing something a bit different each time so we don’t stagnate and do the same album over and over again, because then it will not be as fun as it is right now and probably about time to stop playing instead.

Truckfighters play a lot of live shows every year, what is the most memorable gig so far?
Oskar-We had a few, first time at Hellfest in France was amazing, the biggest crowd we had so far, around 6000 and this was 11.40 Sunday morning!!! Also when we played Wacken in front of even more people was a surreal experience and something you could only dream of when we started the band… But I also remember some of the small, in door club shows where the heat was so intense that it was dripping from the sealing, Swamp room Mania in Munich for an example… That’s a total different experience to get the crowd so close that they are almost falling up on stage… Maybe that’s why we still think it’s so much fun to play live, we get both experiences all the time… If you get too big I guess you only play the venues and arenas where the crowd is a bit too far away, don’t misunderstand me, I love these gigs too.

The new album V is your fifth studio album and like the previous releases, it´s available both on CD, LP and digital. Since the format Compact Cassette is coming back slowly, would you consider to release a Truckfighters album on Cassette?
Oskar-No not really. I mean even if you have a cassette player I really think you also have the other formats as well, a phone/computer, CD, or LP player… I don’t miss the cassettes either, the only thing I miss about it is that you could do mix tapes, you did that all the time, also you borrowed mix tapes from friends and so on, it was a very nice experience when we were young, too bad that died out. 

If you were trapped in one certain year and had to live in it for the rest of your life, watching the films, listening to the records, wear those clothes and see the concerts from that same year.
What year would you choose and why?
Oskar-I guess a lot of people would say the 70´s now, but I think I’m going to say late 80´s perhaps, I would like to say 92-93, when the grunge era came but that was also a bit of depressing times around the world, I remember Sweden at least went through economical crisis at that time, or is my memory not what it used to be haha, maybe it felt that way because I was a teenager haha. Anyway, the 80´s was a time when you could do everything, become who ever you wanted, have an idea, go for it, get rich etc etc… Then maybe I could choose my today´s wardrobe and bring it so I don’t have to wear the nasty clothing at that time haha.

Live in London is your first ever live album, released earlier this year, is it a "real" live album or has it been fixed in the studio afterwards?
Oskar-It is live for real of course, we did just a few tiny tiny details that needed to be done in the studio, but it’s not like some artists that start recording the guitars all over again in the studio haha, I’ve heard stories about Kiss Alive, not sure how much of it that is correct though, maybe just rumours?

If we take a deep look at your own record collection, what album is the one that we would least expect to find in there?
Oskar-Probably Michael Jackson (smiles), I was actually a fan, or still am a little bit… He was an exceptional songwriter and I think I’ve been inspirited more than I can believe of M.J in my own music.  I saw him in 92 when he just released Dangerous and in my opinion, that was the peak of his career, shortly after that, the long tragical spiral wen’t down slowly, I have no idea about the child abuse accusations either, was he just a misunderstood freak or did he actually do these horrible things to the children? Anyway... 

Friday, August 26, 2016

Album Spotlight : The Rebel Light - A Hundred Summer Days

Los Angeles trio The Rebel Light have been pulling in comparisons to bands such as The Shins and Temples and draw heavily on their influence of the sun drenched sound of 60’s California pop.

Strangers is the perfect introduction to The Rebel Light’s hazy, indie pop sound. With huge sunny choruses, warm nostalgic synths and shimmering guitar lines, The Rebel Light eliminate the winter blues

The band wanted to create a soundtrack to your summer - music to listen to as you drive down the Pacific highway in your vintage car with a big fucking smile on your face.
The Rebel Light is Will Steil - Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Acoustic guitar, Jarrett Steil - Guitars/Backing Vocals, Austin Turner - Bass and Brandon Cooke - Drums.

A Hundred Summer Days is out now on Dualtone Records.

Tracklisting : 1.Strangers 2.Where did all the love go 3.Hard to believe 4.Summer haze 5.Afterlife

Album Spotlight : The Comfort - Love EP

Brisbane alternative rock duo The Comfort have released the second single Your Heart from their upcoming EP 'Love' to be release on September 16.

