Sunday, September 11, 2016

The year of 1980 Part 1

1980 was a magic year when it comes to music, NWOBHM started it´s crusade all over the world, AOR conquered the charts and the world´s no.1 best selling rock album was released this year from some Aussie´s that just lost their frontman.
I was 15 years old and turned 16 in December later that year. I´ve just learned to play the bass, my first bass was a cheap 4-stringer by the name of Kent (bought in 1978) and taught myself to play along to records with Bachman Turner Overdrive, Kiss and Thin Lizzy.
The first local band I was in was called Burn, ofcourse named after the famous Deep Purple song, but we sucked big time.
But enough ´bout that, let´s focus on the great music instead with the 30 greatest albums of 1980 starting with the ones from 21 to 30.

21.Cheap Trick-All shook up
Produced by the iconic George Martin and indeed one of this band´s most overlooked albums featuring the powerpop gem Stop This Game, the Beatles-esque World´s Greatest Lover and the best unknown CT song Go For The Throat.
22.Queen-The Game
The majesties of rock entered the 80´s with a new image and sound but still presented with the ordinary set of arena anthems like Another One Bites The Dust, Save Me and Crazy Little Thing Called Love.
John Deacon performed some of his most classic and groovy basslines on this record, Dragon Attack is sooo cool.
A band in crisis, Peter Criss was leaving Kiss and the music showed a band that was searching for a new identity with a more pop-oriented sound.
Most fans might hate it but you can´t take away that this album contains some really great melodic hard pop songs like Is That You, Naked City, Tomorrow and the beautiful Shandi.
And eventually the masks fell off.
24.Peter Gabriel-Peter Gabriel aka Melt
The 3rd solo album from the living progrock legend that had left Genesis a few years earlier, this was his first no.1 album in the U.K and Gabriel was becoming really big.
Soon everybody would be humming on songs such as Biko, Games Without Frontiers and No Self Control.
The 2nd album from Genesis as a trio, it wasn´t as progressive as the 1978 masterpiece And Then There Were Three but Duke was the band´s greatest commercial success so far with the hits Turn It On Again and Misunderstanding.
Mike Rutherford´s Man Of Our Times still remains one of this band´s best songs ever recorded.
26.Phil Lynott-Solo in Soho
Not many artists can put together a collection of songs in a variety of styles like reggae, pop, synth and rock and still make it work like our beloved Phil Lynott.........and make it work really good too.
His first solo album was a big step away from the hard rock sound of Thin Lizzy but the same passionate vocal performance was there, as well as Lynott´s typical storytelling lyrics.
A timeless record.
A Canadian band was about to be introduced to the world that combined AOR with new wave and hard rock, this was a fantastic start of a band that would become soundtrack heroes of the 80´s.
Is there an AOR fan that doesn´t know the song Turn Me Loose?
We all love singer Mike Reno, the kid who is still hot tonite.
28.Saxon-Wheels of steel
The breakthrough album from the British NWOBHM kings that should be just as huge as Iron Maiden, Biff Byford is one of the best frontmen ever and  classic songs like Motorcycle Man, 747 along with the title track will stand the test of time as mighty as the Chinese wall.
Don´t forget to play it loud.
29.Saga-Silent knight
The first two albums made Saga big in Canada but with Silent Knight, they would take over Europe as well. This is first class pomp/prog where every kid wanted to learn how to play keyboards when they heard epic tracks like Don´t Be Late and Careful Where You Step.
If something is worthy the name finesse, it´s this album.
30.Motorhead-Ace of spades
This is real rock and roll ladies and gents, non-compromising full throttle rock. Loved by punk rockers, hippies, bikers, hard rockers and girls.
Lemmy and Co had already put Motorhead on the map of rock and roll with albums like Overkill and Bomber but with Ace of spades, they turned into giants.

And then a quickie about the top 5 films of 1980.
1.Star Wars : The Empire Strikes Back
2.The Shining
4.The Fog
5.Sällskapsresan (The Charter Trip)

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