Monday, March 13, 2017

Quickbits : Dishwalla, Unruly Child, Chickenfoot

Dishwalla - Juniper Road (2017) First album of new music in 12 years
The American band Dishwalla was one of the first bands that got me into the modern rock scene along with other bands like Diffuser, Neve, Live and Third Eye Blind.
And I know I was one of many that had a moment of sadness when their former frontman J.R Richards left the band in 2008 but just the opposite, I´m having a moment of happiness now when they release their new album "Juniper Road" even if J.R Richards isn´t a part of the band anylonger.
Their current lead singer Justin Fox (ex.Tripdavon) has been in the band since 2008 and does a solid job in replacing the original voice. I know that´s a tough thing to do.
"Juniper road" is a good album where the band doesn´t have to be ashamed of themselves, I know they wouldn´t release something that they couldn´t stand for so we´re still in for a good time of fine modern rock standards.
(+) Tracks like "Give me a sign" and "Here for you" are the signum of what makes this band great.
(-) I can´t get rid of the feeling that I still miss the wonderful voice of J.R Richards.

Unruly Child - Can´t Go Home (2017) A smorgasbord of Album Oriented Rock
Who could believe in 1992 when Unruly Child released superb debut, that they would still be releasing albums in 2017.
As an AOR band, Unruly Child went through the dark ages of melodic rock in the 90´s when grunge ruled the music business, and we were few who thought the original line up would ever make a comeback but they did with the strong "Worlds collide" in 2010.
So I´m truly happy that they are still around to give the fans another fine full length album with "Can´t go home", the new record isn´t in the same division as the stunning first album but it´s very good.
Marcie´s voice hasn´t changed a bit, she can still hit those high notes and the music is just the way me and other Unruly Child fans want it - a gourmet of AOR.
Best song : "Point of view".
(+) Thumbs up for the pink and fluffy production.
(-) I want it to be April 21st so I can lay my hands on their box set Reigning Frogs.

Chickenfoot - Best + Live (2017) These guys would win a chicken race for sure
Do we really need a compilation from Chickenfoot already after only 2 studio albums? Well, this release is kinda unnecessary if you already have their 3 first releases including the live album LV and feel satisfied with that.
But if you´re a record collector like me and feel it´s almost urgent to get every new release with your favorite musicians, then Best + Live is worth every penny.
Because it´s a beautiful package of 2 CD´s including the brand new song "Divine termination" that features a riff from Satch that other guitarists would kill for, it´s a great rock song.
The live section of this double CD contains all the tracks from the "Get your buzz on" DVD concert, recorded in 2009, so for the first time on CD, die-hard fans can get their hands on 8 more live tracks not included on the LV album.
(+) Their live version of Deep Purple´s classic "Highway star" is simply dynamite, Satch is playing like a god.
(-) I can do without the 11 minute jam of "Bad Motor Scooter".

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