Sunday, October 16, 2016


Everything comes back.
The Earth is spinning around the star of our solar system, it takes 365 days to orbit the sun and return to the same place in space the planet was a year ago.
Loggerhead sea turtles are hatching on beaches around the world, doing epic migrations at sea, then the turtles return to the same spot they were born anand mate  and lay their own eggs.
I had a chat with my friend Morgan the other week, the guitarist and songwriter in Human Cometh and we talked about maybe getting our act together again and release a Best Of album with our personal favorites from the first two albums. Having a few songs remixed from Evolution along with a couple of new tracks. We´ll see what happens. I was kinda burned out after the second album HCII in 2011 and left the band but the motivation is slowly coming back.
Robert Fripp, the musical maestro of King Crimson never was that interested in being a retro act and only playing the biggest songs of his band´s career until now.
Since the formation in the late 60´s, King Crimson has gone through several line up changes but always with Robert Fripp behind the steering wheel. The band was always looking to develop their experimental rock from fusion to prog and even artpop, if you saw them live you might ended up being lucky to hear one or two old songs in new versions.
However, when I recently saw KC live in Stockholm. Robert Fripp and Co played two sets where the major part of the songs were taken from their popular 70´s era.
Like I said, everything comes back, well almost everything.

Mark Tremonti and Co of Alter Bridge are keeping a steady 3 year run of releasing new albums and their 5th record The Last Hero is no exception, it comes out three years after Fortress from 2013.
So that makes it 2019 for the next one which sucks at this moment but wait, let´s stick to their latest achievement that is probably their heaviest album yet and it´s exactly the way I want this band to sound like.
I just don´t see any reason why Tremonti and his friends should return to the grunge music of Creed ever again since Alter Bridge are so much better, let be that Creed sold more records but in this case, quality comes before quantity.
The day when umbrellas are falling from the sky, that´ll be the day I start listening to Creed over AB!
If you want a dose of romantic rock, then the Fins of Poets Of The Fall plays it safe on their 7th studio album Clearview, I get it that these guys from Helsinki don´t want to return to their AOR-ish modern rock sound of their first albums but they sound more and more like Goo Goo Dolls meets H.I.M on their latter albums.
Getting caught in the mainstream has a downside and POTF has to fight to break out of the norm, unless they´re happy taking that route.

I´m always up for some intelligent pop or in this case with Nashville based trio Paper Route, you can just as easily call their music indie rock.
They deliver a luxurious and infectious pop-oriented dance-rock album with Real Emotion, oh man this one sounds so classy I want to take my hat off and bow.
They should be just as big as Coldplay, in fact, they´re a 100 times better than Chris Martin and Co.
Their new album is a mish-mash of Supergrass, New Radicals, OneRepublic and Mute Math.
The former pop punks of Yellowcard says goodbye with their 10th and final album Yellowcard, a band that has developed their sound and now belong in the alternative rock genre with a touch of heartland rock not that far from Deaf Havana.
Their new album truly grows on me each time I listen to it so the feeling of being disappointed is now replaced by a more welcoming state of mind.
The band is quite different compared to the line up that started it all 2 decades ago, the only remaining members from the early days are Sean Mackin - Violin who is the only original member and Ryan Key - Lead Vocals that has been fronting the band since 1999.
I will miss Yellowcard but everything comes back, doesn´t it?

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