Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Review : Starset - Vessels

Starset - Vessels (2017) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Rob Graves
Tracks : 1.The order 2.Satellite 3.Frequency 4.Die for you 5.Ricochet 6.Starlight 7.Into the unknown 8.Gravity of you 9.Back to the Earth 10.Last to fall 11.Bringing it down 12.Unbecoming 13.Monster 14.Telepathic 15.Everglow
4,5 out of 5

Space rock in the 70´s was something mysterious and dopey, space rock 4 decades later is something completely different.
The truth is out there and it´s time to tell the truth, no matter if you believe in extreterrestrial life or not. We are not being informed of everything that concerns alien life.
"Vessels" is the continuation of Dustin Bates and his Starset adventure, we got acquianted with Starset in 2014 and the debut album "Transmissions" where we learned about The Starset Society.
The Starset Society is a collective of like minded individuals dedicated to the publicizing of scientific discoveries that have silenced or otherwise stolen by rogue agents.
They do not support the release of technologies owned or developed by the government for the protection of it´s citizens. Rather, they toil day and night to make shed light on that scientific knowledge which is being hidden from an assuming public from undeserved private financial exploitation.
Starset Society subscribe to no political affiliations, only the self evident rights of man, paramount of which is his right to the general knowledge of his existence and place in universe.
We need this awareness so we need Starset telling us to open our eyes.
The fantastic music is just a bonus on the road to a better world, oh and one more thing.Am I the only one thinking "Vessels" sound like a heavier version of Falling Up?

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