Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review : The Mute Gods - Tardigrades will inherit the Earth

The Mute Gods - Tardigrades will inherit the Earth (2017) Inside Out Music
Produced by Roger King
Tracks : 1.Saltatio Mortis 2.Animal army 3.We can´t carry on 4.The dumbing of the stupid 5.Early warning 6.Tardigrades will inherit the Earth 7.Window onto the sun 8.Lament 9.The singing fish of Batticaloa 10.Hallelujah 11.The Andromeda Strain 12.Stranger than fiction
4 out of 5

People are calling me a fossil because I´m holding on to CD´s, and since vinyl has become trendy again and everybody else rather stick to streaming services, they don´t understand why I don´t do like all the rest. That´s just the reason why, I´m neither a Spotify or iTunes guy, I want the real thing and compared to vinyl, I must say that CD´s are much cheaper and still sound great.
There´s something I can´t explain when it comes to buying a new CD with a band that I dig and then put it in my record collection right next to the other ones with the same band. It´s a special feeling and I really felt like a kid when I received the new album from The Mute Gods.
This is not a one-album-band, this trio that is led by Nick Beggs - Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Keyboards, will have an easier time going out on tour with two albums to pick songs from.
"Tardigrades will inherit the Earth" is darker than the debut "Do nothing till you hear from me" but I do recognize the significant sound of The Mute Gods with Roger King´s production which is his area of expertise, not to mention Marco Minnemann´s drumplaying that makes The Mute Gods one of the most profound bands in modern prog.
It´s very cool that Nick Beggs´ vocalperformance is reminiscent of Jim Gilmour of Saga in songs like "Stranger than fiction" and "The singing fish of Batticaloa".
Prog is very much alive!
Highlights : We can´t carry on, Tardigrades will inherit the Earth, Stranger than fiction

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Review : Lakeshore - 41

Lakeshore - 41 (2017) Independent
Produced by Ken Susi
Tracks : 1.History 2.Future 3.King
3 out of 5

It´s almost impossible to bring something new to a genre that hasn´t been done already, so with that in mind I think it´s better to focus on writing good songs and do your best.
Lakeshore is a new band that consists of the brothers Ben - Guitars and Joe Lionetti - Drums (who originally founded the metalcore giants Emmure), they teamed up with Shawn Adams - Vocals, Chris Segovia - Bass and Mitch LoBuglio - Lead Guitar.
"41" is a solid debut EP that bring thoughts to Breaking Benjamin, Trust Company and Lo-Pro. A music video for the lead track "History" will be released soon and it´s a good tune, well produced with a traditional active rock chorus.
But my favorite is the much heavier "King" that features a guest appearance from Karl Shubach of Misery Signals and Jessie Freeland of The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza.
Let´s rock!

Bill Paxton R.I.P

You were one of the best, see you on the other side.
Bill Paxton R.I.P (May 17, 1955-February 25, 2017).
This makes me really sad.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Review : Youth In Revolt - The Broken

Youth In Revolt - The Broken (2017) Outerloop Records
Produced by Taylor Larson / Josh Buckner / Nick Matzkovs
Tracks : 1.Noise 2.Love is a liar´s game 3.Not giving up 4.The Broken 5.Brisbane 6.Don´t wait for me 7.There for you 8.I´m not scared 9.Alright 10.Sleep 11.Only one
3,5 out of 5

The New Jersey based 5-piece Youth In Revolt has a crystal clear and very melodic sound on their new album "The Broken", but I bet they are much heavier live because these songs are like wolves in sheeps clothing.
YIR are labelmates with Megosh, Chasing Safety and Lorna Shore but sounds like they could belong to the Tooth and Nail Records family, the production could be signed Aaron Sprinkle.
You might have stumbled across YIR`s covers of "Royals" (Lorde) or "Something in the way you move me" (Ellie Goulding) on Youtube, but "The Broken" features all original songs and damn they´re good.
Frontman Tanner Allen has a highpitch voice that is hard not to like, it suits the music just perfect. In fact, he´s the star in this great band.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Review : Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound

Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound (2017) Easy Life Records
Produced by Dan Lancaster
Tracks : 1.Had enough 2.Dumb 3.Long time coming 4.Boomerang 5.Work for it 6.Could be a worse 7.I would 8.Money 9.I don´t want to be here anymore 10.A night to forget
3 out of 5

