Friday, December 23, 2016

Quickbits : Rob Daiker, Noise From Nowhere, Rush

Rob Daiker - Binary affairs (2016) A taste of that charming retro sound
You gotta give Rob Daiker credit for going his own way without looking what´s trendy and knowing that it´s a long shot to release a record like "Binary affairs", he´s a super talented songwriter/producer and can write good songs just as easy as you order a pizza.
The only contemporary about his new record is the small dose of electro pop we get to hear in a few songs, the main part of the music is built on 80´s funk which isn´t the first genre I come think of if you want to sell copies.
Rob Daiker opens the album with "Damn the torpedoes" that sounds like something Adam Lambert could´ve released, I wasn´t such a fan at first of this song but I must say that it´s growing for each time I hear it.
Rob is flirting with Prince in the laid back "All for a kiss" while "Random error" bring thoughts to Dan Reed Network, a band that Rob now is a member of and also played on their latest album "Fight another day".
"Binary affairs" doesn´t have much in common with the Slowrush album "Volume" from 2000 but instead sound like a natural follow-up to his 2009 EP "Bad day for goodbye".
(+) This is a christmas gift for all that love Mika or Robbie Nevil.
(-) If we look at a hit-or-miss perspective, I´m afraid it´s a miss in a commercial point of view,

Noise From Nowhere - This world so sick (2016) Forza Italian rock music
It feels like the post-grunge genre is taking it´s last breath, there aren´t that many bands around anylonger that remains true to the post-grunge sound that was so popular 15 years ago.
But don´t tell Noise From Nowhere from Rome, Italy because I´m glad that there are still new bands poppin´ up like popcorn, that wants to raise the flag of a genre that is struggling really hard these times.
The band debuted with "The Right Chance" EP 2012 and now would like to point out that the world is so sick, who would disagree with the bad things that are happening on our planet at the moment.
Even though with such an important topic, the main reason why Noise From Nowhere exists is their love for music and to play in a band.
And I think they´ve done a good album, the single "Give it up" opens the album and it´s a promising start because the 2nd track "Waiting despite this" is the best track of the new album, there is a strong chorus on this one.
This might appeal to fans of Tantric, 12 Stones and Puddle of Mudd.
(+) Thumbs up for the mix of rockers and ballads where the rockers are in majority.
(-) A few too many album fillers at the end of the album.

Rush - 2112 : 40th Anniversary (2016) A milestone in a new luxurious package
I got the new 40th anniversary edition of Rush´s classic 1976 album 2112 the other day and listened to it on December 21st, and without thinking about it, 21/12 is the official Rush day.
You should always listen to a Rush album on that day and every other day in the rest of the year for that matter, this is the album that led to what Rush would become.
2112 is the album that the label was against, it wasn´t the commercial record they hoped for but when it started to sell lots and lots of copies, the record company couldn´t tell the band what to do ever again. That is artistic freedom.
Everything is perfect in this deluxe edition, 36 pages about everything you need to know about the album, outtakes of live recordings of "2112" and "Something for nothing" from Massey Hall, Toronto in June 1976, these are the shows from which the double live album "All the world´s a stage" was assembled.
There is also a bonus live track of "The twilight zone", only performed twice by the band in their career so I won´t mind the bootleg quality of this version.
A special extra so to speak, are the covers by Alice in Chains, Billy Talent, Steven Wilson, Jacob Moon and Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nick Raskulinecz.
Billy Talent does a Billy Talentified version of "A passage to Bangkok", an adorable cocky cover I must say. Steven Wilson puts an even more proggy hand over "The twilight zone" that ends up sounding like Pink Floyd meets early Genesis.
Alice in Chains takes on "Tears" in a way that their fans might not expect from these grunge pioneers.
Jacob Moon picked "Something for nothing" which sounds really close to the original, but it´s hardly the highlight here...........that is, my friends, Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fightery brotherhood along with producer Nick Raskulinecz on bass.
They performed "Overture" at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013 when Rush were inducted, I am truly happy that their fabulous version ended up in a new recording on 2112 : 40th anniversary because it´s absolutely stellar!
(+) So if this wasn´t enough, this package also contains a DVD with a live concert from 1976, Q´s and A´s with Alex Lifeson and Terry Brown and bonus videos with Billy Talent and Dave Grohl & Co.
(-) Are you kidding me?

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