Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Review : Blue Rising - Ghosts and monsters

Blue Rising - Ghosts and monsters (2017) Independent
Produced by Blue Rising
Tracks : 1.Ice cold 2.Supernatural 3.Metamorphosis 4.Say goodbye 5.Piece by piece 6.These shoes 7.You 8.Monsters 9.Ghosts
3 out of 5

Welcome to the corporate rock machine where today´s product is "Ghosts and monsters" from Indiana, USA based active rock band Blue Rising.
Their debut album was released in 2014 which was followed by "Someday" last year, their third LP is their first concept album and also the first entire album I hear from this band.
Blue Rising is fronted by Austin Frank on vocals/guitar who has a significant voice for this genre, the music bring thoughts to Egypt Central and Trust Company but they are one size too small for hard rock giants like Breaking Benjamin or Alter Bridge.
"Ghosts and monsters" is solid all the way through, it´s well performed and the band has written some good tunes no doubt but the music´s way too ordinary.
I dig the single "Ice cold" and the explosive rocker "Piece by piece" but the rest of the songs are predictable like a Hollywood ending where you know the hero will get the girl at the end of the film.

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