Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quickbits : Bush, Mallory Knox, KXM

Bush - Black and white rainbows (2017) When post grunge goes mainstream
It might seem a bit strange that I never got into the music of Bush since I´m such a fan of Gavin Rossdale´s voice, but their songs didn´t appeal to me.
Rossdale´s solo album WANDERlust from 2008 is another story somehow, that album is a killer but also a completely different sound compared to his band.
So why start now? Well, a person can change. Ten years ago I couldn´t believe that I would be listening to Frank Sinatra almost every week at this age so I thought I should start by checking out Bush´s latest album "Black and white rainbows".
And I do like their new single "Mad love".
I really want to like this but the music still just doesn´t move me, Rossdale´s voice can move mountains but not even he can lift these mediocre midtempo songs.
(+) The voice, ah the voice.
(-) 15 songs are a few too many in my opinion, what´s wrong with the classic album concept of 10 tracks?

Mallory Knox - Wired (2017) At a crossroads of a hit or miss record
Album no.3 from the energetic rock band Mallory Knox, they have worked with a different producer on each album and this time around they teamed up with Dan Austin (The Cooper Temple Clause, Arcane Roots).
"Wired" is the follow up to the 2014 album "Asymmetry" where the band were on their way to something big, the Gil Norton produced "Asymmetry" was a bit more polished but also packed with a set of great songs.
The band is more happy with the sound on "Wired" that feels more raw and live compared to their previous record but I think the songs are weaker on the new album.
I expected something more from Mallory Knox, sure there are a few great tunes like "Lucky me", "Better off without you" and "Giving it up", however I can´t help but feeling a bit disappointed.
(+) In their best moments, they´re the Foo Fighters of Britain.
(-) The album is way too uneven.

KXM - Scatterbrain (2017) Power trio size XL
Getting tired of waiting for a new King´s X album? Well, don´t be. KXM is the closest thing of getting a King´s X record.
We´ve got Dug Pinnick singing like a god and playing bass with the same attitude as we´re used to hear him with Ty Tabor and Jerry Gaskill.
Then add the thundering drumming from Ray Luzier (KoRn) and the extraordinary six string work from George Lynch (Lynchmob), you´ll get KXM´s second album "Scatterbrain".
It´s more proggy than the debut but just as heavy, it´s not as heavy as KoRn but a whole lotta heavier than Lynch´s old band Dokken.
So I will give it a fair shot at saying that fans of King´s X will probably dig this record a lot.
KXM aren´t about writing radio friendly rock, you could say this music is for the people that want something more than the regular verse-chorus-verse-chorus formula.
Highlights : Scatterbrain, Big sky country, Noises in the sky
(+) I´m so glad that KXM didn´t turn out to be a one-album-band.
(-) Since this is the kind of rock that only should be played loud, I´m afraid my tinnitus is getting worse.

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