Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Rock and Roll Heroes - Falling Up

Falling Up, the band that were so much than an average emo band. These guys had so much potential and they evolved with each album, from 2002 to 2015 this band gave us so many great albums with a diverse sonic adventure where their greatest releases are Crashings (2004), Dawn Escapes (2005), Captiva (2007), Your Sparkling Death Cometh (2011) and Mnemos EP (2012).
Captiva is one of the 20 best christian rock albums ever released.
Falling Up worked with excellent producers like Aaron Sprinkle, Michael Baskette and Casey Crescenzo on the Bec Recordings Label before frontman Jesse Ribordy took over the production duties on their independent albums.
The only founding members to play on all albums are Jesse Ribordy - Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Guitars, Jeremy Miller - Bass and Josh Shroy - Drums.
Tom Cox - Lead Guitar left the band in 2005 and formed Archers Rise in 2009, Cox was replaced by Micah Sannan who left Falling Up in 2007 to join Disciple instead.
Joseph A Kisselburgh - Rhythm Guitar was a member of Falling Up between 2002-2006 and is now in The Send.

Their former label Bec Recordings weren´t interested in working with Falling Up on their experimental endeavours but the fans stuck with the band even though the music turned into a more ambient rock style on the latter releases.
The Machine DeElla Project : Hours / Midnight on Earthship (2013) and Falling Up Acoustic EP (2015) are all superb and so underrated, I think the laid back versions on the acoustic EP were so much better than the full band versions on the Falling Up album.
There´s no doubt they were one of the best christian rock bands on this side of the century.

Fangs (2009) and their final album Falling Up (2015) are two good releases worthy checking up, I can recommend you to listen to Falling Up after the acoustic EP because you´ll get a new perspective on the band´s closure.
Falling Up said farewell with their final self titled album and looking back in the rearview mirror, we know they inspired many bands like In Waves, Panic Division, There For Tomorrow, A New Horizon, It´s Alive from Florida etc.

I never got into the instrumental album House Full of Caverns (2015) even though it´s not really that bad, it´s just ain´t in any way near the heights as the rest of their catalogue.
Perhaps someday, they will be back.

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