Saturday, October 29, 2016

Frankly sentimental

You know the feeling when you can take on the world just because you´re listening to a certain kind of music, or whenever you´re in the mood of being alone for a moment and those sad songs come in handy.
In other moments we are so happy that we feel like we won a million bucks and any other music than feel-good songs won´t even come 2nd place.
There are times when the lyrics doesn´t mean a thing and we don´t care because we just want to singalong to some cool words - like Mary Poppins´ Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Marvelous.
But when you´re feeling all intellectual and want a dose of that thinking-man´s music, thoughtful lyrics mean all the world to you.
Music has the power to make you feel a lot of things.

KoRn deliver their heaviest record so far with their 12th album The serenity of suffering, the second album to feature original guitarist Brian "Head" Welch since the comeback in 2013.
The songs on this numetal monster gives me the same strength as Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, nothing can stop me. I fxxking love this band.
KoRn are as massive as the great wall of China!
Amaranthe are experts of upbeat and party-like tunes and their 4th offering Maximalism, is no exception.
The Swedish 6 piece continues with their hybrid of pop and deathmetal with 3 singers combining male and female clean vocals as well as growls, you could say it´s a winning formula since my entire body is filled with energy to the max.
The closing track Endlessly is a contender for the top 5 best songs of 2016.
Disciple refuses to give up, as long as there´s faith, hope and love, this band will  keep on going and recently also unleashed their 11th studio album Long live the rebels.
The new one features the same line up as the 2014 album Attack but with lead singer Kevin Young as the only original member left in the band since the formation in 1992.
It´s a safe buy if you´re not interested in something out-of-the-box so to speak, routines are important and this christian band follow the routines by the clock.
As Lions are a new active rock band featuring frontman Austin Dickinson (son of the mighty Bruce Dickinson), the debut EP Aftermath, might not sound anything like Iron Maiden but they do have created something unique because the music feels smart and fresh.
It´s both futuristic and with a taste of new romantic pop but in a modern rock suit,very inspiring.
We welcome As Lions to a promising career.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Album Spotlight : Naberus - The Lost Reveries

NABERUS are a four piece metal band from Melbourne, Australia. They are heavily influenced by melodic death, and thrash metal. ‘The Lost Reveries’ was produced by Ermin Hamidovic (Periphery). It contains five brand new songs, in addition to re-mastered versions of nine songs from their previous independent release.

The Lost Reveries is released on December 2nd.

Tracklisting : 1.Drones 2.Unmasked 3.Close your eyes 4.Embers 5.Touch the sky 6.Vultures 7.Voices 8.The fallen 9.Darkest days 10.Gallows 11.Dirge for sanity 12.Walk the streets 13.Cohesion 14.Reveries

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Album Spotlight : TV Telepath - I won true love on a gameshow

TV Telepath are a brand-new three piece experimental post-rock band from Melbourne who are wasting no time in making their music available to the world to bliss out to.
TV Telepath are presenting their "I Won True Love on a Gameshow" EP to the world - an Imaginative, well-crafted group of arrangements heralding a fresh, new sound within the Australian music scene.

After five years of writing and sculpting their sound, founding members Thomas Robinson (Guitar/Vocals) and Jarred Brown (Drums) arrived at the colourful, dynamic, bittersweet sound that is TV Telepath. Bass player Ryan Hume is the newest addition to the band, joining during the production of the record.

Guitarist and Songwriter Thomas Robinson was honest and open about the theme of the record. “The way we feel day to day is largely based on perception...and tools like the television are used to influence the masses into perceiving the world in a certain way. Influencing every aspect of our lives while selling products and fear the entire time.”

The record was produced by Dan Murtagh (Jericco, Dead Letter Circus, Twelve Foot Ninja) at Sing Sing Studios, Melbourne in the summer of 2015. “Dan has this elusive power to get the best out of musicians in the studio. He really pushed us from day one to give all we had with each take. There are some pretty intense moments captured on that record.”

I Won True Love On A Gameshow is released on November 18th.

Tracklisting : 1.Serotonin 2.A song for someone else 3.Home 4.San Quinten 5.The millionaires grin 6.I won true love on a gameshow

Album Spotlight : Brutai - Born

Defying a pop music focused upbringing, and overcoming tough adversities throughout their lives- Brutai are bringing harsh realities to the forefront of Modern Metal with their outstanding debut album ‘Born’. 
A harmonious blend of modern, progressive and memorable music, this is the debut album their fans have been waiting for.

Brutai have already begun to plant the seed to their success and have just signed to Transcend Music.
2016 has seen the band go from strength to strength since the release of their catchy comeback single, ‘Deep’. After having been listed as Metalsucks’ ‘Unsigned and Unholy’, Scuzz putting them on the main playlist and continuous support from the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang radio/TV, Planet Rock Radio and more- the band went on to demonstrate that they could take what they’ve built in the studio - direct to the stage.