The British 4-piece got a fresh new start with their self titled album from 2014, what seemed to be a closure for the band, they instead had a major refill and are definitely safe in sound on their brand new record.
This is a band that sounds inspired and are willing to try new ways, like for example the poppy "Boomerang" and the Police-like "Money".
Although, I´m not too thrilled over the pop direction they have taken in "Boomerang", I prefer the traditional Lower Than Atlantis style in songs like "Dumb" and "A night to forget".
These two tracks are also the highlights on "Safe in sound", but in it´s entirety, it doesn´t reach the same level as "Lower Than Atlantis" from 2014.
I do dig Dan Lancaster´s edgy production.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review : Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls

Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls (2017) Spinefarm Records
Produced by Jake E.
Tracks : 1.The cost of doing business 2.Falling rain 3.Of letting go 4.The enemy you need 5.Freedom 6.COE 7.Rising tide 8.Open your eyes 9.One more time 10.Shut down with me 11.The lamb lies down in sacrifice
3 out of 5

Time for a dose of Nordic metal from Tammerfors, Finland with the new band Ember Falls and their debut album "Welcome to Ember Falls".
If you think a mix of Gothenburg metal, Finnish melancholy and electronics sounds like your cup of tea, then this album is a must for you.
If In Flames and The Rasmus had a baby, it would be Ember Falls. I also believe that fans of Dead By April will have something to look forward to because there are plenty of poppy choruses on "Welcome to Ember Falls".
You know the formula with clean vocals and growls, this band won´t break any new ground with this album but it´s solid all the way from start to finish.
They have already released 4 singles with "Shut down with me", "COE", "The cost of doing business" and "Rising tide", where "Rising tide" sounds like a metal version of Poets of The Fall.
I also like the opening track "The cost of doing business" with it´s Desmond Child-like chorus but the best track is "One more time", warning! because this song might stick like superglue to your head.

Review : Ashland - Wildfire

Ashland - Wildfire (2017) Independent
Produced by Matt Amelung
Tracks : 1.Lights out 2.For you 3.Something is broken 4.Got love 5.No trouble 6.Turn it up 7.Keep moving 8.Closer 9.No good 10.Why
3,5 out of 5

There are certain things in life that are so easy to like, so easy to embrace and take in. Like for example vacation on the Canary Islands where there´s a summer climate every day - all year long. Or when you come home after work and your dog meet you at the door, acting like you´ve been away for more than a month. That´s true love and affection.
Another thing that is easy to like is the Illinois based duo Ashland´s new album "Wildfire", their follow-up to the 2015 EP "Interim" makes me feel all good inside.
Asia Woodward - Vocals and Aaron Wood - Guitars knows exactly how to make music that trigger the release of endorphines, because these songs on "Wildfire" are just like natural painkillers.
I bet Katy Perry wished she had written "No trouble" but on the other hand, she can still record and release her own version if she wants another big hit.
Feeling all stressed up after a busy day? Then listen to "Got love" and "Why", these songs will do magic for your mind.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review : Trip To Dover - Fade into gold

Trip To Dover - Fade into gold (2017) Final 500 Records
Produced by Martijn Groeneveld
Tracks : 1.Prologue 2.Boy 3.I´ll be Juliet 4.Fade into gold 5.The birth of a hero 6.Only on the other side 7.Epilogue 8.Boy (backstage version)
3,5 out of 5

With a voice that is made for both pop and rock, Olga Taal is most certainly at home with these songs on "Fade into gold". She and Johannes Taal - Keyboards are from The Netherlands but moved to Brighton, England where they are based at the moment.
Perhaps the dance-rock scene in the U.K will open the door for Trip To Dover if they felt the door was closed back home.
"Fade into gold" is the follow-up to the 2014 EP "Kiss Fight Dance" but it´s the first time I get to hear about this talented duo.
Their music has elements of rock, 80´s synth pop and DJ-style electronics and it´s truly a winning formula when I listen to their new EP featuring the lovely single "I´ll be Juliet" that is one of the highlights along with the catchy "Boy".
For fans of Nero, Carpark North, Smashing Satellites.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review : Molehill - Hearts on fire

Molehill - Hearts on fire (2017) Independent
Produced by Molehill
Tracks : 1.Hearts on fire 2.Reverie 3.Old soldier
4 out of 5

