Monday, January 30, 2017

Quickbits : T.R.O.Y, Stephen Pearcy, Elmo Karjalainen

T.R.O.Y - Two worlds (2015) A dose of classic and modern hard rock coming up
If someone will ever ask you -Have you heard T.R.O.Y? Then read this review and buy some of their 3 releases, and have that "I´m-an-expert-of-hardrock-answer" with -Yes, you mean The Reality Of Yourself from Springfield, Missouri?!
A four-piece hard rock band that debuted with "Effective immediately" in 2008 and followed up with the second LP "The reality of yourself" in 2012, the band has also shared the stage with KoRn, Three Days Grace, Red, Skillet and many more top rock acts.
Their music is a blend of classic and modern hard rock, imagine Tesla meets Pop Evil and you´ll get their latest EP "Two worlds" from 2015.
It´s not often a powerballad is the best song on a record but this time it is, "The Gallows" truly stand out as a big rock song that wouldn´t be entirely wrong on a Skid Row album.
(+) We´re talking solid hard rock here the way it´s meant to sound without any elements of pop or electronica.
(-) It saddens me that many underground bands such as T.R.O.Y never breaks through.

Stephen Pearcy - Smash (2017) Number 4 from the great king ratt
Ratt made a few great albums in the 80´s but I kinda lost interest in the band in the 90´s and today it´s just a mess with the legal battle of the name between drummer Bobby Blotzer on one side, and singer Stephen Pearcy, guitarist Warren DeMartini and bassist Juan Croucier on the other side.
I guess it´s enough to give original frontman Pearcy a headache so perhaps he should stick to his solo career instead because his new solo album "Smash" is pretty good and definitely something that should appeal to fans of Ratt.
"Smash" is the first album from Pearcy since "Under my skin" (2008) but last year, he released the single "Just one more time" that was supposed to be featured on the new solo album but I can´t find it in any of these 13 tracks. The song is good enough to end up on the new album, especially instead of the southern rock-ish "Shut down baby" that feels rather misplaced on "Smash".
Thumbs up for the great rocker "Ten miles wide" that bring thoughts to Kiss and the really cool "Lollipop", a song that could´ve been taken from an 80´s album with Aerosmith.
(+) It´s cocky of Pearcy to keep "Rain" and "Hit me with a bullet" for himself because both songs would be killer tracks on a new Ratt record.
(-) For the low-budget sounding production which is strange because Beau Hill co-mixed it.

Elmo Karjalainen - Age of heroes (2017) Shut up and play yer guitar
"Age of heroes" is the brand new solo cd from the Finnish guitarplayer Elmo Karjalainen, it´s an instrumental rock album with guest performances from keyboard wizard Derek Sherinian (ex.Dream Theater, Black Country Communion) and guitar virtuoso Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen).
In 2016, Elmo got into the top 8 in Yngwie Malmsteen´s Guitar Gods competition and performed with Yngwie, Steve Vai, Nicko McBrain and others in Miami. I reckon it must´ve been a highlight in Elmo´s life and having kids of course.
The guy surely has humor because the yellow sign on the cover of his new album says "This record contains plenty of guitar, no Auto tune, and no rap, thus it is totally unsuitable for radio play, or anything else".
"Age of heroes" is a diverse record where you will find songs in any kind of mood you like to settle in, there are slow and beautiful songs that soundwise comes from the same neighborhood as Andy Timmons and Allan Holdsworth.
There are heavy and fast songs reminiscent of Tony MacAlpine´s work but also more crazy and humoristic stuff in the finest Steve Vai style, I´m not the biggest fan of the shredding parts on this album that feels like it´s faster than the speed of light.
But I totally adore the melodic tunes like "Warm welcome", "Three days of peace", "Chicken noodul" and "Blue eyes", not to mention the Genesis-inspired "Sunset" which is magical.
The best rocking tune is "The color of greed" featuring Derek Sherinian, Elmo and Derek sounds like two musketeers ready for the big duel where no one will surrender.
(+) His previous album "The free guitar album" is available as free download at his website.
(-) Over 70 minutes of guitar riffs and solos can be too much even for the biggest nerd.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Review : The Flashpot Moments - The Flashpot Moments