Brutai have shared the stage this year with the likes of Soilwork, The Butcher Babies, Textures, have graced the Sophie Stage at Bloodstock alongside a masterful line-up inclusive of Gojira, Slayer and Mastodon- and will be touring with Devil You Know in January 2017.
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Fightstar, Machine Head, Bullet For My Valentine)- ‘Born’ is a collection of honest, modern, and relevant songs that will connect with the hard rock and metal community. 

A soundscape of melodious, heavy, emotion driven riffs against technical drum patterns, subliminally unavoidable pop-influenced vocal melodies and panoramic synths and keys- Brutai are defying expectations and are delivering something fresh which will inevitably contribute towards further success.
Now is the time for Brutai to sew their seeds and to give birth to a new wave of Modern Metal.

Born is released on November 25th.

Tracklisting : 1.Relapse 2.Deep 3.Of ashes 4.Lucidity 5.Valediction 6.Never change 7.Dear Emily 8.Over now 9.Visitors 10.The border

Monday, October 24, 2016

Album Spotlight : He Danced Ivy - The verbal kind

Brisbane newcomers, and punk-prog monsters He Danced Ivy have unleashed The Verbal Kind on an unsuspecting Australia. The Verbal Kind is the lead single and title-track of He Danced Ivy's debut album.
he Verbal Kind 's running bass and thick riffs are a perfect introduction to the high energy, thrashing 10 track album. To celebrate the boys are bashing down the doors at Crowbar on Thursday, October 27 to play with prog bosses Red in Tooth and Mofoisdead.
The Verbal Kind is angular and dark, showcasing all of He Danced Ivy's strengths including strong harmonies in the chorus, groovy breakdowns and intense punk-rock energy with progressive sensibilities.

The Verbal Kind is released on October 27th.

Tracklisting : 1.You can´t trust a barber 2.The verbal kind 3.Useless plural 4.Mechanesque 5.Square peg syndrome 6.Swim. little fish 7.Me, I´m a seller 8.Yad Etisoppo 9.Tosca 10.April fools

Friday, October 21, 2016

Interview with Kenny Dubman

Kenny Dubman goes back to his roots on his first solo album Reckless Abandon but it´s hardly the first album he is credited on, Kenny was the lead guitarist and main songwriter together with Scott Metaxas in 80´s pomp AOR band Prophet.
Palace of Rock thought it would be really cool to have Kenny on board and talk about the new album, as well as his former band Prophet and which town that is the capital of ocean rock.

Hello Ken, I must start by asking how many guitars do you own and what guitar is your most precious one?
Kenny-Hmmm..ok....I currently own 7 electrics and one acoustic. The most precious would have to be my 1966 Lake Placid Blue Fender Stratocaster....100% original!

How come it took so long to record your solo debut Reckless Abandon?
Kenny-It actually didn't take long at all, though the sessions had to be spread out over a year due to studio time and financial constraints. If you mean how come it took so long to get around to releasing a solo album after Prophet, that's a loooong story my friends. Let's just say that my passion averted from music for a long while, and that life in general got in the way. It happened when the time was right.

Yeah that´s what I meant.........
You´re not only playing guitar on the album but you are also singing the lead and I must say that you have a perfect voice for southern rock music. How does it feel to take over the lead vocal duties for a change?
Kenny-Southern rock, huh? I don't consider it that, but that's cool. To me, it's earthy, organic hard rock.  It feels great to sing, but I'm only really doing it by default. I wanted to be self-sufficient, so writing for my range let me achieve that.

Who is playing on the album or are you playing most instruments yourself?
Kenny-Eric T. Winnicki, bass
Tony Nardini, piano and Hammond organ
Joe Bellia, drums
Mary Sue Murray, background vocals

I think the music bring thoughts to 70´s rock a la Free meets British hard rock band Thunder. Does these songs on Reckless Abandon reflect your roots?
Kenny-It's totally 70's and it totally reflects my roots! To me, the music that came out in the 70's was the best. I grew up on Stones, Zep, Bad Co., UFO, Priest, Kiss, Johnny and Edgar Winter, Rick Derringer, Black Oak Arkansas, Allmans, Skynyrd, Outlaws, Blackfoot, Queen, Rush, Mahogany Rush, Mott The Hoople, Sweet, Aerosmith, Frampton, Yes, Genesis, Kansas, Floyd....the list goes on. Anything went back then, you didn't have to fit a mold! I love it that people are keying in on the fact that "Reckless" is a full-blown 70's vibe.

It seems like New Jersey natives eat and breathe rock and roll, some of the hottest artists comes from NJ like Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Franke and The Knockouts, Skid Row, The Gaslight Anthem and Prophet. Is NJ the capital of heartland rock?
Kenny-Don't forget Zakk Wylde! Actually, NJ is on the coast, not in the I'd say it's the capital of ocean rock, hahaha! NJ is definitely a hotbed for rock artists, though the volume that comes out of here may be just a numbers game...there's a helluva lotta people packed into this little state! It's an awesome place, though because it's close to NYC, people tend to be a little more jaded. You go west or south of here, and rock n roll seems to be a little more readily embraced by fans.

