Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review : Atoms To Ashes - Through the storm

Atoms To Ashes - Through the storm (2017) Independent
Produced by Atoms To Ashes
Tracks : 1.Blown away 2.Not gonna break 3.Black to red 4.No longer 5.Around my neck
3 out of 5

It´s time to get your daily dose of active rock and why not turn to Montreal and Atoms To Ashes´ new EP "Through the storm", including 5 tracks with a crossover of electro rock and modern rock.
The band is led by Chris Starr who has his eyes set on the modern rock scene after 2000, if you´re into old school metal, skip this review and make yourself a cup of coffee instead.
The EP opens with the most electronic song out of these five songs, the verse is really cool but the chorus is almost a direct copy of Linkin Park´s One Step Closer which sucks.
"Not gonna break" is the first single from the EP and it´s a typical modern rock song, this one´s the Big Mac and Co on the menu.
"Black to red" follows and this song is very good, perhaps it´s because it reminds so much of Angels and Airwaves sound. It has Tom DeLonge written all over it.
"No longer" is the most poppy song on the EP, if you like to call it boyband-rock, go ahead, I won´t argue.
"Around my neck" is a nice rocker that bring thoughts to the Scandinavian modern rock scene with bands like April Divine, Plan Three and Blowsight.
Also available : Heartless EP (2014)

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