Sunday, February 5, 2017

Quickbits : Man With A Mission, As Lions, The Spiritual Machines

Man With A Mission - Dead end in Tokyo (2017) Feeling bored? Look here
Are you up for a lovely mess of disco, rock, pop, electronica and rap? The Japanese band Man With A Mission doesn´t want to be categorized and instead rather be genre-less where the party factor is high.
This band was formed in 2010 and has released 4 full length albums to date, the members wear wolf masks when they perform live so I guess everything´s normal here.
I get in a real good mood from these 4 tracks on their new EP "Dead end in Tokyo", that is co-produced by Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy.
The first single "Hey now" is supercatchy and it´s also the theme song for the Japanese blockbuster movie Shinjuku Swan.
"Raise your flag" (acid mix) will get your rave party going for hours while the title track "Dead end in Tokyo" is 100% rock with a no-off-position.
For fans of Shaka Ponk, Teddybears Sthlm, Sonic Boom Six.
(+) Listening to MWAM is like getting a boost of positive energy.
(-) Not much to report here.

As Lions - Selfish age (2017) A British band a grand ambition
You don´t get anything for free just because you have a parent that is a famous rockstar, it might be a bit easier to get some press but still, if you can´t deliver, 15 minutes of fame is all you´ll ever get.
Austin Dickinson, who is the son of the mighty Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) don´t have to worry because he sounds like a confident singer that has a firm spot in a promising rock band.
When I wrote about their "Aftermath" EP, I said that it doesn´t sound anything like Iron Maiden which is a good thing because fans would only compare them both. However, As Lions has created something unique that feels both smart and fresh with a taste of romantic pop but in an active rock suit.
All 4 songs from the EP are included on the full length debut "Selfish age" along with the smashing single "Bury my dead" and 6 new tracks, there are lots of muscles in their music and even if producer David Bendeth put their songs in a trendy costume, I do think that this album stand on it´s own.
They have everything that it takes to be the breakthrough act of the year in the U.K.
(+) Here we have an unstoppable force aiming to create the biggest, the baddest hard rock they can.
(-) I´m not at all comfortable with their bandname, I think it´s a bit anonymous.

The Spiritual Machines - Awake Alert Alive Almost (2017) A new brand of sci-fi rock
The 2014 album "Volunteer" entered my world like lightning from a clear blue sky, I wasn´t prepared for the emotional ride the music put me on. Although I expected something out of the ordinary since Evan Frankfort knocked me out completely with the bombastic and epic Les Friction album a couple of years earlier, his other project The Spiritual Machines is something different.
The new album "Awake Alert Alive Almost" is just like "Volunteer", a cinematic and hauntingly beautiful rock affair that takes me on a promenade over the clouds and I won´t land until the last song is over.
I´d like to think of The Spiritual Machines filling the gap after Pink Floyd just fine since they´re not around to create new music anylonger, this is a modern version of Rupert Hine meets Tangerine Dream that is simply breathtaking.
I promise you have never heard a cover of Blue Oyster Cult´s "Don´t fear the reaper" like this before and it´s not the version available on cdbaby, that one is edited and here´s the magical long version that is just perfect.
The 2016 singles "The wreckoning" and "The man is me" are both featured on the new album and they are both great but these songs stand in the shadows of amazing tracks like "If I strike first", "In the next life" and "The race is still alive".
(+) This will put me to sleep every night like a baby while waiting for the next Les Friction album to arrive.
(-) The sad thing is that this album will make most of the other new releases look like trifles.

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