I read that in the 90´s you joined the Rocket 88 Blues band, are you credited on any albums or did you only play shows with them?
Kenny-Rocket 88 was formed strictly as a cover band to just go out and kick ass. Tony and Eric that played on "Reckless" are in Rocket with me, we still play here and there for kicks. It's ripping live band that melts faces. Mostly at benefits; we just came up with an aka of "The Band That Plays For Free".

Prophet did a reunion show in 2012, wasn´t it weird to perform without the late Joe Zuikowski on keyboards?
Kenny-Prophet has done may shows since Joe's passing. Joe was a monster player and a larger-than-life personality; one of the funniest dudes I've ever known. EVERYONE loved Joe. It was weird at first, but you get used to it. Life goes on. I still miss him, we all do.

Do you still have any contact with former Prophet members Scott Metaxas, Russel Arcara, Jim Callahan and Ted Poley?
Kenny-I do, and happily still call all of them my friends. Arcara, if you read this, you're still a douche!! Ted Poley actually gave me a bunch of tips when I was about to release "Reckless" on how to make a million dollars as an independent artist. "Start with 2 million", he said.

It´s been 25 years since Prophet´s last album Recycled (1991), ever had any plans of making a 4th Prophet record?
Kenny-Highly unlikely but never say never. All of my creative energy goes into writing songs for myself as a solo artist now, but there may came a day when I want a break and would be open to it.

What 3 albums would you bring to a desert island?
Kenny-Pink Floyd, "Wish You Were Here"
Blackberry Smoke "The Whippoorwill"
Black Sabbath "Sabotage"

Finally, my favorite track on Reckless Abandon is the 2nd track Devil´s brew. What song or songs are you most proud of?
​Kenny-Always tough to pick a favorite out of all your children......but I lean toward "Memphis", "Devil's Brew", "Colt .45", "Wolf", and "Sunset Serenade". I hope I don't hurt the other's feelings!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Album Spotlight : Jasmine Rodgers - Blood Red Sun

Born into an artistic family – her mother a Japanese poet, her father the legendary vocalist Paul Rodgers (Free, Bad Company, Queen) – Jasmine Rodgers knew her way around both keyboard and fretboard before she even enrolled at secondary school. But given her love for art and zoology (in which she has a degree), music was initially a passionate pastime rather than a full-time pursuit. This changed when her older brother Steve, on hearing the ethereal beauty of Jasmine’s voice, asked her to sing with him and they formed the group Boa. Boa went on to record two albums, achieving renown in the Americas, France and Japan, after their single ‘Duvet’ featured in the anime series Serial Experiments Lain. The group disbanded in 2005, but Jasmine continued her association with the anime/manga genre, writing songs for the soundtrack of Armitage: Dual Matrix, which starred Juliette Lewis.
Jasmine continued rehearsing, writing and recording, releasing an EP of self-penned alt-folk nuggets and collaborating with artists including Indian classical musicians Mendi Mohinder Singh and Waqas Choudhary. She found inspiration for new material in the exploits of her travels (live performances led her from the Royal Albert Hall to the Venice Biennale and the Edinburgh Fringe). It was one such journey to the Joshua Tree desert in California that inspired Jasmine to capture the best of her material on a full-length album. She enlisted producer Sean Genockey (Tom McRae, Futureheads), whose experience working at Joshua Tree’s Rancho de la Luna studio made him ideal for bringing forth the material’s widescreen yet rootsy vibe. Blood Red Sun, was recorded at Black Dog Studios in London and is the sound of an exceptional artist drawing deep from global musical experiences to craft a set of inventive, euphonious 21st-century folk.

Jasmine Rodgers’ debut solo album Blood Red Sun channels her gift of narrative storytelling into eleven concise songs that explore the emotional hinterland behind all of our thoughts and deeds. It’s a folk album where, like Joanna Newsom, Rodgers’ assumes a variety of different masks. Whether it’s the bawdy lover amusing herself with lascivious fantasies as she watches her lover sleep, or the mystic bard piping songs about the transformative power of music itself, Rodgers’ natural gift for poesy and her depth of feeling stand front and centre in a beautifully rendered debut LP.

