Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review : Chris Bartels - Myths and Mold

Chris Bartels - Myths and Mold (2017) Anthem Falls Music
Produced by Chris Bartels
Tracks : 1.Blind 2.Missoula 3.Stay 4.Myths and mold 5.Counting hands
3,5 out of 5

Minnesota based artist Chris Bartels makes music that will take you to places, just close your eyes and wander away. "Myths and Mold" is the second official release under his own name, the debut "Morning´s gold" came out in 2011 but this is the first time I hear his beautiful songs.
Chris Bartels has a number of different projects of multiple styles such as Bora York, Elskavon, Hi-Fi Cali and Vitamin June but let´s focus on "Myths and Mold".
This 5 track EP is like the seasons of the year, it has the playfulness of spring, the warmth of summer, the colors of spring and the dramatic weather of winter.
I like all 5 songs but there are 3 songs that has a special place in my heart, the opening track "Blind" that bring thoughts to Of Monsters and Men, the atmospheric "Missoula" that should please fans of Death Cab For Cutie and the brilliant "Counting hands" that would fit just fine on any Mew record.
So where´s the "like-button" on this page, I´d like to click it several times.

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