Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review : As We Ascend - Farewell to midnight

As We Ascend - Farewell to midnight (2017) Vital Records
Produced by As We Ascend
Tracks : 1.Hatchet 2.My ghost 3.Expendable 4.Tell me 5.When the gun goes 6.Insulate 7.End of me 8.Watch the world burn 9.We fight 10.Wash away 11.At my door
3,5 out of 5

As We Ascend is a new hard rock band from Nashville, formed in 2016 by singer / songwriters and guitarists Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw (formerly of We As Human) and drummer Robert Venable.
Their debut album "Farewell to midnight" is climbing like a rocket on Billboard´s album and single charts, many thanks to the kick ass single "Wash away" that completely knocked me down.
As We Ascend´s sound bring thoughts to bands like Disciple, Decyfer Down and Saliva so this album is hardly groundbreaking but it doesn´t matter that much because the riffs have enough impact to make a crater and the songs are damn good.
My favorites at the moment are "My ghost", "Hatchet", "Wash away" and "When the gun goes". I bet we´re gonna hear a lot more from this band in the future.

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