Blood Red Sun is released on October 28th.
Tracklisting : 1.Blood red sun 2.Taken 3.Let it burn 4.Icicles 5.Follow you 6.Between spaces 7.Sense 8.Underwater 9.Milky way 10.Shaping up 11.While you were sleeping

Album Spotlight : Asteroid - III

For well over a decade, Örebro’s Asteroid has served as one of the leading lights in the heavy psych community. With a sound firmly rooted in the hard-hitting field of stoner rock, since their very first demo in 2004 the trio has constantly evolved, taking inspiration from American & British blues and Swedish folk music, while always finding something new to bring to the table.
Made up of guitarist Robin Hirse, bass player Johannes Nilsson and recent addition Jimmi Kohlscheen on drums, Asteroid trade harmonious vibes and melodious riffs with all who listen. Treading the same murky waters found in some of the more menacing moments of Led Zeppelin’s back catalogue, combined with their love for the tripped-out prog of Pink Floyd and raw energy of Howlin’ Wolf, Asteroid leave no rock unturned.

 ”It’s got the murky darkness of the more menacing Zeppelin songs, the spaciness of Floyd’s cosmic tracks, and the bluesiness of Howlin’ Wolf- not to mention the incredible harmonies that tie everything together and keep you coming back for more.”- AMAZON
Having released a split record in 2006, two full-length albums with 2007’s Asteroid and the 2009 follow-up Asteroid II, and a 7” in 2012, after extensive back to back tours which saw the band average over a hundred shows a year they decided to take a break in 2013. However, at the end of last year the band finally decided that break was over. Performing a number of gigs in early 2016, including a pre-sold out show in Athens in February and appearances at DesertFest London and Berlin in April, the band’s full attention now turns to the release of the highly anticipated III. The third instalment in Asteroid’s spectacular ascendancy.

III is released on November 11th.

Tracklisting : 1.Pale moon 2.Last days 3.Til´ dawn 4.Wolf and snake 5.Silver and gold 6.Them calling 7.Mr.Strange

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Interview with Megosh

No, it´s not a troll or a brand of shoes and you will probably never read about a hurricane that is named that way,
They´re the band you never heard of but will be utterly impressed when you finally listen to their dramatic rock tunes.
Megosh is the best kept secret from Maryland, USA and they´re ready to unleash their brand new record Apostasy in December that Palace of Rock loves every minute of!
Frontman Josh Grosscup talks about the origin of their bandname, how they warm up before a gig and why they needed a change of atmosphere to work on the new album.
Fans of this band might think they have everything covered but the owls are not what they seem.

Hello, I read that you went to a Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina for three weeks to write the new album. In what way did it affect your songwriting?

Josh-Plant an Avacado tree in Canada and see what happens. We are city boys and we put ourselves in an environment opposite that which we were used to. We just knew the change of atmosphere would affect us in some way, but we didn't know what to expect. We had no internet or wifi, no phone signal. It was just four walls and music. I will say unlike the avacado plant in Canada, we flourished in that unusual environment. We are extremely happy with what we were able to create up in those mountains.

Is there a theme behind the album´s title Apostasy, would you describe it as a concept album?

Josh-As much as we would love to say this is a concept album, we just can't-- but there is a theme. The album's title relates to our experience up in the mountains of Cherokee. We left behind all we knew. In many ways the album has that feel of change. You hear it in the songs. Sure, there is some flirting sound-wise with our EP, but we definitely experimented and tried new things on this LP. We really couldn't be more happy.

An acoustic version of the song Monsters is featured on your self titled EP from 2013 and it´s also included on the upcoming album Apostasy but in a full-band version. Was it intended from the start to re-record it for the next release?

Josh-The electric version of the song actually is the original. We just didn't have it recorded yet when someone asked Megosh do an acoustic song to be featured on a breast cancer benefit sampler.  We thought, "Monsters might sound good acoustic." Being that most people (unless you've seen us live) only know of the acoustic "Monsters" being the original, we thought it was clever to add the (electric) behind the name since to many it IS the remake.

You have released single songs between the EP and the upcoming full length album like Body Works in 2014, a cover of Zedd´s Clarity in 2015 and the song Winona on the compilation It´s All Acoustic earlier this year.
How come none of these songs are included on Apostasy?

Josh-Because we are always growing. To pick from the past may only limit our future.

The new album contains 14 brand new songs where the song Carrying Fire features guest vocals from Garret Rapp (The Color Morale), it´s absolutely an amazing track but did you have Garret in mind when you wrote the song or how did you end up working together?

Josh-Hahaha, no we didn't actually. We had Dennis from Alesana in mind (for a different part than Garret sang). But he just never got around to helping us out. So we thought, "who's a friend and would actually enjoy being on our stuff?"  Garret came to mind and we were so pumped to have him!

I think of Megosh´s sound as a blend of artrock, prog and alternative rock but a bit theatrical, not far from bands like Fair To Midland, Monty Are I and Fall Out Boy.
What are your influences?

Josh-Hey, that's actually a fairly decent description of our sound!  (We hate answering the question "how would you describe your sound?"  So... thanks for not asking that. Ok, back to the question you actually asked...)  As many bands would probably tell you, we have quite varied influences from each other. But it really is true. Like Finch is always making us listen to Bobby McFerrin. And when Derv does the night drive he'll put on Kelly Clarkson when he thinks everyone's asleep. But there are a few bands that we all agree are strong influences... The Mars Volta, Coheed, Circa Survive, Queen...  Oh, and Michael Jackson-- he probably gets played more than anything in our tour van!

