Sunday, November 20, 2016

Quick Bits : Jerad Finck, Sixx A.M, Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow

The break from writing reviews here at Palace of Rock only did me good, I needed it. I wrote the last review in June and the latest quickbits was posted in April so now it´s time to re-open the palace of reviews. First out a quickbits about 3 really cool albums.
Jerad Finck - Criminal EP (2015) Modern pop / rock without a due date
There are lots of artists out there that could only dream of having experienced the same things Jerad Finck has, Jerad´s song "Runaway" was the #1 independent song in the U.S in 2011 and he has opened for Daughtry, Vertical Horizon and Ingram Hill.
Jerad worked with producers like David Hodges (Kelly Clarkson), Andrew Williams (Five For Fighting) and Nathan Meckel on his latest record "Criminal" which is the follow-up to the 2012 EP "Stuck in your riddle" that was released on Rock Ridge Music.
We´re talking adult contemporary pop/rock here for fans of The Fray, Parachute and Gavin DeGraw.
It´s real easy to like these radio ready tunes where songs like "Blood in the water", "The good life" and "Fire proof" stands out, no doubt Jerad´s an incredibly talented guy.
(+) These are 100% honest songs.
(-) If you´re allergic to anything mainstream, don´t bother listening.

Sixx A.M - Prayers for the blessed Vol.2 (2016) An arsenal of active rock anthems
DJ Ashba cannot see why he should ever return to Guns´N´Roses and why should he, Sixx A.M has built a strong fanbase after 4 really great albums and album no..5 "Prayers for the blessed Vol.2" keeps the band on top of the rock.
They will be kings of the mountain if they continue to release such awesome music as "Prayers for the damned Vol.1" and the new one which is absolutely stellar.
If you dig the singles "Barbarians", "We will not go quietly" and "Without you", you´re in for a treat with the rest that are all killers, no fillers.
When was the last time a band released two great albums the same year?
Favorite track at the moment : "Riot in my head".
(+) Impressive with such a strong release only 7 months after Vol.1.
(-) ................................

Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow - Memories in rock - Live in Germany (2016) The return of a rock legend
When Ritchie Blackmore announced he was gonna play some rock and roll again, there were some of the former members of Rainbow that had hopes of being a part of the historic comeback.
After 2 decades of playing medieval folk music in Blackmore´s Night, Ritchie brought in a whole new team of musicians for the 2016 line up and it wouldn´t feature Joe Lynn Turner.
Ritchie said before the announcement of the new line up that Joe Lynn Turner won´t be a part of the Rainbow shows, but he just doesn´t know it yet. Another classic quote from the man in black.
That pissed off JLT so much that he called out the new line up as a covers band, so much drama.
But when it all comes down, it has always been Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow from the start where the other members have come and gone.
Too bad though that Ritchie only settled for 3 shows, 2 in Germany and 1 in Birmingham, England.
Well, we wanted a tour.
The new live album "Memories in rock", which is the 5th live album from Rainbow, is recorded from the nights in Germany during the summer of 2016.
I think this line up of Ronnie Romero - Lead Vocals (Lords of Black), Jens Johansson - Keyboards (Yngwie Malmsteen), David Keith - Drums (Blackmore´s Night) and Bob Nouveau - Bass (Blackmore´s Night) are backing up Ritchie in a real fine way.
(+) Frontman Ronnie Romero is a perfect fit for the songs of the Dio era.
(-) I wish Ritchie could´ve picked a few more Rainbow songs instead of the Deep Purple era.

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