Sunday, November 20, 2016

Live albums from 2016

Back in the 70´s and the 80´s, live albums were the highlights of a band´s career but in the 90´s they became more and more like greatest hits albums that sounded like a studio recording with an overdubbed live audience. Boring if you ask me.
Now you might wonder if there are any new good live albums and there are, both new live recordings and the unreleased ones that finally gets an official release.
2016 is not a big year when it comes classic live albums but there are some really nice ones like:

Bring Me The Horizon-Live at the Royal Albert Hall
BabyMetal-Live at Wembley
Disturbed-Live at Red Rocks
Steel Panther-Live from Lexxi´s Mom´s Garage
Bad Company-Live 1977 Live 1979
Led Zeppelin-The complete BBC Sessions
Saga-Live in Hamburg
The Rolling Stones-Havana Moon
Rainbow-Memories in rock, Live in Germany
Rainbow-Monsters of rock, Live at Donington 1980
Toto-Live at Montreaux 1991
Crazy Lixx-Sound of the live minority
Tesla-Mechanical resonance live
Night Ranger-35 years and a night in Chicago
Queen-On air
Royal Hunt-Cargo
A.C.T-Trifles and pandemonium
In Flames-Sounds from the heart of Gothenburg

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