Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review : Hornal - The game begins with the lights out

Hornal - The game begins with the lights out (2017) Independent
Produced by Iain Hornal
Tracks : 1.Staring at the sky 2.Running away 3.Jennifer 4.Caledone 5.She doesn´t have anyone 6.Quit you 7.Dangerous men 8.Different places 9.Pictures of past 10.Any other way 11.Say the word
4 out of 5

Do you remember the days when there was music on MTV and the suits and jackets had shoulder pads to give the wearer the illusion of having broader shoulders? I´m talking about the 80´s.
If you ask Iain Hornal, it was an era when pop music had a brain, a soul and a heart.
Hornal´s debut solo "The game begins with the lights out" is an entertaining album that is the light we need in a rather bleak world, he truly gives the listener an idea of what kind of music he loves.
I´m pretty certain you will find records with Fleetwood Mac, Mike + The Mechanics, 10cc and E.L.O in his record collection, you can´t go wrong those artists.
And speaking of E.L.O, Iain Hornal was the backing singer in Jeff Lynne´s ELO on the Alone In The Universe tour 2016 and he also wrote the intro tape to The Feeling´s live shows.
Hornal´s album opens with the dreamlike and Floydian "Staring at the sky", I wonder if David Gilmour came by the studio and left his mark on the song? It sure sounds that way.
The songs "Running away" and "Any other way" will make fans of Wax´s 80´s pop very happy, Wax? you say! Well, let me give you a hint, their biggest hit is Bridge to your heart.
Imagine if Stevie Winwood teamed up with Sad Cafe´, then the result could very well be the song "Jennifer", I´m a sucker for this kind of late 70´s westcoast pop.
This album is like a carnival of melodies where Hornal doesn´t hold back, I think it´s impossible to get an overdose of harmonies but I´m willing to take it because I could die listening to "She doesn´t have anyone" or "Say the word". Both goes in the finest ELO/10cc style.
The album has two beautiful ballads too, "Pictures of past" that bring thoughts to Simon and Garfunkel and "Quit you" that sounds like something Paul Carrack could´ve written.
About the song "Caledone", I´m starting to think that John Lennon called from the other side and wanted his unreleased song back.
The best song is "Dangerous men", featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor. A brilliant composition that easily could´ve fit on David Bowie´s 1983 album "Let´s Dance".
Good Golly Miss Molly!

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