The band was a 4-piece on the EP but is now reduced to a trio, what happened to the 4th guy, Jon John Michaud on drums?

Josh-It was just time for us to part ways. There isn't any interesting drama to report- we have nothing against Jonjohn and wish him the best.

Your hometown Baltimore might not be known to most people outside the U.S and it´s not easy to name famous artists from Baltimore but I googled and found out it´s the hometown for Kix, SR-71, and other cool bands like Red Line Tragedy, Charm City Devils, Diamond Youth and In Dying Arms.
How is the music climate for rock bands to play live in the city?

Josh-The local bands in baltimore are the BEST, hands down!  So talented. We are Baltimore. We are all under dogs in any facet you choose.

Tell me about the band´s name, Megosh sounds like a quote from a blonde in a college film. How did you come up with the name?

Josh-It's based off a character in a movie filmed in the 80's by a well known director who had a great casting agent who strategically cast the actor to play the part of the character who inspired our name based off of said 80's film. What?

How do you prepare for a show? Do you have like the same ritual you´re going through every night?

Josh-The three of us warm up in the van with a youtube clip of Seth Riggs taking Micheal Jackson through a vocal warm-up. We drink water, sometimes hot tea. Finch smokes something.

Finally, what would be working with if you weren´t in a band?

Josh-I would write novels and become the next Cormack McCarthy.  Finch would produce Hip Hop and be the next Dre.  Derv would move to a cabin in Montana with his dog and grow his beard reeeeally long.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Album Spotlight : The Iron Eye - Foreign Bodies EP

Brisbane hometown heroes The Iron Eye are today announcing their 'Foreign Bodies' EP will be released into the world on Friday November 18th. The five-track EP will see it's release on iTunes, Spotify and all good digital outlets - pre-orders go live today at iTunes, with punters getting previous single 'Just Started' right now.

New track Culpa is the second single cut from the EP  It's a track that shows off the brilliant songwriting skills of the trio and the phenomenal EP production by Tom Larkin and Samuel K at Studios in the City in Melbourne.

With Tom Larkin (Shihad) in the producer's chair and Samuel K (The Getaway Plan, Storm The Sky) on the mixing console, the “Creamy Crunch” production of the EP nods it’s head to bands like Arctic Monkeys and Kasabian, while maintaining the band’s trademark sound. It harkens back to the great rock artists of yesteryear, while never seeming dated or stale. 

Drummer Antonio couldn't speak more highly of working out of Studios in the City with Shihad's Tom Larkin. “Tom was all about the big picture. Even when we were getting caught up worrying about the little details, he always knew where the each song was going, even if we didn’t. He always knew how the record would come together in the end.”

Foreign Bodies is released on November 18th.

Tracklisting : 1.Culpa 2.Just started 3.Foreign bodies 4.Where do you go 5.Silence

Sunday, October 16, 2016


Everything comes back.
The Earth is spinning around the star of our solar system, it takes 365 days to orbit the sun and return to the same place in space the planet was a year ago.
Loggerhead sea turtles are hatching on beaches around the world, doing epic migrations at sea, then the turtles return to the same spot they were born anand mate  and lay their own eggs.
I had a chat with my friend Morgan the other week, the guitarist and songwriter in Human Cometh and we talked about maybe getting our act together again and release a Best Of album with our personal favorites from the first two albums. Having a few songs remixed from Evolution along with a couple of new tracks. We´ll see what happens. I was kinda burned out after the second album HCII in 2011 and left the band but the motivation is slowly coming back.
Robert Fripp, the musical maestro of King Crimson never was that interested in being a retro act and only playing the biggest songs of his band´s career until now.
Since the formation in the late 60´s, King Crimson has gone through several line up changes but always with Robert Fripp behind the steering wheel. The band was always looking to develop their experimental rock from fusion to prog and even artpop, if you saw them live you might ended up being lucky to hear one or two old songs in new versions.
However, when I recently saw KC live in Stockholm. Robert Fripp and Co played two sets where the major part of the songs were taken from their popular 70´s era.
Like I said, everything comes back, well almost everything.

Mark Tremonti and Co of Alter Bridge are keeping a steady 3 year run of releasing new albums and their 5th record The Last Hero is no exception, it comes out three years after Fortress from 2013.
So that makes it 2019 for the next one which sucks at this moment but wait, let´s stick to their latest achievement that is probably their heaviest album yet and it´s exactly the way I want this band to sound like.
I just don´t see any reason why Tremonti and his friends should return to the grunge music of Creed ever again since Alter Bridge are so much better, let be that Creed sold more records but in this case, quality comes before quantity.
The day when umbrellas are falling from the sky, that´ll be the day I start listening to Creed over AB!
If you want a dose of romantic rock, then the Fins of Poets Of The Fall plays it safe on their 7th studio album Clearview, I get it that these guys from Helsinki don´t want to return to their AOR-ish modern rock sound of their first albums but they sound more and more like Goo Goo Dolls meets H.I.M on their latter albums.
Getting caught in the mainstream has a downside and POTF has to fight to break out of the norm, unless they´re happy taking that route.

