Thursday, December 29, 2016

Review : RedBelt - Beautiful surround

RedBelt - Beautiful surround (2016) Independent
Produced by Redbelt / Michael McGinley
Tracks : 1.Crossed wires 2.American mercy 3.Got it made 4.Shoot it all the time 5.Beautiful surround 6.Sweet release 7.Cold 8.30 Seconds 9.Pretty little pieces 10.Throw away 11.Golden sidewalks 12.Bones 13.Hard light
3,5 out of 5

Time for some basic rock and roll with traces of 70´s punk from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. "Beautiful surround" is the debut full length from RedBelt and it´s definitely the album if you´re looking for some good time rock and roll that ain´t so polished.
Forget about auto-tune or computerized pop here, there are no DJ´s in sight in RedBelt´s music. This is as much live in the studio as a record could get, I bet this band doesn´t have to rely on backing tracks when they perform on stage.
And I really appreciate the awesome bassplaying from Ricky Ganiere, it´s an underrated instrument that is more important in the music than people can believe.
For fans of New York Dolls, Eddie and The Hot Rods, The Jam.
Highlights : Cold, Throw away, Beautiful surround.

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