Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review : Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls

Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls (2017) Spinefarm Records
Produced by Jake E.
Tracks : 1.The cost of doing business 2.Falling rain 3.Of letting go 4.The enemy you need 5.Freedom 6.COE 7.Rising tide 8.Open your eyes 9.One more time 10.Shut down with me 11.The lamb lies down in sacrifice
3 out of 5

Time for a dose of Nordic metal from Tammerfors, Finland with the new band Ember Falls and their debut album "Welcome to Ember Falls".
If you think a mix of Gothenburg metal, Finnish melancholy and electronics sounds like your cup of tea, then this album is a must for you.
If In Flames and The Rasmus had a baby, it would be Ember Falls. I also believe that fans of Dead By April will have something to look forward to because there are plenty of poppy choruses on "Welcome to Ember Falls".
You know the formula with clean vocals and growls, this band won´t break any new ground with this album but it´s solid all the way from start to finish.
They have already released 4 singles with "Shut down with me", "COE", "The cost of doing business" and "Rising tide", where "Rising tide" sounds like a metal version of Poets of The Fall.
I also like the opening track "The cost of doing business" with it´s Desmond Child-like chorus but the best track is "One more time", warning! because this song might stick like superglue to your head.

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