Showing maturation and growth Your Heart shines with hope and security a stark change from the darkness of debut EP 'Ghosts'. The track delivers commitment and hope in a world that is lacking.

As a whole Your Heart explores themes of love and intimacy, asking the question commitment, relationship or both?

"Your Heart is about being so infatuated with someone that the felling is indescribable. You can use thousands of metaphors and analogies, but no words come close to pin pointing how and why you love them," said guitarist and vocalist, Liam Homles.

Both boys believe the best way to accurately portray these feelings is through art and more directly, song and poetry.

"The song is entirely woven with lines from an E.E. Cummings poem that I actually have engraved on a watch which I was given by my partner," said bassist and vocalist, Dom Harper.

The filmclip, hosted by massive heavy music channel Dream Bound, takes a look at The Comfort's passionate live performance showcase how the boys truly intend to deliver their art.

Your Heart comes as a follow up to The Comfort's last single Everstone which found success in multiple plays on triple j and almost 20 thousand views on Youtube.

Love EP is released on Sept 16th.

Tracklisting : 1.Everstone 2.Love and other drugs 3.Dysphasia 4.Your heart 5.Forgive, accept, love 6.Deprime

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Album Spotlight : Will Wood and The Tapeworms

The infamously bizarre, genre-bending art rock outfit Will Wood and the Tapeworms have recently taken over New Jersey’s music scene with what The Aquarian called “the epitome of a performance,” and AXS Entertainment called “a journey into glittering hysteria.” In the year since their formation, Will Wood and the Tapeworms have garnered intense press reactions, and gathered an exponentially growing cult following that shows no signs of slowing. After teaming up with New Noise Magazine to premiere the album and months of teasing and hinting, today Will Wood and the Tapeworms finally release their sophomore full-length LP, a chaotic and colorful crowd-funded concept album entitled Self-ish.
Produced by Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Kevin Antreassian and featuring performances by members of Foxy Shazam and Frank Iero and the Cellabration, Self-ish showcases some of the most intensely unique and avant-garde work of eccentric and “intriguing and histrionic” (The Star-Ledger) pianist and singer-songwriter Will Wood, as well as virtuosic instrumental performances by guitarist Mike Bottiglieri, saxophonist David Higdon, and bassist/engineer Jonathon Maisto. Wood’s constantly shifting style and genre-bending mania make Will Wood and the Tapeworms’ sound hard to pin down. Self-ish features latin influences, progressive rock arrangements, emo/punk attitude, and wild mood swings- drawing comparisons to everyone from Tom Waits and Mr. Bungle to David Bowie and My Chemical Romance.
SELF-iSH is out now.
Tracklisting : 1.Self- 2.2012 3.Cotard´s solution 4.Mr.Capgras encounters a secondhand vanity 5.The song with five names aka soapbox a.k.a checkmate atheists a.k.a neospace government a.k.a you can never know 6.Hand me my shovel, I´m going in 7.Dr.Sunshine is dead 8.-ish

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Interview with One Less Reason

American rock band One Less Reason has come a long way since the first album Everydaylife in 2005, that CD is more than welcome in my record collection right next to Oh No Ono´s Eggs from 2009 and Oppera´s Violince from 2004.
6 albums later and One Less Reason has grown into a great rock band with no plans to part ways even though rock music is going through some tough times.
Their new album The Memories Uninvited is a must for any fan of modern rock music so we are honored to have frontman Cris Brown on board here at Palace of Rock for an interview.
Take a moment and learn about the band´s biggest selling song as well as his thoughts about Bruce Dickinson and why he has that Elvis tattoo.

Hey there, I think OLR´s 6th album The Memories Uninvited is your strongest effort so far, where the band possibly have reached the peak of your career. Is this the band´s White Album?

Cris-I'm not sure - I will have to let the fans decide on that one.  But from the feedback so far that is the consensus. I love all of the records I’ve recorded because they remind me of where I was in my life at that particular point in time and it's always nice to reflect on where you are as compared to where you once were.
The album has a big production and an impressive set of songs where “Something Beautiful” and “The Lie” are my personal favorites. Especially songs like “The Lie” and “You Didn´t Know” feels a bit different and bring thoughts to Texas based Blue October. Have you broadened your way of writing songs?

