Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Quickbits : The Murder of My Sweet, Ana Lovelis, Onlap

The Murder of My Sweet - Echoes of the aftermath (2017) Time for a pause
"Echoes of the aftermath" is the 5th studio album from Swedish symphonic metal band The Murder of My Sweet, I listed TMOMS as one of the top 30 artists in Sweden not long ago and has had all their previous releases on my top album lists between 2010-2015.
But I´m afraid "Echoes of the aftermath" is their weakest effort so far, I think it´s a safe album where bandleader Daniel Flores has created an album with the typical TMOMS sound but without the strong songmaterial we´re used to hear from these guys.
Angelica Rylin is singing good as always but without the expected melodies that will lift each song, only the tracks "Shining after dark" and "Inside, outside" reaches the same heights as "Beth out of hell" (2015) and the other albums before this one.
The past year Daniel Flores has produced and played drums on albums with First Signal, Cry of Dawn, Jim Jidhed and the new The Murder of My Sweet album so perhaps he´s taking too much on his hands and instead should focus more on his own band to create the best possible record.
(+) The artwork is brilliant and worth 5 stars on it´s own.
(-) The music feels predictable just as a Hollywood ending.

Ana Lovelis - If the world ends (2017) L.A is my lady
Do you dream about how good 80´s pop/rock was when artists like Belinda Carlisle, Stevie Nicks and Pat Benatar ruled the airwaves? Well, here´s an EP that will not only take you back to the heyday of the 80´s but also have you standing strong in 2017 because Ana Lovelis is an artist that sounds like she was born to sing. She does it like it´s the most natural thing in the world on these 4 new songs where the single "You can call it love" stand out as the star, with the other 3 as planets rotating around the star showing their own beauty and life.
Well, who is Ana Lovelis?
Ana´s birthname is Stacy Morze but she changed her name to Ana Lovelis in 1999 and is the mother of Rena and Nia Lovelis of the all female rock band Hey Violet.
"If the worlds ends" is an EP you can´t afford to miss.
(+) The voice, oh my, the voice.
(-) This EP should have a warning label saying "Infectious tunes that won´t leave your head for months", not sure it´s bad thing though.

Onlap - Running (2017) The French connection
Paris based alternative rock band Onlap aren´t here to re-invent the wheel, they´re here to rock and they do it bloody good so it´s enough for me.
I really liked their 2012 EP "The awakening" and the new EP "Running" does not disappoint, these new songs kicks ass where especially the title track gets me up and running in no time.
Onlap has enough energy to launch a rocket into space, let me tell ya, these guys doesn´t hold back.
Play it loud!
(+) This is rock made for the stage.
(-) Yeah I know the train left the station for this genre years ago so it´s pretty much a dead end street for this band to sell lots of copies.

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