To make the best possible musical soup, you need the right ingredients and I think the Chicago based 4-piece Molehill connects with the listener on every level. You could say they are 4 really great chefs with different backgrounds but with the same goal.
One has a passion for storytelling in music, another grew up with jazz big band music, the third guy has been a fixture in the gospel scene for years and person no.4 has a music degree and is the glue that helps the band stay strong.
Molehill is : Peter Manhart - Lead vocals/guitar, Trevor Jones - Bass, Devin Staples - Drums and Greg Van Zuiden - Keyboards.
"Hearts on fire" is their 3rd release and I´m impressed by the strength in both the songwriting and the production, this band should be big, they deserve fame.
Imagine The Killers meets Muse with a touch of White Lies and you´ll get Molehill, I´m already a fan!

Review : Cost of Attrition - There you go

Cost of Attrition - There you go (2016) Independent
Produced by Cost of Attrition
Tracks : 1.Not your psycho 2.Oh yeah 3.There you go
2 out of 5

Here´s a duo that sounds like they could use some help with the production because their new EP feels more like a demo than an official studio product.
Cost of Attrition is Wheeler Castenada - Vocals and Joshua Grow - Instruments, for a few years they tried a variety of musical genres like post-hardcore, metal, electronica and pop before they found their sound that can be heard on these three tracks on "There you go".
The music bring thoughts to The Offspring and I´m not really too impressed with these songs but I know how many fans The Offspring have, so I shouldn´t burst the balloon for Cost of Attrition because I might end up eating my old shoes if I say they don´t have a future as a band.
It just wasn´t my cup of tea.

Review : The Magnifiers - For the people

The Magnifiers - For the people (2017) Independent
Produced by Vanessa Silberman
Tracks : 1.Mostly harmless 2.TV hat 3.Anarchy sucks 4.Transfiguration
3 out of 5

What do we got here then? Four young kids that are rather fed up with how adults are behaving in the world today so they wrote a few songs about it, and I must say that there are some thoughtful lyrics on their new EP "For the people".
The Magnifiers is a band based in Chicago featuring Elliot Dombrowski (17) - Lead guitar, Eden Dombrowski (15) - Lead vocals, guitar, Eliza Dombrowski (12) - Bass and Everett Dombrowski (10) - Drums.
The music is a blend of garage rock, pop and new wave. Soundwise, not that far from L7 and The Donnas.
Just like Hanson, this band started at a really young age and even if they don´t have that "Mmmmbop" hit. I see other similarities between these bands, The Magnifiers have a lot of potential and remember how good Hanson turned out to be.
Give The Magnifiers a few more years and we will see a band grow like the beanstalk in the old English fairy tale. I can´t stop humming on the chorus in "Anarchy sucks".

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quickbits : Blackfield, Def Leppard, Blacktop Mojo

Blackfield - V (2017) A moment of hope
In this day and age, we live with too much information and negative news that is stealing energy from the soul and mind. We are told by media everyday that we should eat right and be more active, making it a stressful situation for any human.
I think the other way around, that we should find tranquility in the everyday life. To do nothing or just go for a long walk is enough to find peace of mind, try to switch off your cell phone and enjoy the silence.
Or why not listen to beautiful music, that´s where Blackfield´s 5th album simply called V comes in. First of all, thank god for the classic album length of 44 minutes, just like vinyls back in the old days instead of today´s average cd length of 70 minutes.
Secondly, Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson makes album music, not singles. So this is one piece of magic music filling my entire body of a natural calm.
Thank you.
(+) I am so glad to see Alan Parsons as the producer behind 3 tracks on the album.
(-) It´s rather frustrating to look for tourdates in Sweden of this band with nothing on the horizon.

Def Leppard - And there will be a next time, Live from Detroit (2017) The rock brigade is here
During the 2016 tour, fans, friends and roadcrew told the members in Def Leppard that they had never sounded better so they felt an urge to document it for a live release and here it is.
Recorded in the motor city of Detroit and available on CD and DVD, the lads from Sheffield, England deliver their 3rd live album "And there will be a next time...".
While I do think that "Mirror ball" from 2011 and "Viva" Hysteria" from 2013 are both great live albums, I feel that the "Live from Detroit" is a first class ticket to their finest moments in a 40 year long career.
Not only do they play ultimate classics from "Pyromania" and "Hysteria", but the band also rock hard with 3 songs from my personal favorite album "High´n´dry".
Like that wasn´t enough, Leppard gives the crowd a dose of their latest self titled album with amazing songs like "Let´s go", "Dangerous" and "Man enough".
(+) Joe Elliot is on top of his game with those vocal chords.
(-) I really don´t get the band´s hype of the David Essex cover "Rock on", it´s not that good.