Cris-We spent a lot of time dealing with sounds on this record, we recorded it in my studio and so we were allowed to have the time to really dial in the tones and just take as much time as we needed even for the smallest of parts. I feel that I'm getting older and more mature in my song writing and honestly I just don't care if it impresses critics or the "cool" people. So with that freedom I can be as honest as I want with no restrictions. I do love me some Blue October though :)

The band was originally formed as Lappdog the same year when songs like Iris (Goo Goo Dolls), Malibu (Hole) andShimmer (Fuel) had a major impact on radio, after almost 2 decades, would you say your vision of how the band should sound like when you started, has turned out just the way you expected?

Cris-Oh no - we started out as a screaming, hardcore style band and I had no interest in singing anything. Rick Beato (producer) talked me into trying to sing and the rest is history – so Thank You, Rick!!! 
You did a really great cover of “When Doves Cry” by Prince on your 2005 album Everyday Life.  Now that Prince has left us, do you still perform the song live?

Cris-We actually just played that song in Spokane, Washington this last Friday night. That song we put together because we didn't have enough music to fill a whole set and it has followed us all of these years.
The 2010 album Faces and Four Letter Words sold 400,000 making it the band´s most successful album to date.  Did you feel any pressure when writing and recording the follow-up A Blueprint For Writhing (2013)?

Cris-No, I make music for me and to keep me sane. I love big numbers on record sales but at the end of the day I HAVE to write music and what comes out, comes out - and I make no excuses for it. “Uneasy” has become one of my biggest selling songs ever from the A Blueprint For Writhing record... I feel just be honest with the lyrics and people will invest in you.

Tattooed Millionaire is your own label and it´s also the title of the solo debut from Iron Maiden´s frontman released in 1990.  Have you gotten a call from Bruce Dickinson about the name yet?

Cris-That's funny, I wish we were clever enough to have named it after a Bruce song but unfortunately it wasn't. It would be totally worth it just to get a call from a singer of that magnitude. Not to mention a pilot... He’s a very impressive guy.
This fall you´re opening for Sick Puppies on the U.S tour in Sept/Oct, will you perform songs from all your albums or focus on the new record?

Cris-We will focus mainly on the new record but we will do “Favorite Color” and a few other tracks from previous records

 In 2013, OLR released the first ever live album “She Said I Wonder When”. Any plans of putting together a Best Ofcompilation?
Cris-Nah, no plans on anything further than running through the cycle of this record and then re-evaluating where we are and what, if anything, we want to do next.
Do you read reviews of the band´s albums and are you affected by a good or bad review?

Cris-Not at all, a person’s opinion of my music affects me in no way negative... This is what I do and I'll stand by it and whether I live or die by it, it's mine and what I wanted to make and not some interpretation of some record label exec that thinks Justin Bieber is a great song writer.  
There are a lot of great rock bands/artists coming from your hometown of Memphis such as Skillet, Saliva, Devour The Day, Egypt Central and of course Elvis.  Do you have any albums by the King in your record collection?

Cris-Yes - I have a lot of Elvis in my collection.  I have Elvis tattooed in my skin because he was the best of all time.
OLR is managed by Andy Gould at Spectacle Entertainment Group who also is working with Rob Zombie and up-coming artist September Mourning. Have you met these guys and do you know them personally?

Cris-No - I've yet to meet any of them, I'm kind of the socially awkward guy that just kind of hides out in the corners and doesn't speak unless spoken to ... Until it's time to sing.
Finally, what makes you feel good?

Cris-My family, I've yet to find anything on this planet that makes me happier than my little girls and how they love me for me and couldn't care less what I do for a living.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Album Spotlight : State of Mine - Devil in disguise

Hailing from Laingsburg, Michigan, State of Mine is a metal band consisting of Vocalist Steven Jodway, Bassist Corey Smith, Drummer Mike Martin, Rhythm Guitarist Matt Martin, and Lead Guitarist Shawn Willett. Organized in 2010, the band hit the local music scene running, playing as support for multiple national acts such as: Black Label Society, Adelitas Way, Saliva, Powerman 5000, Flaw, Otherwise, Soil, 3 Years Hollow, just to name a few.
In 2014 they released their debut, self-titled EP recorded and produced by BJ Perry at Wall of Sound Studio (I Prevail, UFC, INK MASTER, NFL, NCAA), in Memphis, Michigan. After performing for a year, the band decided to go back in studio with a new sound and direction, specifically targeting radio listeners. The new EP, produced by BJ Perry again, went above and beyond expectations, and will guarantee to keep the listener hooked, with huge vocal harmonies, crunchy guitars, powerful bass, and pounding drums. They look to continue on their path toward touring and performing for a national audience.

