Thursday, October 6, 2016

Top 30 Albums 1981 according to Philippe : Part 1

My dear colleague Philippe Valleix here at Palace of Rock wanted to present his Top 30 albums of 1981 so let´s start with the ones between 21-30.
21) Riot - Fire Down Under
22) Shooting Star - Hang On For Your Life
23) Wild Horses - Stand Your Ground
24) Mother's Finest - Iron Age
25) Styx - Paradise Theatre
26) Samson - Shock Tactics
27) Demon - The Night of The Demon
28) Rainbow - Difficult to Cure
29) April Wine - The Nature of The Beast
30) Fargo- Frontpage lover

An album you won´t find on this list is Hardware by Krokus which is the biggest disappointment of 1981,

1981 is also the year when the blockbuster film Raiders of the lost ark topped the charts, starring Harrison Ford and directed by Steven Spielberg.
A classic indeed!

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