Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Rumours in the air

Christian metal band The Letter Black has signed with EMP Label Group and will release their 3rd studio album Pain on May 26th, the previous album Rebuild was released on Tooth and Nail records in 2013.

The alternative metal band Eighteen Visions parted ways in 2007 but the members James Hart - Lead Vocals, Keith Barney - Gutiars and Trevor Friedrich - Drums, have reunited and are currently in the studio recording their first album since the self titled album from 2006.

Boston based hard rock band Extreme is wrapping up their follow-up album to Saudades de Rock (2008), their 6th studio album is expected to be released later this year.

Modern rockers Hoobastank has finished recording their 6th studio album with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Train), it´s their first album since Fight or Flight (2012).

Former Survivor singer Dave Bickler is finishing up his first solo album Darklight for a release in 2017. Bickler will perform at Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, U.K in October.

The British progressive / alternative metal band Amplifier are set to return with their 6th studio album Trippin´ With Dr.Faustus in mid-2017. It´s the follow-up to Mystoria (2014).

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