Devil in disguise is released on September 15th.

Tracklisting : 1.Curtain call 2.Rise (Katy Perry cover) 3.Waste my time 4.Stones 5.Killing me 6.Undertow 7.Broke by monday

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Album Spotlight : Griot - Gerald

GRIOT is a multinational progressive rock band, based in Portugal, formed by musicians João Pascoal and Sérgio Ferreira in 2014.
Griot's sound evokes a style of progressive rock that explores and creates different soundscapes while maintaining a slightly different song-writing style, which revolves around self-published literature included in each album's concept.

Debut Album Info:
The band just released their debut album "Gerald". It is a 36 minutes conceptual album with 5 tracks portraying the journey of Gerald, a man with many questions and fewer answers.
Alongside with the album they also released a 21 page storybook, branched in 5 chapters, unravelling simultaneously with the album.

Digital version is out now, the physical release is Sept 1st.

Tracklisting : 1.The drive (chapter one) 2.Through the haze (chapter two) 3.Into the fold (chapter three) 4.The curtain falls (chapter four) 5.Fadeaway (chapter five)

Album Spotlight : Armada - Of an ocean

Armada, a new super group of musicians from the Orlando area, have formed a band with the mission to take metalcore and hard rock to a new level. The band has written, recorded and prepped their new EP Of An Ocean for an August 26 release date via Apple Music, Spotify and other online retailers. These seasoned musicians with prior successes from the late 2000’€s metal/hardcore scene are ready to take on the music scene again with their new brand of metal.

Risen from the ashes of bands like Modern Day Escape & I Woke Up Early For My Funeral, Armada blends influences from their metalcore past with a fresh take on modern metal, rock and hardcore. Vocalist James Vegas’€・experience with Modern Day Escape provided him with years of touring experience and the band made records that led to millions of views on Youtube and legions of fans nationwide. The hard work is yet to begin for this quintet, as Armada is fresh blood and are excited to show music fans what the band has in store.

In years past, Vegas and the others have toured with Black Veil Brides, Bring Me The Horizon, Fall Out Boy, A Day To Remember, Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead, Of Mice and Men and have played festivals such as Warped Tour and CMJ. They have also been featured in magazines such as Outburn, Alternative Press, Revolver and many others.

The name Armada was chosen as the band see themselves as a fleet of ships, aligned with their fan base to take the world by storm. Of An Ocean has lyrical topics ranging from corporate greed, personal vices, rebellion, taking chances and always betting on the underdog in life-tough situations. Armada writes their music for the listeners, and understand that life can be tough, but it doesn’€t have to be negative and full of situations that drag people down.

"This record is a way for us to use reflections of our past to pave the way for our future, sending a message of strength through real music for real people." –€・James Vegas / Vocalist

Of An Ocean is released on August 26th.

Tracklisting : 1.Like an anchor 2.Bury the wolf 3.The fire the flame 4.Wake me up 5.Carousel 6.Riot the kings

Friday, August 19, 2016

Interview with Death Koolaid

Death Koolaid, definitely the kind of band we need to shake up the music industry at the moment. When computer made pop is taking over the charts all over the globe, it´s time for these punk-metal rebels from London to do something about it.
Frontwoman Siren, six stringers Roy Darkwater and The Crow along with batterista The Crossman, Death Koolaid is the answer to your metal prayers.
With Vol.1 available now and Vol.2 out August 25th, of course I felt that this band is right at home here at Palace of Rock.

Hey there, on a scale of one to ten, how excited are you with the release of your new album Vol.2 on August 25th?
DK -I suppose anything less than 10 would look bad. So 10 I guess. It's been ready for months now so we just want to get it out there.
Presuming one is not so excited and ten is being really excited then I guess it’s a ten. Just want to get it out there as we recorded it just under a year ago now.

