Friday, August 19, 2016

Interview with Death Koolaid

Death Koolaid, definitely the kind of band we need to shake up the music industry at the moment. When computer made pop is taking over the charts all over the globe, it´s time for these punk-metal rebels from London to do something about it.
Frontwoman Siren, six stringers Roy Darkwater and The Crow along with batterista The Crossman, Death Koolaid is the answer to your metal prayers.
With Vol.1 available now and Vol.2 out August 25th, of course I felt that this band is right at home here at Palace of Rock.

Hey there, on a scale of one to ten, how excited are you with the release of your new album Vol.2 on August 25th?
DK -I suppose anything less than 10 would look bad. So 10 I guess. It's been ready for months now so we just want to get it out there.
Presuming one is not so excited and ten is being really excited then I guess it’s a ten. Just want to get it out there as we recorded it just under a year ago now.

Your first release Vol.1 from 2014 is available on coloured vinyl, will you release Vol.2 on vinyl as well?
DK -Yeah, it's on the cards. It just cost a bit to get them pressed. I think we might do a Pledge Music or something to fund it. But it will happen. 

You have done two videos of the songs Kids and Emmeline from the new album, I really like Kids a lot. Tell me about the lyrics, is there an atheistic message in there?
Siren - Yeah the lyrics have a kind of religious theme to them. It’s about uncertainty and how time is running out and regretting your past. How people that worship God or Jesus are weak minded and the people that don’t have a belief are more in the power of their actions, as they aren’t constantly being influenced by a faith. I think I might have just watched that Most hated family in America documentary before writing those lyrics.

I think your sound is raw and very old school, like The Plasmatics meets The Refused. What are your influences?
DK -We all have our different influences and have a very wide musical taste. It would be very hard for us to name a few bands we are influenced by. We are probably more influenced by the world around us than any music.
Siren - I think the sound of my voice and my delivery has been influenced by vocalists from bands like Amen, Ministry, Marilyn Manson and The Distillers.

London, England is probably the punk rock capital city of the world. How do you feel the climate is for punk bands in England today?
DK - It might be the capital but its lacking something in the current climate. Music venues are closing down or installing sound limiters, landlords are taking over the housing market making it stupid expensive to live here, that amongst other factors these things are killing the live music scene. It’s a shame. We will be gigging a lot more outta town in the next year.

I listened to Vol.1 and noticed there aren´t any ballads on it, isn´t there any room for slow songs in your repertoire?
DK -Actually “Do you know what you’re here for” is a ballad. Well, it’s the most ballad like we have gotten. It has slow verses so we put it in that category and is about a really important time of my life that I felt very strongly about. I would like to do a ballad though but with a punk twist, so a punk ballad.  Our songs don’t really get written with any prior thought, what comes out isn’t totally up to us.

When you read magazines, do you prefer paper or to read them online on the internet and do you think there is a future for paper magazines?
DK -The printed press is unfortunately almost dead. It's shit. I suppose it's just evolution and if mags want to survive they have to adapt. Some have, some haven’t. It's all about money, unfortunately. I’d personally rather read a mag than look at something online.

Are you only doing gigs in England or are there any plans on booking shows outside your country?
DK -We are currently looking for management, that should help us sort some gigs around Europe. Possible book on a support tour with a bigger band. That’s the dream.

Where will Death Koolaid be in 10 years?
DK - Probably in some kind of institution the rate we are going.

Spotify or physical format, what´s on your playlist at the moment?
DK - Slaves, Cancer Bats, Skindred. On the digital. 
Roy - I just got a new Diana Ross vinyl.
Siren - Ministry, Six:AM, L7.

And finally, if you would be reborn as an animal, what animal would you like to be in the next life?
Roy - Probably some kind Pegasus, massive cock and you can fly. Best of both worlds. 
Siren - I like otters so one of them.
The Crow – As long as it can lay eggs inside a human, any animal. 
The Crossman – A gummy Bear, so I could bounce around, here, there and everywhere.  

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