Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review : The Kin - Modern Primitive

The Kin - Modern Primitive (2017) Independent
Produced by Jon Castelli
Tracks : 1.Warpaint 2.The Rush 3.Falling pieces 4.Tear me up 5.Ashes 6.Anchor 7.Lighthouse 8.Gun point love 9.Week of the disaster 10.Crossfire 11.Everything´s changing 12.Underneath it all
4 out of 5

Have you heard The Kin? If not, it´s about time you did.
The Kin consists of the Aussie brothers Isaac Koren- Vocals/Keyboards, Thorald Koren - Vocals/Guitars and NYC drummer Mark "Shakerleg" Nicosia, the trio is saying goodbye to the music industry with their final album "Modern primitive" and what a great album it is.
The band debuted with the full length album "Rise and fall" in 2007 and their 2013 EP "Get on it" on Interscope Records earned them a gold record in New Zealand.
The Kin are also known for causing trouble with their signature "musical robberies" where they burst into a randomly chosen high-traffic public area, such as a diner or airport, and surprise innocent onlookers with a spontaneous live performance.
I bet they made this album on purpose so we´ll miss them even more because not only will their fans love it, The Kin will also gain new fans with "Modern primitive".
The opening track "Warpaint" is one of the best songs I´ve heard so far this year, this is a smart pop song in the same vein as The Feeling where the chorus is a wetdream for any songwriter.
The emotional "Falling pieces" is like a male version of Adele, I just love the vocals on this one.
Another fave is "Tear me up" that sounds like something MuteMath could´ve released while "Ashes" is perfect for mainstream radio, the song bring thoughts to OneRepublic when they were good.
This is one of those "buy or die" albums!

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