I´m always up for some intelligent pop or in this case with Nashville based trio Paper Route, you can just as easily call their music indie rock.
They deliver a luxurious and infectious pop-oriented dance-rock album with Real Emotion, oh man this one sounds so classy I want to take my hat off and bow.
They should be just as big as Coldplay, in fact, they´re a 100 times better than Chris Martin and Co.
Their new album is a mish-mash of Supergrass, New Radicals, OneRepublic and Mute Math.
The former pop punks of Yellowcard says goodbye with their 10th and final album Yellowcard, a band that has developed their sound and now belong in the alternative rock genre with a touch of heartland rock not that far from Deaf Havana.
Their new album truly grows on me each time I listen to it so the feeling of being disappointed is now replaced by a more welcoming state of mind.
The band is quite different compared to the line up that started it all 2 decades ago, the only remaining members from the early days are Sean Mackin - Violin who is the only original member and Ryan Key - Lead Vocals that has been fronting the band since 1999.
I will miss Yellowcard but everything comes back, doesn´t it?

Album Spotlight : Ashes Of My Regrets - Caricatures

New Jersey metalcore outfit Ashes Of My Regrets has announced their six-track sophomore EP Caricatures set to release on November 4th. Along with the announcement, the quintet unveiled their new music video and single "Daydreams," taken from the forthcoming release.
Ashes Of My Regrets is a metalcore quintet originating from Bergen County, New Jersey consisting of 5 longtime friends who looked to make an impact on today’s music scene. The band came to be after multiple failed musical attempts by some of the band members. They all came from different musical backgrounds but they all had two things in common; the love for current metalcore bands and the dedication to etch a new path in the music industry.

Ranging from the hard-hitting breakdowns to soaring choruses, Ashes of My Regrets keeps the same catchy metalcore sound that everyone loves while simultaneously putting their own spin on their sound. If you’re a fan of headlining bands like Asking Alexandria, Crown The Empire, The Word Alive, Memphis May Fire, Bring Me The Horizon and Motionless In White, you will undoubtedly find something familiar while experiencing something new.

Ashes Of My Regrets is constantly working tirelessly on evolving, whether it be writing new music, or expanding their fan base. They will not rest until they exceed the goals they’ve set out to accomplish. Once you listen, Ashes Of My Regrets will be a band that you do not want to forget.

Caricatures is released on November 4th.

Tracklisting : 1.Caricatures 2.Incorruptible 3.Oh, the irony 4.Fooled me twice, now pay the price 5.Daydreams 6.I´ll be damned

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Album Spotlight : The Grape And The Grain - Holy Rollin´

THE GRAPE & THE GRAIN began in 2012 as a solo project for Daniel Grimsland (bassist for Woodstock, NY's progressive rock band '3'). Seeking to challenge himself, Grimsland wrote, produced and performed the entirety of his debut album "Better Keep Digging". Shortly after its release, he called on longtime friends, Jacob Kolbinski (Guitar), Josiah Smith (Bass), and David Kolbinski (Drums), to join him, and in 2014 the band recorded, and released their Self-Titled album.
In 2015 Jacob, David, and Josiah parted ways with the band to pursue other interests, and Grimsland recognized a need for road ready musicians, and collaborators in order to advance. He again called on longtime friends, and rockers: Daniel Marc (Guitar), MO Kelly (Bass), and Steven Markota (Drums) to join him in his project. The new line-up toured throughout 2015 and in 2016 began writing their next release.
In the Spring of 2016 the band returned to Woodstock, NY to begin work on a new release. For their next release, the band chose to work at The Isokon studio with owner/operator D James Goodwin, who has helped push their sound to a new and exciting place. That album is titled Holy Rollin'. The Grape And the Grain has quickly grown from a "side-project" band to it's own rock-solid establishment with a core following. The band has shared the stage with such acts as The London Souls, and Consider The Source, and have performed at O+ Positive, Northside, and CMJ festival.

Holy Rollin´ is released on October 28th.

Tracklisting : 1.Anything, everything 2.Maybe I´m crazy 3.Fountain 4.Holy rollin´ 5.There were no saints to save us 6.World ahead

Album Spotlight : Hardline - Human Nature

Hardline evolved from being a sunset strip sensation featuring brothers Johnny (vocals) and Joey (guitar) Gioeli to a supergroup of sorts featuring former Bad English members Neal Schon and Deen Castronovo, before finally becoming a band showcasing the incredible talents of the fabulous singer Johnny Gioeli with the production and songwriting skills of Alessandro Del Vecchio (Rated X, Resurrection Kings, Revolution Saints), the shredding talents of guitarist Josh Ramos (The Storm), and the powerful rhythm section made up of bassist Anna Portalupi (Tarja) and drummer Francesco Jovino (Primal Fear, Jorn). All these musicians have an impressive pedigree, but what makes Hardline special is how well their unique and different talents blend together.

