Monday, October 24, 2016

Album Spotlight : He Danced Ivy - The verbal kind

Brisbane newcomers, and punk-prog monsters He Danced Ivy have unleashed The Verbal Kind on an unsuspecting Australia. The Verbal Kind is the lead single and title-track of He Danced Ivy's debut album.
he Verbal Kind 's running bass and thick riffs are a perfect introduction to the high energy, thrashing 10 track album. To celebrate the boys are bashing down the doors at Crowbar on Thursday, October 27 to play with prog bosses Red in Tooth and Mofoisdead.
The Verbal Kind is angular and dark, showcasing all of He Danced Ivy's strengths including strong harmonies in the chorus, groovy breakdowns and intense punk-rock energy with progressive sensibilities.

The Verbal Kind is released on October 27th.

Tracklisting : 1.You can´t trust a barber 2.The verbal kind 3.Useless plural 4.Mechanesque 5.Square peg syndrome 6.Swim. little fish 7.Me, I´m a seller 8.Yad Etisoppo 9.Tosca 10.April fools

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