Thursday, December 8, 2016

Review : Bring Me The Horizon - Live at the Royal Albert Hall

Bring Me The Horizon - Live at the Royal Albert Hall (2016) PledgeMusic
Produced by Bring Me The Horizon
Tracks : 1.Doomed 2.Happy song 3.Go to hell 4.Avalanche 5.It never ends 6.Sleepwalking 7.Empire 8.Throne 9.Shadow moses 10.True friends 11.Follow you 12.Can you feel my heart 13.Antivist 14.Drown 15.Oh no
5 out of 5

It´s not the first time a rock band performs with a full live orchestra, Deep Purple did it already back in 1969 and then many bands followed like Metallica in 1999 and Kiss in 2003 to name a few.
It doesn´t necessarily mean that you have a winning formula just because the songs gets an orchestral facelift but with Bring Me The Horizon´s material, these songs truly gets new life in a way I´d never thought they would come out.
This album was recorded in April this year where the band performed for the first time with an orchestra and choir, the setlist is based on the band´s 2 latest albums "Sempiternal" and "That´s the spirit" with an exception of the song "It never ends" that is taken from their 2010 album "There is a hell, believe me I´ve seen it.........".
This live performance feels very emotional both for the band, the fans and the listeners who allows 85 minutes of their lives to such an important milestone for BMTH.
For me, it wasn´t a question of buy or not to buy since the proceeds from the release is going to Teenage Cancer Trust. I bought it, not only because of this humane reason, it´s a bloody great record too.

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