Monday, January 23, 2017

Review : The Flashpot Moments - The Flashpot Moments

The Flashpot Moments - The Flashpot Moments (2017) Independent
Produced by Andy Pinkham, Tom Polce, Hal Cragin, Tim Cawley
Tracks : 1.Places unknown 2.Strangers dance 3.On some awful night 4.´Splode 5.Abigail, mispronounced (the party aftermath) 6.The learning curve 7.Hands up! 8.Satisfaction isn´t 9.Can´t wait to find out 10.Stories we´ve told 11.The last stand
4 out of 5

Feelin'. ready for some arena rock coming your way? Well let me present a fabulous record.
The Flashpot Moments is a studio project led by singer/songwriter Tim Cawley (vocals, drums), recorded in Boston and Los Angeles.
I am amazed by the strength of the music on this self titled album, not a filler in sight and each and every song has something new to offer without sounding too shattered.
The album opens with the adorable "Places unknown" that would fit just fine on a 70's Bowie record.
"Strangers dance" comes next and anyone could be fooled that the E Street Band joined this musical party, and party it is because Tom Petty fans will be delighted to hear "On some awful night".
The smile is stuck on my face and I feel like the joker when the powerpop gem "Splode" follows, I'm sure Butch Walker would've been proud to have his name in the songwriting credits.
If Meat Loaf ever need a new partner to compose future rock anthems, then he should contact Cawley because "Abigail" has everything a Meat Loaf song needs.
One of the absolute best songs is the glam-rock ride of "The learning curve", Slade meets Queen sort of. Then it's time to rock hard in "Hands up" which sounds like the perfect song to open the show with.
Another favorite is "Satisfaction isn't", put it on a mixtape of Rick Springfield songs and you won't hear the difference. The next song "Can't wait to find out" slows down a little bit where my thoughts go to R.E.M, I like the atmosphere in this tune.
"Stories we've told" is even more emotional where the vocal performance stand out, very nice.
This brilliant album has a grande finale in the bombastic "The last stand", ever wondered how a collaboration between Elton John and Cheap Trick would sound like? Well here it is!
What a great record.

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