Your first release Vol.1 from 2014 is available on coloured vinyl, will you release Vol.2 on vinyl as well?
DK -Yeah, it's on the cards. It just cost a bit to get them pressed. I think we might do a Pledge Music or something to fund it. But it will happen. 

You have done two videos of the songs Kids and Emmeline from the new album, I really like Kids a lot. Tell me about the lyrics, is there an atheistic message in there?
Siren - Yeah the lyrics have a kind of religious theme to them. It’s about uncertainty and how time is running out and regretting your past. How people that worship God or Jesus are weak minded and the people that don’t have a belief are more in the power of their actions, as they aren’t constantly being influenced by a faith. I think I might have just watched that Most hated family in America documentary before writing those lyrics.

I think your sound is raw and very old school, like The Plasmatics meets The Refused. What are your influences?
DK -We all have our different influences and have a very wide musical taste. It would be very hard for us to name a few bands we are influenced by. We are probably more influenced by the world around us than any music.
Siren - I think the sound of my voice and my delivery has been influenced by vocalists from bands like Amen, Ministry, Marilyn Manson and The Distillers.

London, England is probably the punk rock capital city of the world. How do you feel the climate is for punk bands in England today?
DK - It might be the capital but its lacking something in the current climate. Music venues are closing down or installing sound limiters, landlords are taking over the housing market making it stupid expensive to live here, that amongst other factors these things are killing the live music scene. It’s a shame. We will be gigging a lot more outta town in the next year.

I listened to Vol.1 and noticed there aren´t any ballads on it, isn´t there any room for slow songs in your repertoire?
DK -Actually “Do you know what you’re here for” is a ballad. Well, it’s the most ballad like we have gotten. It has slow verses so we put it in that category and is about a really important time of my life that I felt very strongly about. I would like to do a ballad though but with a punk twist, so a punk ballad.  Our songs don’t really get written with any prior thought, what comes out isn’t totally up to us.

When you read magazines, do you prefer paper or to read them online on the internet and do you think there is a future for paper magazines?
DK -The printed press is unfortunately almost dead. It's shit. I suppose it's just evolution and if mags want to survive they have to adapt. Some have, some haven’t. It's all about money, unfortunately. I’d personally rather read a mag than look at something online.

Are you only doing gigs in England or are there any plans on booking shows outside your country?
DK -We are currently looking for management, that should help us sort some gigs around Europe. Possible book on a support tour with a bigger band. That’s the dream.

Where will Death Koolaid be in 10 years?
DK - Probably in some kind of institution the rate we are going.

Spotify or physical format, what´s on your playlist at the moment?
DK - Slaves, Cancer Bats, Skindred. On the digital. 
Roy - I just got a new Diana Ross vinyl.
Siren - Ministry, Six:AM, L7.

And finally, if you would be reborn as an animal, what animal would you like to be in the next life?
Roy - Probably some kind Pegasus, massive cock and you can fly. Best of both worlds. 
Siren - I like otters so one of them.
The Crow – As long as it can lay eggs inside a human, any animal. 
The Crossman – A gummy Bear, so I could bounce around, here, there and everywhere.  

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Album Spotlight : Chelan - Vultures

Its been a busy couple of years for Chelan (sh-lan). The american synth/indie pop band (based out of Joshua Tree CA) immediately started the planning process for their newest album "Vultures" after the early 2015 release of their 4th full length album "Equal Under Pressure." Chelan, who formed in California in 2007, is historically the duo of classical music teacher Jennifer Grady and film/tv music composer Justin Hosford. However, in early 2015 they added a third permanent member, Chad Austinson, to play drums. After a series of live performances and writing sessions, the group spent a year meeting for long periods of time at Hosford's studio in Joshua Tree and producer Matt Drenik's studio in Portland, Oregon. In addition to bringing on Drenik to co-produce the album with Hosford, they linked up with Doug Boehm (Guided by Voices, Girls) to mix a handful of tracks.

