Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review : Cellador - Off the grid

Cellador - Off the grid (2017) Scarlet Records
Produced by Chris Petersen
Tracks : 1.Sole survivors 2.Break heresy 3.Shadowfold 4.Wake up the tyrant 5.Off the grid 6.Swallow your pride 7.Shimmering status 8.Good enough 9.This means war 10.Running riot
4 out of 5

Cellador belongs on all the big metal festivals this summer, it has taken the band a decade to follow-up their debut album "Enter deception" from 2006 but they´re firing on all cylindars on "Off the grid" so we´re all good here.
This is heavy metal with no interference of other genres like electronica, pop or any kind of death-metal-hardcore sound. Expect razorsharp riffs in a speed metal tempo, melodic vocals and entertaining solos that bring thoughts to classical music.
Lead guitarist Chris Petersen has taking over the lead vocal duties with bravura, many of these choruses are given on a best of album, trust me. I´m not kidding around here, "Off the grid" is the result of a hard working band that won´t go for second best.
I´m certain this album will end up on many metalfans top album lists when 2017 is over.
For fans of Thunderstone, Luca Turilli, Judas Priest

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