Blacktop Mojo - Burn the ships (2017) Southern hard rock on the menu
In 2014, Texas based Blacktop Mojo released a solid debut with "I am" and this year, they return with the bigger and stronger sophomore record "Burn the ships".
The band is tighter, heavier and deliver more groovy riffs on the new album. The song "Pyromaniac" is the best choice for a single release with a great intro that builds up to a macho-chorus.
The title track "Burn the ships" is classic hard rock at it´s best, with songs like this one the band will kick ass on stage. Another favorite is "8000 lines" that is beautifully arranged with perfect instrumentation.
For fans of Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown.
(+) Many have tried to cover Aerosmith´s "Dream on" but few can match the original, however Blacktop Mojo´s version is impressive.
(-) A few more upbeat songs wouldn´t hurt because the major part of the album goes by the same bpm.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Review : The Favorite Things - Coming clean

The Favorite Things - Coming clean (2016) Independent
Produced by Jaqcues Wait
Tracks : 1.Coming clean 2.Ashes 3.First time 4.What´s so funny 5.Friday night in Tennessee 6.In the summer 7.Sunny day 8.Blow a zero 9.With you
3 out of 5

Put away your computer, forget about digital recording tools, bring out a drumkit, a bass, a couple of guitars, a few amplifiers and a PA. That´s how you start a rock band and it´s ok to suck, one of those days your band will write some good shit and start sounding cool.
Four guys from Minneapolis joined forces and formed The Favorite Things in 2014, they did it just the way I think it should´ve been done. They started a rock band.
Their name is taken from one of their biggest song writing and musical influences - The Replacements and their song "Favorite thing". Their debut album "Coming clean" is a garage pop affair with a blend of 60´s pop and 90´s rock, it´s a very charming record I must add.
The title track opens the album and my thoughts go to R.E.M meets Neil Young, the music is uplifting and positive throughout all 9 tracks where heroes like Ray Davies (The Kinks) and Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) comes to mind.
Except the tracks "In the summer" and "Sunny day" that both sounds like a new wave version of The Beach Boys, so you see - it´s hard not to like this band.

Review : Eve To Adam - Odyssey

Eve To Adam - Odyssey (2017) Rocktagon Worldwide Music
Produced by Michael Elvis Baskette / Zardonic
Tracks : 1.Altitude 2.Tongue tied 3.Undertow 4.The price 5.Emergency 6.Landfill 7.Lucky 8.Chasing ghosts 9.Hurt me 10.Day drinkin´
3,5 out of 5

There´s a change of sound in New York City rockers Eve To Adam´s 5th album "Odyssey", it´s almost industrial but electronic metal is perhaps a more suitable way to describe their new album.
I couldn´t hear the signs of this new direction in the singles "Lucky" and "Tongue tied" but after a few spins of the entire record, I must say that they´re closer to Static-X than Adelitas Way on "Odyssey".
Original guitarist Gaurav Bali left the band in 2015 and moved to Nashville so the Sassaris brothers Taki - Lead vocals and Alex - Drums are now the only founding members in the band.
In the new line-up we find the guitarists Markus Wells and Matt Spaker, they are definitely an important part of this new style that some fans might have a hard time to handle.
I welcome the synth/guitar driven riffs, the opening track "Altitude" is perfect to get the adrenaline running at the gym and songs like "The price" and "Emergency" are nothing but modern hard rock size XL.
The band is just as heavy as Black Sabbath and KoRn in "Undertow", that riff is like a gift from above. I look like the Joker with the smile stuck on my face.
Eve To Adam, thank you!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Review : Pride of Lions - Fearless

Pride of Lions - Fearless (2017) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jim Peterik
Tracks : 1.All I see is you 2.The tell 3.In caricature 4.Silent music 5.Fearless 6.Everlasting love 7.Freedom of the night 8.The light in your eyes 9.Rising up 10.The silence says it all 11.Faster than a prayer 12.Unmasking the mystery
3 out of 5