The Flashpot Moments - The Flashpot Moments (2017) Independent
Produced by Andy Pinkham, Tom Polce, Hal Cragin, Tim Cawley
Tracks : 1.Places unknown 2.Strangers dance 3.On some awful night 4.´Splode 5.Abigail, mispronounced (the party aftermath) 6.The learning curve 7.Hands up! 8.Satisfaction isn´t 9.Can´t wait to find out 10.Stories we´ve told 11.The last stand
4 out of 5

Feelin'. ready for some arena rock coming your way? Well let me present a fabulous record.
The Flashpot Moments is a studio project led by singer/songwriter Tim Cawley (vocals, drums), recorded in Boston and Los Angeles.
I am amazed by the strength of the music on this self titled album, not a filler in sight and each and every song has something new to offer without sounding too shattered.
The album opens with the adorable "Places unknown" that would fit just fine on a 70's Bowie record.
"Strangers dance" comes next and anyone could be fooled that the E Street Band joined this musical party, and party it is because Tom Petty fans will be delighted to hear "On some awful night".
The smile is stuck on my face and I feel like the joker when the powerpop gem "Splode" follows, I'm sure Butch Walker would've been proud to have his name in the songwriting credits.
If Meat Loaf ever need a new partner to compose future rock anthems, then he should contact Cawley because "Abigail" has everything a Meat Loaf song needs.
One of the absolute best songs is the glam-rock ride of "The learning curve", Slade meets Queen sort of. Then it's time to rock hard in "Hands up" which sounds like the perfect song to open the show with.
Another favorite is "Satisfaction isn't", put it on a mixtape of Rick Springfield songs and you won't hear the difference. The next song "Can't wait to find out" slows down a little bit where my thoughts go to R.E.M, I like the atmosphere in this tune.
"Stories we've told" is even more emotional where the vocal performance stand out, very nice.
This brilliant album has a grande finale in the bombastic "The last stand", ever wondered how a collaboration between Elton John and Cheap Trick would sound like? Well here it is!
What a great record.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review : Wild Domestic - Singular

Wild Domestic - Singular (2017) Independent
Produced by Mike Pepe
Tracks : 1.Left, right 2.New year, new me 3.Author 4.Headlights 5.Overjoyed 6.Firewall 7.Senses 8.Right, left
3 out of 5

Wild Domestic is Matt Carlson´s first solo project, he was born in Paraguay and moved to North Carolina, U.S when he was 6 months old and that's his home to this day.
Matt is influenced by artists like My Chemical Romance, Arcade Fire and Talking Heads. But there are other artists that comes to mind when I listen to his 2nd EP "Singular".
If you take the modern rock of Black Lab and mix it with the Britpop of Manic Street Preachers, not to forget a slice of pop / punk a la SR 71. You're gonna get Wild Domestic.
I like this EP and especially the song "Headlights" is really good.
A job well done.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Review : Righteous Hillbillies - Two wheels down a lost highway

Righteous Hillbillies - Two wheels down a lost highway (2016) Independent
Produced by Righteous Hillbillies
Tracks : 1.Rollin´ 2.Throwing stones 3.All down but nine 4.Shake this feeling 5.Two wheels down a lost highway 6.Down to Memphis 7.Call me a doctor 8.Drama zone 9.Shackles and chains 10.Rock, salt and nails
3,5 out of 5

