Friday, April 14, 2017

Review : The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely

The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely (2017) Eighty One Twenty Three Records
Produced by The Maine
Tracks : 1.Don´t come down 2.Bad behavior 3.Lovely 4.Black butterflies and Deja Vu 5.Taxi 6.Do you remember? 7.Little 8.The sound of reverie 9.Lost in nostalgia 10.I only wanna talk to you 11.Lonely 12.How do you feel?
3,5 out of 5

It´s no secret that the guys in The Maine has great taste in music since they´ve done covers of Def Leppard´s Pour Some Sugar On Me and New Radicals´ You Get What You Give in the past.
But one thing strikes me when I listen to their 6th album "Lovely Little Lonely", they must be fans of Third Eye Blind too because this album truly sounds a lot like 3EB´s first records which is really cool. I didn´t see that coming.
"Lovely Little Lonely" is an uplifting record that keeps me in a good mood several hours after I listened to it, there are plenty of great songs on their new album but the ones that I hold more dearly to my heart are "Bad behavior", "Don´t come down" and "How do you feel?".
"Black and white" from 2010 is still my favorite album with The Maine but "Lovely Little Lonely" is the second best.

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