I have all the respect for Jim Peterik that won´t stop writing AOR music even though he knows that the new songs have zero chance of becoming hits like "Eye of the tiger" or "Burning heart".
It´s his passion and as long as Peterik still loves it, he will continue until the fat lady sings and there is no sign of the opera lady yet.
In 2015, Peterik teamed up with Mark Scherer and released the "Risk everything" album that is like a twin sister to Pride of Lions. But this time around, fans get to hear Toby Hitchcock sing again on the 5th studio album "Fearless".
There ain´t much to say about "Fearless" except it´s a typical Pride of Lions album, we´re talking well-crafted AOR that bring thoughts to 80´s soundtrack and musical. There aren´t any surprises so to speak.
It´s a solid album but it´s not as good as the 2012 album "Immortal" which is their best album to date.
The best songs on "Fearless" are the Shooting Star-like "All I see is you", the hearty "In caricature" and "Rising up" in top quality Survivor style.
The AOR community is rather small today but the fans are loyal so I guess Pride of Lions will sell a few thousand copies and like I said, the new record ain´t bad.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quickbits : The Murder of My Sweet, Ana Lovelis, Onlap

The Murder of My Sweet - Echoes of the aftermath (2017) Time for a pause
"Echoes of the aftermath" is the 5th studio album from Swedish symphonic metal band The Murder of My Sweet, I listed TMOMS as one of the top 30 artists in Sweden not long ago and has had all their previous releases on my top album lists between 2010-2015.
But I´m afraid "Echoes of the aftermath" is their weakest effort so far, I think it´s a safe album where bandleader Daniel Flores has created an album with the typical TMOMS sound but without the strong songmaterial we´re used to hear from these guys.
Angelica Rylin is singing good as always but without the expected melodies that will lift each song, only the tracks "Shining after dark" and "Inside, outside" reaches the same heights as "Beth out of hell" (2015) and the other albums before this one.
The past year Daniel Flores has produced and played drums on albums with First Signal, Cry of Dawn, Jim Jidhed and the new The Murder of My Sweet album so perhaps he´s taking too much on his hands and instead should focus more on his own band to create the best possible record.
(+) The artwork is brilliant and worth 5 stars on it´s own.
(-) The music feels predictable just as a Hollywood ending.

Ana Lovelis - If the world ends (2017) L.A is my lady
Do you dream about how good 80´s pop/rock was when artists like Belinda Carlisle, Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar ruled the airwaves? Well, here´s an EP that will not only take you back to the heyday of the 80´s but also have you standing strong in 2017 because Ana Lovelis is an artist that sounds like she was born to sing. She does it like it´s the most natural thing in the world on these 4 new songs where the single "You can call it love" stand out as the star, with the other 3 as planets rotating around the star showing their own beauty and life.
Well, who is Ana Lovelis?
Ana´s birthname is Stacy Morze but she changed her name to Ana Lovelis in 1999 and is the mother of Rena and Nia Lovelis of the all female rock band Hey Violet.
"If the worlds ends" is an EP you can´t afford to miss.
(+) The voice, oh my, the voice.
(-) This EP should have a warning label saying "Infectious tunes that won´t leave your head for months", not sure it´s bad thing though.

Onlap - Running (2017) The French connection
Paris based alternative rock band Onlap aren´t here to re-invent the wheel, they´re here to rock and they do it bloody good so it´s enough for me.
I really liked their 2012 EP "The awakening" and the new EP "Running" does not disappoint, these new songs kicks ass where especially the title track gets me up and running in no time.
Onlap has enough energy to launch a rocket into space, let me tell ya, these guys doesn´t hold back.
Play it loud!
(+) This is rock made for the stage.
(-) Yeah I know the train left the station for this genre years ago so it´s pretty much a dead end street for this band to sell lots of copies.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Quickbits : Man With A Mission, As Lions, The Spiritual Machines

Man With A Mission - Dead end in Tokyo (2017) Feeling bored? Look here
Are you up for a lovely mess of disco, rock, pop, electronica and rap? The Japanese band Man With A Mission doesn´t want to be categorized and instead rather be genre-less where the party factor is high.
This band was formed in 2010 and has released 4 full length albums to date, the members wear wolf masks when they perform live so I guess everything´s normal here.
I get in a real good mood from these 4 tracks on their new EP "Dead end in Tokyo", that is co-produced by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.
The first single "Hey now" is supercatchy and it´s also the theme song for the Japanese blockbuster movie Shinjuku Swan.
"Raise your flag" (acid mix) will get your rave party going for hours while the title track "Dead end in Tokyo" is 100% rock with a no-off-position.
For fans of Shaka Ponk, Teddybears Sthlm, Sonic Boom Six.
(+) Listening to MWAM is like getting a boost of positive energy.
(-) Not much to report here.