It doesn´t have to be so complex, I´m talking about rock and roll, you know when it´s down to basics with 5 guys doing what they do best like the Illinois based Righteous Hillbillies.
They are having lots of fun and has written some good music along the way, so what kind of rock and roll are we talking about here? Well, these guys play a lovely blend of southern rock, boogie and blues. Timeless rock that could hail from 1974, 1990 or in present time.
This kind of music will never sound dated and their frontman Brent James sings with so much feeling that I totally surrender to the songs on their 4th album "Two wheels down a lost highway".
They invited guest musicians from Gov´t Mule and Steppenwolf on their previous record "The muscle shoals sessions" (2015) but this band doesn´t need any outside help, they show us that they can do it just as good on their own.
Just listen to groovy songs like "Shackles and chains" or "Rollin´" and you´ll be a fan too, the song "Call me a doctor" bring thoughts to Joe Cocker while the rest of the album will appeal to fans of Allman Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Ile Kallio Big Rock Band.
It´s only rock and roll but I like it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review : Deaf Havana - All these countless nights

Deaf Havana - All these countless nights (2017) So Recordings
Produced by Adam Noble
Tracks : 1.Ashes, ashes 2.Trigger 3.L.O.V.E 4.Happiness 5.Fever 6.Like a ghost 7.Pretty low 8.England 9.Seattle 10.St.Paul´s 11.Sing 12.Pensacola, 2013
4 out of 5

"All these countless nights" is the first album from English rock band Deaf Havana since "Old souls" (2013), now they´re back on a new label, with a new lead guitarist and new energy.
The new album sounds like a collaboration between Rick Springfield and Foo Fighters if the guys had spent an entire weekend listening to Bruce Springsteen, and then wrote a bunch of songs.
If "Old souls" opened my eyes for this band, then "All these countless nights" truly makes me a real fan because these songs aren´t only great from start to finish, the music feels alive and touches my heart very deep.
But it was close that the band called it quits in 2014, the group were experiencing a lack of communication that almost tore them apart, frontman Veck-Gilodi planned to use the band´s 2014 Reading and Leeds performance to act as it´s final swansong.
However, some sideshows reminded him of how much he, and Deaf Havana´s fanbase - depended on the band, so a sudden burst of inspired songwriting followed which resulted in the band´s best effort so far including the smash singles : "Sing", "Fever" and "Trigger".
Put away your smartphone, sit back and relax and enjoy the awesome track "St.Paul´s". I promise it´s worth every second of your time.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Quickbits : Andrew Joslyn, Kepler Ten, One Ok Rock

Andrew Joslyn - Awake at the bottom of the ocean (2017) A mix of orchestral pop and classical music
Andrew Joslyn calls Seattle his home but he could also call the world of film his home, because Andrew is not only a film scorerer, his first solo CD "Awake at the bottom of the ocean" sounds like soundtrack music in my ears.
He is a songwriter and composer on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Grammy Award winning album "The Heist" and as orchestra leader, performed on The Tonight Show, The Grammy Awards and The American Music Awards.
Andrew has also toured or recorded with Duff McKagan (Guns N Roses), Tom Chaplin (Keane), Suzanne Vega and Judy Collins so he´s hardly an amateur.
"Awake at the bottom of the ocean" contains 11 tracks where 4 are instrumental pieces and the other 7 features various guest vocalists, I´d like to mention 3 of my favorite songs of the album.
"I should have said goodbye before I met you" featuring Susy Sun sounds like a main theme from an early James Bond film, who said Shirley Bassey?
"Mantra for a struggling artist" featuring Billy McCarthy is without doubt the best track of the album and definitely a song Chris Martin of Coldplay wished he had written, it´s a huge hit in my head.
"Desiderata" featuring Mark Lanegan (formerly of Queens of The Stone Age) could be the outcome of a collaboration between Lee Hazlewood and Ennio Morricone. So cool.
(+) The music is beautifully arranged and well-crafted.
(-) The album is a bit uneven and cannot keep me hooked throughout all 11 tracks.

