Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review : Molehill - Hearts on fire

Molehill - Hearts on fire (2017) Independent
Produced by Molehill
Tracks : 1.Hearts on fire 2.Reverie 3.Old soldier
4 out of 5

To make the best possible musical soup, you need the right ingredients and I think the Chicago based 4-piece Molehill connects with the listener on every level. You could say they are 4 really great chefs with different backgrounds but with the same goal.
One has a passion for storytelling in music, another grew up with jazz big band music, the third guy has been a fixture in the gospel scene for years and person no.4 has a music degree and is the glue that helps the band stay strong.
Molehill is : Peter Manhart - Lead vocals/guitar, Trevor Jones - Bass, Devin Staples - Drums and Greg Van Zuiden - Keyboards.
"Hearts on fire" is their 3rd release and I´m impressed by the strength in both the songwriting and the production, this band should be big, they deserve fame.
Imagine The Killers meets Muse with a touch of White Lies and you´ll get Molehill, I´m already a fan!

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