Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Interview with The Soul Shakers

When Elias Paul Reidy (formerly of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) and Brett Hellings formed The Soul Shakers after a chance meeting outside of a club on the Sunset Strip, they had one single goal in mind - to bring good ole-fashioned, ass-shaking rock ‘n’ roll back into the forefront.
Please read the new interview with the guys about double live albums, tour riders and why they prefer women and song over wine.

Hello, your first single Here To Have A Good Time is out now. How has the response been so far?

Brett  - Hey Kaj!  Well, so far the response has been really good.  We're grateful to have such a positive never really know what people are gonna think when you put something out there but it looks like people still dig 'em some rock and roll and a good time.

So, who are The Soul Shakers? Who are in the band?

Brett  - The Soul Shakers consist mainly of the two of us—Elias Reidy (Guitars/Bgvs) and me, Brett Hellings (Lead Vox).  We started the group in and around LA in 2014, and after several lineup changes, name changes and city changes we’ve remained the backbone of the group.  Since moving to Nashville, we’ve started to form relationships and play more consistently with other solid musicians. We’ve been working with Bill Van Vleet (Drums), Schylar Shoates (Guitars) and Thomas Banks (Bass).   Things have been really shaping up for us since the move down South.

When can we expect a release of your upcoming debut album?

Brett  - The album is done!  We finished it this summer/fall and we are waiting to release it until after the new year.  

You are originally from L.A, why did you move to Nashville?

Brett  - I'm originally from outside of Philadelphia but moved to LA in my 20s.  I consider LA to be a second home. The move to Nashville was prompted when we wanted a change of scenery, some new experiences and inspiration, and to get back closer to home and our roots. We also wanted a city that was solely focused on the music—what better spot than Music City for that? So far it's been a good decision. We certainly miss  some qualities of LA a lot, but Nashville has treated us well. 

The album is produced by Dan Malsch (Motionless In White, Tantric, Framing Hanley), were you on the same level of how you wanted the album to sound like?
Brett  - Definitely on the same level. It’s one of the main reasons we wanted to work with Dan so much.  He kind of let us be us and understood the type of rock sound we’re going for.  That's the sort of producing Elias and I love since we both tend to be very hands-on in the studio and during the mixing process. Dan lets you become you and makes sure it sounds the best it possibly can.  Couldn't have done it without Dan the Man—if you’re ever looking for a great record, SoundMine will deliver. 

You are influenced by 70´s rock and most 70´s bands released double live albums so when will you make a double live?

Brett  - God, I hope the next one is a double live album!  I will say that I would absolutely love to release a record like that, but I also  think it takes a lot more time on the road then we’ve played yet to pull it off—at least a quality one.  But don't doubt it, it's on our bucket list. 

Out of wine, women and song. If you could only have 2 out of 3, which one would you take away?

Brett  - Great question…I think that's one of the toughest questions I've been asked yet in this slew of interviews!  All three of those things have a place in my life. I guess for the question’s sake, I’d take women and song.  The wine part would be hard to give up, but music is my life and no one wants to listen to it alone. 

I guess you look up to classic bands like Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes. But do you think there are any new bands around that are good enough of keeping the legacy alive of true rock and roll?

Brett  - It's a struggle out there nowadays.  There are some good bands out there that are trying to keep rock and roll alive, and I guess only time will tell.  It's the reason we will never stop doing what we do... rock and roll will find a way to survive and we want to be a part of that survival. 

When The Soul Shakers are big enough, what will be on your tour rider?

Brett  - A new shirt for every performance! That would be nice.  Definitely always some Jack Daniels or 1800 Tequila to get us loose for the show.  Make sure they’ve got Deviled eggs backstage at the show,  I love those things.  I know this goes beyond the rider, but I personally can't wait to have my very own guitar tech, vocal warmup coach and roadies.  I'm gonna take care of those guys pretty damn good. 

Where will The Soul Shakers be in 10 years?

Brett  -  Making music.  More records and touring.  Great rock and roll bands don't happen overnight, so as long as we are still plugging along I will be happy.  E and I aren't stopping, and whoever wants to jump on that train with us will be welcomed with open arms.  

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