Kepler Ten - Delta-V (2017) New world men
So you think record labels like Kscope, Inside Out Music and Magna Carta are the only ones that releases new great progrock records, now with White Star Records, you have a new force of progrock music to be reckoned with.
White Star Records is co-founded by Chris Hillman and John Mitchell (It Bites, Frost, Lonely Robot) and they are releasing the really good debut album from Southampton based Kepler Ten in February.
Kepler Ten is a progressive hard rock trio that consists of James Durand - Vocals/Bass/Keyboards, Richie Cahill - Guitars/Keyboards and Steve Hales - Drums.
They originally came together to form the Rush tribute band R2 and to be able to play Rush covers, you need to be great musicians and that´s exactly what the guys in Kepler Ten are.
Especially songs like "The stone" and "The shallows" are reminiscent of Rush, but only the music, not the vocals. I get the feeling the bandmembers have listened to Rush´s "Power windows" when they wrote "The shallows", hahaha. But they should take it as a compliment.
Back to the album opener, "Ultraviolet", which is not a good song to open with, it starts promising but the monotone chorus feels like a heavy anchor that won´t let the song go anywhere.
The superb single "Time and tide" comes next, imagine Muse meets Rush with a touch of Van Halen and you´ll get this wonderful rock opus.
The acoustic song "Shallowtail" bring thoughts to Kansas and Prophet, absolutely one of the highlights along with the 10 minute long "Red skies rise". That´s the peak of the album.
Now with Rush not touring anylonger, it´s a farewell to kings but with Kepler Ten around, this ship won´t leave Southampton and hit an iceberg, they will crush it.
(+) If only 10% of all Rush fans will support this band, they will be successful.
(-) It´s a miss to open the album with "Ultraviolet".

One Ok Rock - Ambitions (2017) Color the world yellow
The Japanese rockers One Ok Rock are determined to conquer the world with their contemporary electro rock/pop-punk-ish style, I´m a big fan of their previous LP "35xxxv" (2015) and was looking forward to their 8th studio album "Ambitions" which is the 2nd one to be released internationally.
This band has decided to paint the world with color of hope, namely yellow. We all live in a yellow submarine aren´t we?
"Ambitions" is a good record even though I feel they have taken a more poppy direction, there´s definitely more pop than rock in tracks like "Bedroom warfare", "American girls", "Listen" and "Take what you want".
But the band still knows how to rock in songs like "Bombs away", "Taking off" and the 30 Seconds To Mars-like "We are".
One Ok Rock recorded 17 tracks for the new album where 3 tracks are only available on the Japanese version, the Japanese bonus track "Lost in tonight" should´ve been on the international release instead of "Bedroom warfare" that I simply can´t get into.
In the genre of yellow album covers we can now add "Ambitions" to the same collection as "Three of a perfect pair" by King Crimson (1984), "Flash Gordon" by Queen (1980), "Never mind the bollocks" (1977) by The Sex Pistols and "Zebrahead" (1998) by Zebrahead.
(+) They want more fans and with this record they will get it.
(-) If they will continue this road, they can erase rock from their bandname.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Review : Sound of Curves - Gone Gatsby

Sound of Curves - Gone Gatsby (2016) Independent
Produced by Sound of Curves
Tracks : 1.Galaxy 2.Hummingbird 3.Gone Gatsby 4.Summer radio 5.Disco 6.Josephine 7.Crawl 8.London 9.Waves 10.Midnight 11.Blinker 12.Tennessee 13.The road 14.Whiskey wrongs
3 out of 5

Turn back the time to 1984 and a record like "Gone Gatsby" by San Antonio, Texas based Sound of Curves would be right at home soundwise.
The band formed in 2009 and their current line up consists of Leonel Pompa - Vocals/Guitars/Keys, Roger Maher - Vocals/Bass, Aaron Montano Teague - Lead Guitar and Josh Leija - Drums.
14 tracks might be a few too many, they should have reduced it to 10 or 11 to raise the quality of the entire album.
But don´t get me wrong here because it´s a good album with plenty of material to soothe your soul if you´re into bands like Pseudo Echo, Big Country, The Outfield and even Weezer.
Sound of Curves deliver a blend of power pop, new wave and Aussie rock which is quite charming, I do think the first 4 tracks are the best ones on "Gone Gatsby" and the track "London" that sounds like The Rembrandts meets The Clash. So cool!
Good stuff.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Review : Jack Russell´s Great White - He saw it comin´