Vultures is Chelan's most ambitious studio effort to date but they were also careful to ensure they can replicate the album during live performances. When asked about the writing process for Vultures Hosford says "Its been a fun challenge morphing from the mostly electronic, subdued indie aesthetic of our last couple albums to the wall of sound, big production synth pop thing we went for on this record." The album surrounds layered vocals with lush analog synths, guitar, drums, cello and piano.  Chelan is currently planning a tour in the spring of 2017. Vultures was mastered by Jared Hirshland of Elysian Mastering. Album Artwork by Kime Buzzelli.

Vultures is released on August 26th.

Tracklisting : 1.Beams 2.Nothing you can do 3.Vultures 4.Nervous 5.Carry 6.Won´t break 7.Photograph (remix) 8.Can´t ignore it 9.The blue piano

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Album Spotlight : Nine Lies - 9Lies

Nine Lies are an Alternative Rock Band from Belfast in Northern Ireland, consisting of Stevie Mann (Lyrics/Vocals/Production), Dave Kernohan & Nick Black (Guitars), John Rossi (Bass) and Stephen McAuley [Stoogie] (Drums).
Nine Lies have had incredible success since their inception, realizing milestones that most unsigned bands can only dream of.
Interesting facts about Nine Lies:
• Nine Lies Bassist John Rossi started his career in a little known band called Snow Patrol.
• Lead Singer Stevie Mann is the second Cousin of Singer/Song Writer Damien Rice.
• Nine Lies Recorded the B Side to 'Someone' with Legendary Producer Stuart Epps (Oasis/Robbie Williams/Elton John), but in an odd move produced the A side themselves.
Stevie Mann said "It’s been a long time coming. We have had stacks of EPs and singles as you know, but this is our first actual album since Behind It All and we are super excited. It’s an eclectic collection of tunes with themes I couldn’t even have dreamt of writing about or seeing if it hadn’t been for the past few years touring.

From the get go with 'Take Me Away' with its Epic, moody intro followed by deep dark guitars and mystical dark male vocal, you know this is going to be a serious album.

It doesn't just deal in stories of the heart or negativity, far from it, with tracks such as 'We R1' which has a positive "WE CAN DO IT!" vibe. It’s essentially a Driving Guitar Indie rock song, with pounding drums, big riffs and a great storyline taking you on a road trip from A to B with a let's get together and do this theme. Hot smokin' guitars, fierce vocals -- Save the World is the goal here. Nascar, racing, hot cars, endurance tests, action movies.

Then you are taken to the underworld of twisted double agents with the awesome "A Kill for the king" It is an Epic, James Bond 007 esc dramatic rock tune, almost orchestral feeling song about deceit, pressure, eerie and tense life undercover in a twisted under world. This album has it all from the anger of breakup in 'Damn' to the lust of the rebound in 'Nothing left for Me'.

9Lies is out now.

Tracklisting : 1.Take me away 2.Save me 3.Damn 4.Tragedy 5.Nothing left for me 6.Don´t ask if I´m alone 7.A kill for the king 8.I don´t wanna say 9.We R1 10.Someone

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Strangers in the night

I have a love/hate relationship towards traveling, although I really enjoy visiting other cities and countries, I am truly a home-kinda-guy.
I love being at home, here in my comfort zone, just relaxing and doing pretty much nothing.
There is so much going on all the time at work where I´m the main safety officer, and then we have the band I`m playing in that takes a lot of time too. Blue Cow Kent.
Well, we just had a nice summer break but we´re soon picking up right where we left before summer and will continue working on the next full length album.
And of course, I must admit that I find inspiration from the places I visit when I travel, so when it comes to writing music I know that some songs haven´t come alive if I hadn´t been to Athens, London, Dublin and Berlin.
Last weekend I spent a weekend at one of the most haunted castles in Sweden, namely Häringe Castle, south of Stockholm.
A very beautiful place by sea that was built around 1657 where several Swedish royalties have lived.
It is said to be haunted, both by friendly and un-friendly ghosts. But I can´t say that there were any encounters with undesirable entities of any kind.
No matter if you believe in ghosts or not, this castle sure has it´s magic rooms, you simply can touch the atmosphere.
But like I said, home is where the heart is.

