Friday, January 6, 2017

Quickbits : From Inside, Ocean Sleeper, KforKill

From Inside - The new era (2017) A promising debut from the hometown of the Fab 4
The artwork for From Inside´s debut release "The new era" looks like the alien version of the hacktivist group Anonymous, there is definitely a sci-fi feel to the album cover.
The Liverpool, U.K based band From Inside are influenced by Bring Me The Horizon without sounding too much like BMTH, no these lads has created a sound of their own with a blend of alternative metal, post-hardcore and electronica.
You will even find orchestral pieces on the menu where the main course is aggressive rock, based on clean vocals and screamo. A classic recipe.
"Find my way" stand out of these 5 tracks but I also dig "Be yourself" and "There was a time" a lot, this band can go far with this kind of ammunition in the luggage.
(+) The band sounds really hungry, wanting more.
(-) I do feel the guitars are a bit low in the mix.

Ocean Sleeper - Six feet down (2017) This one goes to eleven
Ocean Sleeper, better keep that name in mind because these Aussies aren´t fooling around, they´re dead serious with their in-your-face metal.
Formed in 2015 and already sounding like a tight band, delivering compact metal that will keep any mosh pit going, expect everything from gut-wrenching growls on the verses to melodic choruses in a big production on their debut EP "Six feet down".
If you´re into metalcore, then these 6 tracks will blow you away. It should be a crime not to play this mutha loud, real loud!
For fans of Memphis May Fire, The Plot In You and Northlane
(+) I simply adore the atmospheric and doom-like guitarwork on Another Mistake.
(-) The single Breaking Free and the 3rd track Hold On Stay With Me sounds like twins.

KforKill - The world is broken (2017) Lullabies for the grim reaper
If you´re tired of the direction many death metal bands have taken with a more melodic sound and instead want the more brutal and old school sound, then you should look this way.
KforKill consists of 4 Danes and one Chilean, they are based in Copenhagen, Denmark and first surfaced with the "First kill" EP in 2013. Now, the band releases their debut full length "The world is broken" that is produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe).
The music is a crossover of death metal and extreme metal. We even get a dose of southern metal in the track "Whiskey and Cocaine".
No clean vocals, only growls from start to finish so to speak. I do however wish that they could´ve written more powerful songs like "Alpha I" and "Alpha II".
As it is now, the album doesn´t take off and in some moments it feels like they´re stuck in a dead end.
(+) This is metal made by fans for the fans.
(-) Lack of nuances on the first 5 tracks.

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