Jack Russell´s Great White - He saw it comin´ (2017) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jack Russell
Tracks : 1.Sign of the times 2.She moves me 3.Crazy 4.Love don´t live here 5.My addiction 6.Anything for you 7.He saw it coming 8.Don´t let me go 9.Spy vs Spy 10.Blame it on the night 11.Godspeed
3 out of 5

Jack Russell is truly a terrier of rock and roll, he just can´t lay on the sofa and enjoy the money from the success of Great White´s popular albums "Once bitten" (1987) and "Twice shy" (1989) selling over 8 million copies worldwide.
He is a workaholic and lives by the motto "No-Sleep-Till-Hammersmith" so after the split with his former band, Jack welcomed his old friend Tony Montana to his new band and they started making plans for a new record.
Montana was a member of GW between 1987-1992 and played on two albums along with Jack Russell. So, now there are 2 versions of GW, this one with original singer Jack Russell and Tony Montana.
Then there´s the official Great White with the founding member Mark Kendall behind the steering wheel, adding GW to other bands with 2 different line-ups active at the same time such as Wishbone Ash, L.A Guns, Barclay James Harvest, Saxon, E.L.O, Nazareth, The Sweet and Queensryche.
"He saw it comin´" is the first album from Jack Russell´s Great White and it sounds like a blend of the hard rock style of Great White and the boogie rock sound of Foghat in a modern approach, I really wasn´t expecting this kind of album but I like it.
The title track bring thoughts to Queen which is a fave of mine, but the rest of the album is more laid back classic rock that will fit just perfectly on a lazy sunday afternoon but not for the saturday night´s party.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review : Cellador - Off the grid

Cellador - Off the grid (2017) Scarlet Records
Produced by Chris Petersen
Tracks : 1.Sole survivors 2.Break heresy 3.Shadowfold 4.Wake up the tyrant 5.Off the grid 6.Swallow your pride 7.Shimmering status 8.Good enough 9.This means war 10.Running riot
4 out of 5

Cellador belongs on all the big metal festivals this summer, it has taken the band a decade to follow-up their debut album "Enter deception" from 2006 but they´re firing on all cylindars on "Off the grid" so we´re all good here.
This is heavy metal with no interference of other genres like electronica, pop or any kind of death-metal-hardcore sound. Expect razorsharp riffs in a speed metal tempo, melodic vocals and entertaining solos that bring thoughts to classical music.
Lead guitarist Chris Petersen has taking over the lead vocal duties with bravura, many of these choruses are given on a best of album, trust me. I´m not kidding around here, "Off the grid" is the result of a hard working band that won´t go for second best.
I´m certain this album will end up on many metalfans top album lists when 2017 is over.
For fans of Thunderstone, Luca Turilli, Judas Priest

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review : Memories In Broken Glass - Enigma Infinite

Memories In Broken Glass - Enigma Infinite (2017) Hammer Forged Records
Produced by Robert Beltran
Tracks : 1.Search and discover 2.Through the eyes of deception 3.As the tables turn 4.Contrast of despair 5.Waves 6.The constant 7.Echos of command 8.Odyssey 9.A million voices 10.Ember
4 out of 5

