Saturday, September 3, 2016

Rock and Roll Heroes - Saliva

Oh it´s been a while since I posted something in the Rock and Roll Heroes column, I know there are some bands/artists that are missing here. I´m a fool to say otherwise.
My good friend Philippe reminded me of a legendary powertrio, one of my favorite bands actually, and that Canadian band is waiting in line to be featured in the new additions.
But first out, the very underrated hard rock band Saliva from Memphis, Tennessee.
These guys belong in the elite division of the active rock genre, combining massive nu-metal riffs with rap and superstrong modern rock choruses, puts them among the best bands on this side of the century.
The other day I was writing e-mails to another good friend of mine, George, in England and we were discussing Saliva so it felt only natural to listen to their catalogue again. Indeed, it felt so good to be reminded of the first class quality of this awesome band.
Their big-4 records are without doubt Every Six Seconds from 2001, Back Into Your System from 2002, Blood Stained Love Story from 2007 and Cinco Diablo from 2008.
Click Click Boom Baby!

Memphis is truly the mecca of active rock, competing with Jacksonville, Florida in a battle that could be a messy fight because both cities are the homes of some fantastic bands.
From Memphis we have Saliva, Skillet, Devour The Day, Breaking Point, Egypt Central and One Less Reason to name a few and from Jacksonville, we can find Burn Season, Shinedown, Cold, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Limp Bizkit.
Saliva has gone through some major line up changes since the formation in the mid 90´s, former lead singer Josey Scott and rhythm guitarist Chris D´Abaldo are no longer with the band but they are still going strong with original lead guitarist Wayne Swinny, long time drummer Paul Crosby and the new members Bobby Amaru on lead vocals and Brad Stewart on bass.
Their two latest releases Rise up from 2014 and Love, Lies and Therapy from 2016 are worth checking up as truly solid albums, just as well as the 2004 album Survival of The Sickest.

Their last record with former frontman Josey Scott is the almost forgotten Under Your Skin from 2011, it wasn´t as successful as their early albums but still just as great.
Josey left the band to pursue a solo christian career, we are still waiting for the album man!
The proof of Saliva´s greatness can be found in an album like Under Your Skin, there are so many bands in this genre that wished they could write songs like these.

Their debut from 1997 is a rough diamond, the band wasn´t ready for the big league but still had plenty of great ideas. Two of the songs from this album were re-recorded for the breakthrough album Every Six Seconds. I´m not a big fan of this album but you can tell, this band had something big going on and 4 years later, they unleashed it.
And the story of Saliva isn´t over yet.

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