Saturday, October 8, 2016

Interview with MY

With her heavy-duty pop songs that fizz with rock’n’roll energy and bare bones emotion, MY is here to drag pop into the moshpit and steal our hearts at the same time. The 25 year old Swedish singer and songwriter is, depending on your preference, akin to Paramore’s Hayley Williams as produced by Max Martin or My Chemical Romance fronted by Katy Perry, all coated with a layer of Swedish noir. Whichever way you look at it, a new pop force has arrived.
Palace of Rock couldn´t agree more with that introduction from her label Relentless Records/Sony Music so please welcome the bright shining new star - MY.

Hello, how does it feel waking up as MY every morning?
MY-Scary, I’m a sleepwalker occasionally so I never know what I’ve been up to ^^ Otherwise it feels great, like waking up as myself and knowing that I get to do what I love the most every day…. music!
The McFly tour in the U.K went down very well, tell me how it was opening for them each night.
MY-It was crazy, we got thrown into that tour like 4 days before it started. We had no idea how their fans would react and we had only done 1 show before this. Then all the sudden we where doing our second show ever infront of almost 3000 people in Manchester!! 
But their fans where so welcoming and kind towards us and made every night such a blessing. We couldn't wait to get out on that stage every night. The McFly-boys + crew where supersweet to tour with, we felt very welcomed. 
You are making a name for yourself in the U.K since the upcoming headline show on Nov 9th in London is sold out, how thrilled are you?
MY-On a scale from 1-10, 10!! It’s a dream come true, and insane that it sold out in a day!? We can’t wait to come back to London and play a full set
You have released some really catchy songs in Invincible, Pretty Little Liar and now recently also the new single White water. When can the fans expect an EP or full length album?
MY-Right now wre focusing on White Water since it´s just recently released. So can´t give you an exact date, but full-length is expected sometime during the next year.
We´ll release some bits and pieces before that, we´ve written over 80 songs for this album so far, so it´s been a crazy busy year in the studio!!
Hope people have patience ´cause I can´t wait to show you all what we´ve been working on.
Will the next release contain only new songs or will there be re-worked InDevotion songs included on it?
MY-We’re very proud over our Indevotion-years, so many songs that we love, so I wouldn't close the door completely. But this MY-project has been all about a fresh start and to take it to another level creatively, so we might just let Indevotion be Indevotion and MY be MY

What album or artist made you wanting to be an artist?
MY-Tough question, listened to sooo much music growing up! Combination between Backstreet Boys - Backstreet Back, Nirvana - Nevermind and one of all dad’s old Dylan-LP’s maybe? That all inspired me to start writing and identify myself with music in various shapes and forms. Otherwise I would say that it was the live dvd - Life On The Murderscene by My Chemical Romance that inspired me to dream about the full band-experience and a career in music.
You grew up on the east coast in Sweden, are you a small town girl?
MY-Originally I grew up a bit further north in the dark forests of ”Värmland” which was basically in the middle of no-where. Moving to the beautiful east-cost smalltown ”Oskarshamn” felt like a big city to me. I remember the fascination of moving to a town that had both McDonald’s AND a cinema.
I’ve always had big-city dreams, but I guess I will always be a small-town girl in heart. Nothing beats the beautiful ocean-view and peacefulness that you find in Oskarshamn. And I still have my family down there, so will always have my home and heart there. 
I guess there have been plenty of flights between your home in Stockholm and London where your label´s office is, do you consider London as your 2nd home?
MY-Yes, feels like I’ve spent more time in London than in Stockholm the past year. The house in Clapham where I’ve mostly been staying feels like a second home to me for sure. First I wasn’t too sure to be honest, but then I started to love London. It’s a big part of me now. 
You were born when grunge music conquered the world but how much grunge do you have in you?
MY-I don’t think I would define myself as a grunge-girl even though I appreciate the culture. I was more boyband who thought grunge felt a bit dangerous and thrilling to listen to. Big contrasts. I became more of a grunge-girl later on during the emo-days discovering Smashing Pumpkins and more of Nirvana. Right now I’m a mixture of everything. I love the freedom in that I can listen to Nirvana and Pumpinks alongside 1D, TayTay and other beautiful/genious pop. Doesn't have to be one or another.
What are you looking forward to the most, the next Katy Perry album or the next Star Wars sequel?
MY-Wow that’s tough….definately both!!! But think I have to go with Star Wars then… absolutely love Katy Perry and the last 2 albums has both been masterpieces, so I’m afraid I’m gonna be disappointed. Don’t think I will be disappointed by the next Star Wars
Finally, how do you prefer your coffee. Black, latte or are you a tea drinker?
MY-Cappuccino with an extra shot

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