The goal for their new album was to have a heavier and updated version of the original Hardline sound. Think debut album, 1992's “Double Eclipse” updated for the 21st Century, with a grittier and more straight ahead sound. Anthemic, hard rocking songs are what you can expect from this record and hook after hook, riff after riff, you’ll find yourself wowed by this absolute monster of an album!
“The plan was to create an album that emulates the feeling of "Double Eclipse" combined with the dynamics of modern day rock. Very heavy and in your face, but still with hitting melodies,” says Johnny Gioeli. “I have a tremendous amount of Axel Rudi Pell fans that know me for the way I deliver a metal song too. So yes, it’s definitely the heaviest we have done since the debut. I see this album as the perfect mix of styles.”

“As a producer I pushed everyone to squeeze these songs and put as much attitude as we could on tape,” adds Alessandro Del Vecchio. “We wanted more of an in-your-face attitude than our softer albums. I think we understood we had something special in our hands when we finished “Take You Home”. Even if it's the ballad of the album I guess it's the focal point of the musical bond that Johnny and myself share with the whole band.”

“The guys put their heart and soul into their performances,” concludes Johnny “You can hear the essence of every drum strike and the sweat hitting the drums shortly after. Do it again, Cesco!  HARDER, HARDER! Josh, Anna and Ale wouldn’t stop until their fingers said “enough”…and then……we did it again and again. That’s rock and roll man. Songs like “Where Will We Go,” “Human Nature”, and “Take you Home”, to me they are the essence of what I LOVE to sing and HOW I love to sing!”

Johnny Gioeli – Lead Vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Josh Ramos - Guitars
Anna Portalupi - Bass
Francesco Jovino - Drums

Human Nature is available now.

Tracklisting : 1.Where will we go from here 2.Nobody´s fool 3.Human nature 4.Trapped in muddy waters 5.Running on empty 6.The world is falling down 7.Take you home 8.Where the north wind blows 9.In the dead of night 10.United we stand 11.Fighting the battle

Album Spotlight : Tyketto - Reach

After five years of relentless touring that included playing on some of the most prestigious stages on the planet, Tyketto took their revitalized energy in to the studio in the spring of 2016. The sessions took place at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Wales (Queen, Rush, Oasis).

Lead vocalist Danny Vaughn comments, “Although we only had planned on recording ten songs for REACH, we were so pleased with everything, we decided to keep all twelve songs on the record. We unanimously decided on REACH as the title of the album, as it defines who this band is in 2016. We have a new energy, some incredible new members, and a fresh outlook toward the future. All of us have pushed each other beyond our limits to make what we feel is a pinnacle record in our catalog.”

Drummer and founding member Michael Clayton Arbeeny adds, “Many bands who have been out as long as we have feel they need to fit into a preconceived notion of what their fans expect to hear. Following in the footsteps of icons such as Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Prince, we have decided to expand our musical boundaries and introduce our friends around the world to Tyketto 2016. Rest assured that all the songs on REACH still carry the trademark melodies and choruses our fans have grown to love over the decades. The band is feeling stronger and performing better than ever and we can’t wait to share this music with the world.”

In addition to Vaughn and Arbeeny, the unstoppable 2016 lineup includes Chris Green (guitars and vocals), Ged Rylands (keyboards and vocals) and Chris Childs (bass).

A video for the leadoff song, “Reach,” will be released this fall. An 11 country tour to support the album commences in October.

Danny Vaughn – lead vocals
Michael Clayton Arbeeny - drums, percussion, vocals
Ged Rylands - keyboards, vocals
Chris Green - guitar, vocals
Chris Childs - bass guitar, vocals

Reach is available now.

Tracklisting : 1.Reach 2.Big money 3.Kick like a mule 4.Circle the wagons 5.I need it now 6.Tearing down the sky 7.Let it go 8.The fastest man alive 9.Remember my name 10.Sparks will fly 11.Scream 12.Reach

Album Spotlight : Kee Marcello - Scaling Up

With the new album SCALING UP, Kee Marcello is using his past as a springboard and takes a giant leap into the future! With the new music firmly grounded in the songwriting tradition that made him a multiplatinum rock star in the first place, Kee explores the boundaries of Melodic Hard Rock with contemporary performance and a cracking production. This is an album his fans will die for!

Kee Marcello is a unique artist in the Hard Rock genre. He has never stopped evolving and growing as both a writer and a guitarist and the new album shows how much he managed to raise the bar yet again with both his guitar playing, singing and writing.