San Fransisco is another town I want to go to, not just because my favorite band Journey comes from the city by the bay but also because many classic movies have been filmed on location here.
We also find some Frisco kids in the alternative pop band Beta State that just released their new EP Timeless. Well, new and new? It features the same songs as their 2015 Glass EP plus two new tracks, Lullaby and the title track Timeless.
If you have their previous EP, you can do without this one but if not and feel like listening to some contemporary OneRepublic-ish pop. Timeless might not be timeless, but certainly a treat for a drive in the car.
Let´s go east a few hours (by plane that is) and knock on the door to Denver, the hometown of electro pop band 888.
Their debut EP The Decades is a positive affair, I don´t mind this dance-oriented pop sound but the Zara Larsson-like melodies are disturbing to say the least.
Island Records believe in this trio and you will probably hear more from 888 in the future, their decade has just started.
Denver as a city, isn´t calling for me these days like it used to back in the 90´s when NHL pro Peter Forsberg played in Colorado Avalanche.
L.A, the city of the angels on the other hand, is always up to date with new promising artists. This is the metropolis of rock when we´re talking classic bands and upcoming acts.
Los Angeles based duo Sleeping Wolf started out really impressive with the 2015 single Blindfold and even if the song isn´t featured on their debut EP Star Fire, their 6 new tracks including the fab new single Ghost, are absolutely charming.
Electro pop/rock with 80´s flavor simply cannot fail. Ohyeah, it´s c-c-c-catchy.

Ballito is a small town in South Africa, not far from Durban. This is the hometown of rock band What Now that released the great album Move Like Sinners in 2013, they relocated to London, England and signed to Sumerian Records.
What Now are now called New Volume and re-released their 2013 album under the title Envy with the change of songtitles of two tracks, Turn off the lights and the lovely single One touch.
They might be Londoners from South Africa now, but they sound more like an Aussie rock band.
London, oh London, is the birthplace for many big artists such as Phil Collins for example.
Collins with an impressive 100 million records sold worldwide has personally curated a collection of deluxe editions of his 8 classic studio albums released between 1981-2010.
All newly remastered and featuring rare demos, b-sides and live versions previously unreleased on CD. The complete albums box Take A Look At Me Now also includes liner notes from Collins about each album where we get to know that Both Sides is his personal favorite.
Collins recently announced that he was no longer officially retired and is planning to tour and write a new album, fans can also look forward to his brutally honest autobiography Not Dead Yet to be released in October. Marvelous.
Another majestic box is The Last of The Teenage Idols by Alex Harvey, born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1935. He was a big influence on artists like John Lydon, Bon Scott and Nick Cave.
This is a fantastic box including a beautiful book and 14 CD´s spanning his entire career from the early 60´s albums of blues and soul to the highlights with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
The SAHB albums between 1972-1978 cannot be ignored, those are an important part of history of rock music. They left behind a massive legacy of smart glamrock and cocky prog, SAHB were truly outsiders of rock and roll.
In 1982, Alex Harvey suffered a fatal heart attack before his 47th birthday but he will always be remembered for epic songs like Framed, The Faith Healer, Harp, The Tale of The Giant Stone Eater, Action Strasse, Boston Tea Party etc.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Album Spotlight : Chariots of The Gods - Ages unsung

Blitzing out of Canada’s capital with their punishing hard-rock rooted in heavy metal, Chariots of the Gods has-been on one sole assignment since 2007: shredding endlessly in a neighborhood near you.
The five-piece band gave birth to their first EP “Reverence” in 2010. Their first full length album, “Tides of War”, was produced by music legend Glen Robinson (Queensryche, Gwar, Annihilator) in 2013.
In 2014, the band went on their first international tour in Cuba and were the first Canadian metal band to do so.
Now,  after a small hiatus and line up change, the Ottawa, ON based band return in 2016 full force set to storm the world with the musical assault that is their latest masterpiece: “Ages Unsung” slated for release on September 16, 2016. ‘Ages Unsung’ was recorded at The Grid with legendary Montreal producer Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy, The Agonist, Beyond Creation, Neuraxis).

Ages Unsung is released on Sept 16th.

Tracklisting : 1.Primordial dawn 2.Tusk 3.Of prometheus and the sacred flame 4.War of the gods 5.As the sky falls 6.Resurrection 7.Through darkness and decay 8.Into oblivion 9.New world 10.Ages unsung