With bands like Memories In Broken Glass, I´m not worried the prog/alt-metal scene will fade away. This Texas based band has an arsenal of memorable songs, big enough to take over if Tool and Karnivool won´t be around to deliver.
MIBG formed in 2009, released 2 EP´s with other singers and recruited their new frontman Saul Castillo in 2014 and released the Barriers EP in 2015 to make a long story short.
But it´s their debut full length "Enigma infinite" that will put the band on the map of rock and roll, this is metal with both depth and longevity.
I think MIBG sounds a bit like Coheed and Cambria meets Periphery with a touch of Vola. A marvelous mix if you ask me.
Saul Castillo - Lead Vocals, Justin Garcia - Guitar, Mark Martinez - Guitar/Vocals, Randy King - Bass/Vocals and George Garcia - Drums are definitely an album band, they´re not here to bring you hitsingles. If you want songs played on radio, look elsewhere.
MIBG has what it takes to keep the album tradition alive and well, I can only have one conclusion about Enigma Infinite, it´s bloody great!
Highlights : Search and destroy, Waves, The constant

Friday, January 6, 2017

Quickbits : From Inside, Ocean Sleeper, KforKill

From Inside - The new era (2017) A promising debut from the hometown of the Fab 4
The artwork for From Inside´s debut release "The new era" looks like the alien version of the hacktivist group Anonymous, there is definitely a sci-fi feel to the album cover.
The Liverpool, U.K based band From Inside are influenced by Bring Me The Horizon without sounding too much like BMTH, no these lads has created a sound of their own with a blend of alternative metal, post-hardcore and electronica.
You will even find orchestral pieces on the menu where the main course is aggressive rock, based on clean vocals and screamo. A classic recipe.
"Find my way" stand out of these 5 tracks but I also dig "Be yourself" and "There was a time" a lot, this band can go far with this kind of ammunition in the luggage.
(+) The band sounds really hungry, wanting more.
(-) I do feel the guitars are a bit low in the mix.

Ocean Sleeper - Six feet down (2017) This one goes to eleven
Ocean Sleeper, better keep that name in mind because these Aussies aren´t fooling around, they´re dead serious with their in-your-face metal.
Formed in 2015 and already sounding like a tight band, delivering compact metal that will keep any mosh pit going, expect everything from gut-wrenching growls on the verses to melodic choruses in a big production on their debut EP "Six feet down".
If you´re into metalcore, then these 6 tracks will blow you away. It should be a crime not to play this mutha loud, real loud!
For fans of Memphis May Fire, The Plot In You and Northlane
(+) I simply adore the atmospheric and doom-like guitarwork on Another Mistake.
(-) The single Breaking Free and the 3rd track Hold On Stay With Me sounds like twins.

KforKill - The world is broken (2017) Lullabies for the grim reaper
If you´re tired of the direction many death metal bands have taken with a more melodic sound and instead want the more brutal and old school sound, then you should look this way.
KforKill consists of 4 Danes and one Chilean, they are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and first surfaced with the "First kill" EP in 2013. Now, the band releases their debut full length "The world is broken" that is produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe).
The music is a crossover of death metal and extreme metal. We even get a dose of southern metal in the track "Whiskey and Cocaine".
No clean vocals, only growls from start to finish so to speak. I do however wish that they could´ve written more powerful songs like "Alpha I" and "Alpha II".
As it is now, the album doesn´t take off and in some moments it feels like they´re stuck in a dead end.
(+) This is metal made by fans for the fans.
(-) Lack of nuances on the first 5 tracks.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review : Blue Rising - Ghosts and monsters

Blue Rising - Ghosts and monsters (2017) Independent
Produced by Blue Rising
Tracks : 1.Ice cold 2.Supernatural 3.Metamorphosis 4.Say goodbye 5.Piece by piece 6.These shoes 7.You 8.Monsters 9.Ghosts
3 out of 5

Welcome to the corporate rock machine where today´s product is "Ghosts and monsters" from Indiana, USA based active rock band Blue Rising.
Their debut album was released in 2014 which was followed by "Someday" last year, their third LP is their first concept album and also the first entire album I hear from this band.
Blue Rising is fronted by Austin Frank on vocals/guitar who has a significant voice for this genre, the music bring thoughts to Egypt Central and Trust Company but they are one size too small for hard rock giants like Breaking Benjamin or Alter Bridge.
"Ghosts and monsters" is solid all the way through, it´s well performed and the band has written some good tunes no doubt but the music´s way too ordinary.
I dig the single "Ice cold" and the explosive rocker "Piece by piece" but the rest of the songs are predictable like a Hollywood ending where you know the hero will get the girl at the end of the film.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Review : Sundara Karma - Loveblood EP