Conceived and recorded in the winter and spring of 2016, Kee Marcello’s new album encompasses all the influences and genres in which the swedish musician has been involved since the start of his career. Besides the obvious resemblances to EUROPE’s classic sound (particularly of the “Prisoners in Paradise” album, from whose original demos, Kee recouped two songs “Wild Child” and “Don’t Know How To Love”, which were  re-arranged and re-recorded from scratch), Kee winks his eye also to his past experience in Easy Action. So you can hear a touch of Sleaze and more classic Hard Rock based approach on songs like “Fix Me”, “Blow by Blow” and “Soldier Down”.

Kee Marcello is one of the most renowned guitarists out of Scandinavia with an amazing track record. He's best known as the guitarist - from 1986 to 1992 - of one of the biggest music exports out of Sweden to date: Europe In the late '80s and early '90s Europe were one of the biggest rock bands in the World. They sold over 30 million albums, landed no 1's on the sales charts in 26 countries and shared the biggest stages with acts like Metallica, Def Leppard & Bon Jovi. Kee is now enjoying a new wave of success as a TV persona in Sweden and being involved in more exciting musical projects.

Look out for Kee Marcello playing in a town near you soon!

Kee Marcello: Guitars/Keys/Vocals
Ken Sandin: Bass
Darby Todd: Drums
Special guests:
Mattias Eklundh – guitar on “Good Men Gone Bad”
Michele Luppi – keyboards on “Wild Child”

Produced and arranged by Kee Marcello

Scaling Up is out now.

Tracklisting : 1.Black hole star 2.On the radio 3.Don´t miss you much 4.Fix me 5.Wild child 6.Soldier down 7.Scandinavia 8.Good men gone bad 9.Don´t know how to love no more 10.Blow by blow

Friday, October 14, 2016

Album Spotlight : The World Over - Mountains

The World Over is led by front-woman Tiaday Ball, granddaughter ofErnie Ball (world renowned creator of Music Man Guitars and Slinky Strings). With Post-Hardcore roots from their first record, "Rampart District", T.W.O. recorded a new album with Siegfried Meier (Kittie,DMX) that will break the boundaries of the Rock world reaching a much broader spectrum of listeners. "MOUNTAINS" is out now on all music streaming services (iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Google Play, etc).
The World Over was created in 2013 by musicians who all moved toLos Angeles from around the world with the mutual goal to make music. Founders Xavier MoreuxTiaday BallRyan KnechtAnthony Dellaripa, and Eric Gledhill conceptualized a band who could represent many different cultures and promote messages of hope and empowerment. Within one year of forming, T.W.O. collaborated with former Escape The Fate guitarist, Omar Espinosa, to create "Rampart District” EP released August 19th, 2014.
Donovan Allen (Bassist) joined the team in the year of 2015 when they released a single & music video for "EULOGY".
T.W.O. has rocked alongside acts such as AttilaAs Blood Runs BlackMeytal CohenThe Browning, and more on renowned stages such as the House Of BluesWhisky A Go Go, and The Viper Room.

Mountains is out now.
Tracklisting : 1.Traitor 2.Liberosis 3.Let go 4.Invisible 5.Mountains

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Album Spotlight : Megosh - Apostasy

Venturing to a Cherokee Indian Reservation in North Carolina for three weeks to write ApostasyMegosh created a powerful collection of songs that highlights the band’s impressive musicality. Their music is melodic with post-progressive elements and frequent forays into the territory of alternative metal, but with an undeniable pop sensibility, heightened byJosh Grosscup’s (Vocals, Guitar) dynamic range, and iconic three-part harmonies with Brian “Finch” Flores (Guitar, Vocals) and David “Derv” Polimene (Bass, Vocals). Megosh somehow fuses these eclectic ingredients into a surprisingly cohesive stew - a sound that is clearly their own. Apostasy also comes with a guest collaboration with vocalistGarret Rapp from The Color Morale on the track “Carrying Fire.”

Baltimore's Megosh exploded on to the scene in late 2011 with set of high-energy intelligent songs. Their music is melodic with post-progressive elements and frequent forays into the territory of alternative metal, but with an undeniable pop sensibility. Megosh somehow fuses these eclectic ingredients into a surprisingly cohesive stew- a sound that is clearly their own. Impressive and complex instrumental material will certainly appeal to the musician but, with Megosh, song craft still reigns and their creative use of rhythm and catchy melodies are certain to captivate a wide audience. On top of all this, the front line serves up tasty three-part harmonies, something rarely heard on today's rock scene.

Apostasy is released on December 16th.

Tracklisting : 1.Checkerboards and cigarettes 2.I stole from the dead 3.Carrying fire 4.Desperada 5.Waste of me 6.Buffalo! 7.Jackson Pollock´s portrait of Kennedy 8.Okay, so this song is about you 9.Ask you rmother 10.These go to eleven 11.Monsters 12.Ice melts 13.Leg warmers 14.War drums