As Lions - Selfish age (2017) A British band a grand ambition
You don´t get anything for free just because you have a parent that is a famous rockstar, it might be a bit easier to get some press but still, if you can´t deliver, 15 minutes of fame is all you´ll ever get.
Austin Dickinson, who is the son of the mighty Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) don´t have to worry because he sounds like a confident singer that has a firm spot in a promising rock band.
When I wrote about their "Aftermath" EP, I said that it doesn´t sound anything like Iron Maiden which is a good thing because fans would only compare them both. However, As Lions has created something unique that feels both smart and fresh with a taste of romantic pop but in an active rock suit.
All 4 songs from the EP are included on the full length debut "Selfish age" along with the smashing single "Bury my dead" and 6 new tracks, there are lots of muscles in their music and even if producer David Bendeth put their songs in a trendy costume, I do think that this album stand on it´s own.
They have everything that it takes to be the breakthrough act of the year in the U.K.
(+) Here we have an unstoppable force aiming to create the biggest, the baddest hard rock they can.
(-) I´m not at all comfortable with their bandname, I think it´s a bit anonymous.

The Spiritual Machines - Awake Alert Alive Almost (2017) A new brand of sci-fi rock
The 2014 album "Volunteer" entered my world like lightning from a clear blue sky, I wasn´t prepared for the emotional ride the music put me on. Although I expected something out of the ordinary since Evan Frankfort knocked me out completely with the bombastic and epic Les Friction album a couple of years earlier, his other project The Spiritual Machines is something different.
The new album "Awake Alert Alive Almost" is just like "Volunteer", a cinematic and hauntingly beautiful rock affair that takes me on a promenade over the clouds and I won´t land until the last song is over.
I´d like to think of The Spiritual Machines filling the gap after Pink Floyd just fine since they´re not around to create new music anylonger, this is a modern version of Rupert Hine meets Tangerine Dream that is simply breathtaking.
I promise you have never heard a cover of Blue Oyster Cult´s "Don´t fear the reaper" like this before and it´s not the version available on cdbaby, that one is edited and here´s the magical long version that is just perfect.
The 2016 singles "The wreckoning" and "The man is me" are both featured on the new album and they are both great but these songs stand in the shadows of amazing tracks like "If I strike first", "In the next life" and "The race is still alive".
(+) This will put me to sleep every night like a baby while waiting for the next Les Friction album to arrive.
(-) The sad thing is that this album will make most of the other new releases look like trifles.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review : Starset - Vessels

Starset - Vessels (2017) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Rob Graves
Tracks : 1.The order 2.Satellite 3.Frequency 4.Die for you 5.Ricochet 6.Starlight 7.Into the unknown 8.Gravity of you 9.Back to the Earth 10.Last to fall 11.Bringing it down 12.Unbecoming 13.Monster 14.Telepathic 15.Everglow
4,5 out of 5

Space rock in the 70´s was something mysterious and dopey, space rock 4 decades later is something completely different.
The truth is out there and it´s time to tell the truth, no matter if you believe in extreterrestrial life or not. We are not being informed of everything that concerns alien life.
"Vessels" is the continuation of Dustin Bates and his Starset adventure, we got acquianted with Starset in 2014 and the debut album "Transmissions" where we learned about The Starset Society.
The Starset Society is a collective of like minded individuals dedicated to the publicizing of scientific discoveries that have silenced or otherwise stolen by rogue agents.
They do not support the release of technologies owned or developed by the government for the protection of it´s citizens. Rather, they toil day and night to make shed light on that scientific knowledge which is being hidden from an assuming public from undeserved private financial exploitation.
Starset Society subscribe to no political affiliations, only the self evident rights of man, paramount of which is his right to the general knowledge of his existence and place in universe.
We need this awareness so we need Starset telling us to open our eyes.
The fantastic music is just a bonus on the road to a better world, oh and one more thing.Am I the only one thinking "Vessels" sound like a heavier version of Falling Up?