Monday, November 21, 2016

Rock and Roll Heroes - Skillet

Skillet is the first christian band to hit no.1 on the mainstream rock chart, they have toured hard ever since the formation in 1996 and truly earned their success. You could say there are two different Skillet soundwise, the industrial rock/post grunge version pre-Comatose and the symphonic rock version post-Comatose.
But it´s definitely the 2006 album Comatose that made them a name on everybody´s lips, that album and the new one Unleashed are bigger than life.
Rebirthing, the opening track of Comatose, is top quality epic rock like a gift from god so it was easy to pick Comatose on Palace of Rock´s Top 25 christian rock albums ever made.

Invincible from 2000 is hardly an album the average Skillet fan listens to but it´s an underrated piece of work and the one that made me a fan of this band.
This album is more of an electro rock affair with plenty of ultra strong tracks that won´t be misplaced in a setlist live.
Best tracks : You´re powerful, Best kept secret

Skillet has built a strong foundation with the following albums, Hey You I Love Your Soul (1998), Alien Youth (2001), Awake (2009) and Rise (2013).
The smash hit Monster from the Awake album is their most popular song but the band lined up chartclimbers like Awake and Alive, Lucy and Sick of it from the latter albums while the die hard fans look back on the fan faves of their early albums with songs like Alien Youth, Vapor, You are my hope and Locked in a cage.
No wonder, Skillet has become widely influential for bands like Wavorly, Stria, Awaken The Empire, The Spiritual Plague and The Truth Is.

The only two albums that doesn´t reach the high level of the other ones with this Memphis based quartet are the debut from 1996 and Collide from 2003, these should appeal to the post-grunge lover but I miss the overall brilliance of this band´s normal standards.
Sure, there are signs of what was to come on Collide but the record´s uneven and the production lack of power.

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