Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review : King Washington - Potential

King Washington - Potential (2017) The End Records
Produced by King Washington
Tracks : 1.My reflection 2.Superman 3.Interval 4.Evelyn 5.Love be gone 6.Hey boy 7.Nowhere´s hard to find 8.I wouldn´t laugh about it 9.The other side 10.Be where you belong 11.The great disguise 12.Interlude 13.New meaning 14.Climb out the valley
4 out of 5

Listening to King Washington´s new album "Potential" gets me all nostalgic and in an instant, head down on memory lane to remember the days in the 70´s when I jumped on a bike to ride 20 km to the nearest record store, just to buy the latest LP´s.
Tell that to a kid these days, how many who are willing to spend 2 hours on a bike to see if there´s any new great music to lay your hands on.....I think you know the answer.
Los Angeles based King Washington has a sound that bring thoughts to 70´s California pop, progressive rock and folk rock, I just love their superb vocal harmonies.
The band is Tyson Kelly - Vocals/Guitar (son of songwriting legend Tom Kelly), George Krikes - Vocals/Guitar, Billy Lee - Vocals/Bass and David Contreras - Drums.
They debuted with the "Grenadine" EP in 2009, that was followed by the full length "The Gears" (2012), "The Overload" (2013) and in May, their 3rd full length "Potential" comes out which is an album with a huge amount of potential.
For fans of Jars of Clay, Julian Lennon, The Eagles.
Highlights : My Reflection, Superman, New meaning

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