Sunday, March 5, 2017

Review : FerreTT - In through the out door

FerreTT - In through the out door (2017) Independent
Produced by FerreTT / Tony Stanziano
Tracks : 1.Year of the Ferrett 2.Thirsty 3.Boys night out 4.Canadian hookers 5.On my way 6.Jason lives 7.Jobber 8.Casual encounters 9.Orangutan gigantus 10.In through the out door
2,5 out of 5

You can´t blame the New York City based band FerreTT for not having humour, this is a band that has a lot of distance to the heavy metal genre they call their home.
I´m afraid I wasn´t too kind in my review of their first album "Year of the FerreTT" from 2013, that album sank like a stone in dark waters - never to be found.
But they´re definitely headed in the right direction because the new album "In through the out door" presents a band that has dropped the anchor to sail the seven seas, armed with metal cannons and is ready to fire at will.
I have only one complaint and it´s the track "On my way" that is a minor disaster where it feels like the bandmembers are playing different songs at the same time.
They have a new drummer and he´s bringing more punch and authority into the music which makes me real glad, their frontman calls himself King of The Night Time World and he´s got a voice that could give him the job in Motorhead if they ever decide on a tribute tour for Lemmy.
Now to some songs that caught my attention, the opening track "Year of the FerreTT" is classic 80´s metal a la Quiet Riot and Anvil.
The party-like hard rock anthem "Boys night out" bring thoughts to Good Rats while the title track "In through the out door" is a powerful hard rock song in the same vein as Alice Cooper meets Thor.
We´ll see if album no.3 will be their breaktrough.

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