Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review : Memories In Broken Glass - Enigma Infinite

Memories In Broken Glass - Enigma Infinite (2017) Hammer Forged Records
Produced by Robert Beltran
Tracks : 1.Search and discover 2.Through the eyes of deception 3.As the tables turn 4.Contrast of despair 5.Waves 6.The constant 7.Echos of command 8.Odyssey 9.A million voices 10.Ember
4 out of 5

With bands like Memories In Broken Glass, I´m not worried the prog/alt-metal scene will fade away. This Texas based band has an arsenal of memorable songs, big enough to take over if Tool and Karnivool won´t be around to deliver.
MIBG formed in 2009, released 2 EP´s with other singers and recruited their new frontman Saul Castillo in 2014 and released the Barriers EP in 2015 to make a long story short.
But it´s their debut full length "Enigma infinite" that will put the band on the map of rock and roll, this is metal with both depth and longevity.
I think MIBG sounds a bit like Coheed and Cambria meets Periphery with a touch of Vola. A marvelous mix if you ask me.
Saul Castillo - Lead Vocals, Justin Garcia - Guitar, Mark Martinez - Guitar/Vocals, Randy King - Bass/Vocals and George Garcia - Drums are definitely an album band, they´re not here to bring you hitsingles. If you want songs played on radio, look elsewhere.
MIBG has what it takes to keep the album tradition alive and well, I can only have one conclusion about Enigma Infinite, it´s bloody great!
Highlights : Search and destroy, Waves, The constant

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