Sundara Karma - Loveblood EP (2016) Chess Club / RCA Records
Produced by Larry Hibbitt
Tracks : 1.Loveblood 2.Olympia 3.She said 4.A young understanding 5.The night
3,5 out of 5

You´re gonna hear more from Sundara Karma in 2017, their new Loveblood EP is just an appetizer of what´s to come from this promising band.
You can singalong or just dance away to their anthemic pop / rock tunes, one thing for sure, you can´t sit still because this is catchy as hell.
These 5 tracks are all featured on their debut LP "Youth is only ever fun in retrospect" that will be out in January, I got acquianted with this U.K based band on their new single "Flame" that isn´t included on this EP but of course on the new album.
That single is irresistable, just as these 5 EP tracks, and the music has nothing to do with Hinduism or Buddhism if you´re thinking about their bandname.
Highly recommendable if you like The Killers, Interpol, Pulp.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Quickbits : Deathless Legacy, The Funeral Portrait, Machinae Supremacy

Deathless Legacy - Dance with devils (2017) Horror for the kids
"Dance with devils" is the 3rd album from Deathless Legacy, a horror metal band from Italy. Among their influences we find Mercyful Fate, Paradise Lost and Angel Witch but in my ears they sound more like a mix between Skyclad meets Ghost with a touch of Demon.
So far, so good.
There are traces of folk-metal and even symphonic elements in their new album and these Italians are without doubt great musicians but since it´s all about the songs, I can´t hear enough memorable songs on "Dance with devils".
I tried to get into the music but I only feel all empty inside, listening to this album to feel fear of the dark is like wanting an espresso to get a kick and all you get is a decaf without the caffeine kick to follow.
(+) The Ghost-like track "Join the sabbath" is good.
(-) I don´t get the feeling that their singer Steva believes in the words she´s singing.

The Funeral Portrait - A moment of silence (2016) Second coming from the city of the walking dead
Atlanta, Georgia is a city widely known for being featured in AMC´s horror/drama television series The Walking Dead but it´s also the hometown for the boys in The Funeral Portrait.
There isn´t much horror in their music but there is way more drama, one can describe their sound as a mish-mash of theatrical rock and post-hardcore.
The new album "A moment of silence" is good but it doesn´t reach the same high level as the brilliant debut EP "For the dearly departed" from 2014.
Think early My Chemical Romance meets Crown The Empire and you´ll get the "A moment of silence", the tracks "Appeal to reason" and "Like father like son" are both fantastic so I wish they could´ve written some more of the same calibre.
But it´s far from a bad album.
(+) Theyré crazy and wonderful just like a Tim Burton film.
(-) Several songs soundalike which is a shame.

Machinae Supremacy - Into the night world (2016) Video game-inspired metal from Sweden
Head into the arcade and enjoy the sounds from all the machines and computer screens, why not add some 80´s heavy metal and art-prog and you´ll get the 6th album from Machinae Supremacy.
I listened to this band on "Redeemer" (2006) and "Overworld" (2008) and liked them but kinda lost track of the albums that followed, you just can´t listen to every single release out there.
I know that former drummer Tomas Nilsen left the band in 2009 and is now playing with Finnish metal band Frostlit, he was replaced by Niklas Karvonen.
"Into the night world" is the follow-up to the 2014 album "Phantom shadow" and I am enjoying what I hear on these 10 songs, I get the feeling singer Robert Stjarnstrom has been listening to Swedish prog band A.C.T because some melodies are so very A.C.T-ish.
Worth noticing is that their early releases are available as free download at their website.
(+) Give them a diploma for being unique and original.
(-) I am asking myself if there´s a future for this style of metal?